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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- October 30, 2020

  • on reading:
  • ホ   ブ   フ
  • kun reading:
  • あるく   あゆ
  • meaning(s):
  • walk, counter for steps
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


いっぽ a step
いっぽいっぽ step by step; by degrees
おうこうかっぽ swaggering
ぎゅうほ snail's pace; slow progress
きょほ long strides
きょうほ walking race
けんぽ good walker
ごじっぽひゃっぽ six of one and a half dozen of the other; scant difference
ごじゅっぽひゃっぽ six of one and a half dozen of the other; scant difference
さんぽ walk; stroll
しょほ elements; rudiments; ABC's of..
じょほ walking slowly
じょうほ concession; conciliation; compromise
しんぽ progress; development
すいほ drunken stagger
そくほ fast-paced walking
うちぶ premium
退 たいほ degenerate
だいいっぽ first step
たんぶ unit of land area (approx. one-tenth hectare)
ちほ one's stand; foothold; position
ちょうたんせぶ units of square measure (for rice fields, forests, etc)
ちょうぶ hectare (2.471 acres)
ちょうそくのしんぽ rapid progress (strides)
てきふ opponents pawn
とほ walking; going on foot
どくりつどっぽ self-reliance; self-help
にっしんげっぽ steady progress; rapid advance
ひぶ daily interest; daily rate
たんぶ unit of land area (approx. one-tenth hectare)
なみあし walking pace; slow march
pawn (in chess or shogi)
a step; a stride; counter for steps
あるきまわる to walk about; to walk to and fro; to pace around
ける あるきつづける to keep walking
れる あるきつかれる to be tired from walking
あるく to walk
わりに あるくかわりにはしる to run instead of walk
あゆみ walking
あゆみより compromise; concession
あゆみよる to step up; to compromise; to meet halfway
あゆみかた move; way to play
あゆむ to walk; to go on foot
める ほをすすめる to make progress; to step forward
ふをつく to advance a pawn
ほいっぽ step by step
ぶびき discount
ほこう walk
ほこうき baby-walker
ほこうしゃ pedestrian; walker
ほこうしゃてんごく pedestrian mall; car-free mall
ほこうしゃゆうせん priority to pedestrians
ぶあい rate; ratio; commission; percentage; poundage
ぶあいきゅう percentage pay
ぶあいざん percentage calculation
ぶあいせい commission system
ほしょう sentry
哨を ほしょうをおく to post a sentinel
ほすう number of steps
ほすうけい a pedometer
ほそく pacing off (a measurement or distance)
調 ほちょう pace; step; cadence
調える ほちょうをそろえる to keep step with
ほど one's walking pace
ほどう footpath; walkway; sidewalk
ほどうきょう pedestrian bridge
ほぶ a step; a short distance
ふひょう pawn (shogi)
ほへい infantry; infantryman; foot soldier
ほへいせんとうしゃりょう infantry fighting vehicle
まり ぶどまり yield; yield rate
ぶどまり yield; yield rate
ほろう corridor; gallery; platform; passageway
まんぽ rambling; sauntering; strolling
ゆうほ walk; promenade
かっぽ striding; swaggering; strutting
かっぽ swagger