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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- January 21, 2019

  • on reading:
  • ハン
  • kun reading:
  • めし
  • meaning(s):
  • meal, boiled rice
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


ごはん rice (cooked); meal
にぎりめし rice ball
にぎりめし rice ball
宿 いっしゅくいっぱん just staying for a night and a meal
いっぱん a bowl of rice; a meal
かい あたたかいごはん warm rice
かやくめし boiled rice mixed with vegetables and meat or fish
かまめし rice, meat and vegetable dish served in a small pot
かれい dried boiled rice
かれいい dried boiled rice
ほしいい dried boiled rice
ほしいい dried boiled-rice
きっぱん (rare) taking a meal; eating
こわめし rice with red beans (eaten on celebratory occasions)
ごもくめし dish of rice, fish and vegetables
ごはん rice (cooked); meal
さくらめし rice boiled with soy sauce and sake
ざんぱん garbage
寿 すしめし rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt, used for preparing sushi
まつたけごはん rice cooked with matsutake
やきめし fried rice
たきこみごはん rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients
せきはん red rice (beans and mochi) for auspicious occasions
そはん poor meal
はやめし fast eater; early meal
たいめし rice with minced sea bream (tai)
ちゃめし rice boiled in tea (and) flavored with sake and shoyu
ちゅうはん the noonday meal
ひるごはん lunch; midday meal
ひるごはん lunch; midday meal
ちゅうはん lunch; midday meal
ひるはん lunch; midday meal
ひるめし lunch (masc.); midday meal
あさごはん breakfast
あさごはん breakfast
あさはん breakfast
あさめし breakfast
にちじょうさはん an everyday occurrence
ばくはん boiled barley and rice
むぎめし boiled barley and rice
めし meals; food
えない めしがくえない cannot make a living
ごう はんごう (soldier's) cooking utensils
を喰う めしをくう to devour a meal; to have a meal
らす めしをむらす steam boiled rice
めしをくう to devour a meal; to have a meal
めしや eating house
ままごと playing house
をする ままごとをする to play house
めしどき mealtime
はんば construction camp; bunkhouse; workers' living quarters
めしたき cooking rice; kitchenmaid; cook
めしもり (Edo-period inn) maidservant
はんだい (Japanese-style) dining table
はんてん (Chinese) restaurant
はんまい rice
めしつぶ grain of boiled rice
めしびつ round, wooden container for cooked rice
はんごう (soldier's) cooking utensils
ばんごはん dinner; evening meal
ばんごはん dinner; evening meal
ばんめし dinner
もっそうめし food served to prisoners
ふんぱん bursting out laughing
べいはん cooked rice
むだめし living idly
ゆうはん evening meal
ゆうめし evening meal
ひやめし cold rice
どんぶりめし bowl of rice
ちゃあはん Chinese-style fried rice