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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- January 16, 2021

  • on reading:
  • チュウ
  • kun reading:
  • そそぐ   す   
  • meaning(s):
  • pour, irrigate, shed (tears), flow into, concentrate on, notes, comment, annotate
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


うちゅう showering (arrows) upon
がいちゅう outside order
わりちゅう inserted notes
わりちゅう inserted notes
きゃくちゅう footnote
きんちゅう intramuscular injection
けいちゅう devotion; concentration
げんちゅう the original notes
こちゅう commentaries of the ancients
こうちゅう collation editing; proofreading and annotation
さいちゅう repeat order
じちゅう self-annotation of one's writings
じゅちゅう accepting orders
しっちゅう variorum
しゅうちゅう variorum
じょうちゅう intravenous injection; IV
ちゅう annotation; explanatory note
ぎいれる そそぎいれる to pour into
つぎぐち spout
そそぎこむ to pour into; to put into; to invest in; to inject; to impregnate; to infuse; to instill; to implant; to imbue
つぎこむ to pour into; to put into; to invest in; to inject; to impregnate; to infuse; to instill; to implant; to imbue
れる そそぎいれる to pour into
そそぐ to pour (into); to irrigate; to pay; to fill; to feed (e.g. a fire)
つぐ to pour (into); to irrigate; to pay; to fill; to feed (e.g. a fire)
さす to pour (drink); to serve (drinks)
ちゅうい caution; being careful; attention (heed); warning; advice
らす ちゅういをそらす to distract a person's attention
ちゅういをうながす to call a person's attention (to)
ちゅういをおこたる to be off one's guard
ちゅういをそそぐ to pay attention
ちゅういをはらう to pay attention (to)
ちゅういじこう important points
ちゅういしょ directions
ちゅういがき notes; instructions
ちゅういぶかい careful
ちゅういじんぶつ blacklisted person; person who requires watching
ちゅういてん important point; point to make note of
ちゅういほう storm warning
ちゅういりょく attentiveness
ちゅうかい gloss; (explanatory) notes
ちゅうかいしゃ an annotator
ちゅうき annotation; explanatory note
ちゅうし gazing steadily at; observing (a person) closely
ちゅうしゃ injection
ちゅうしゃえき an injection
ちゅうしゃき injector; syringe
ちゅうしゃばり a needle
ちゅうしゃく notes; comment
ちゅうしゃくしゃ annotator
ちゅうしゃくしょ annotated edition
ちゅうしん information; making a report (to a superior)
ちゅうすい pouring water; flooding; douche
ちゅうそ detailed commentary
ちゅうそ detailed commentary
ちゅうにゅう pouring; injection
ちゅうにゅうきょういく teaching by rote
ちゅうもん order; request
ちゅうもんとり order-taking; salesperson
ちゅうもんしょ written order; order form
ちゅうもんさき recipient of an order
ちゅうもんどおり as ordered
ちゅうもんひん ordered goods
ちゅうもんふく custom-made clothing
ちゅうもく notice; attention; observation
ちゅうゆ oiling; lubrication
しめかざり sacred Shinto rope with festoons
しめなわ sacred shrine rope
てんちゅう applying an extended meaning to a kanji
とうちゅう headnote
とくちゅう special order (goods)
はっちゅう ordering (materials); placing an order
ひょうちゅう commentary; notes and comments
ふちゅう annotation; comment
ふちゅう annotation
ぶんちゅう enzyme
ほちゅう supplementary note
ぼうちゅう side notes; gloss
やくちゅう translation with notes; translator's notes
よはくちゅう marginal notes; glosses