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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- December 8, 2019

  • on reading:
  • ブン   モン
  • kun reading:
  • ふみ   あや
  • meaning(s):
  • sentence, literature, style, art, decoration, figures, plan
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


ごちゅうもん order; request
あくぶん bad style; poor writing
けんぶん colorful pattern
あんごうぶん cryptogram
あんぶん draft
あんもん draft
いぶん strange tale; another story; variant (reading); strange report or tale
いぶん literary remains
いちぶん a sentence
いちもん something insignificant; one mon (10th sen)
いつぶん unknown or lost writings
いんようぶん a quotation
いんぶん lettering of an engraving
いんぶん verse; poetry
ゆうぶん respect for literary culture
かじょうもん spiral pattern
えいさくぶん English composition
えいぶん sentence in English
おうぶん horizontal (Western) writing
おうぶん European language; foreign text
じり かなまじりぶん mixed writing (characters and kana)
かなぶみ publication in kana alone
がぶん elegant (literary) style
かいぶん circular (document); palindrome
かいぶん circular (document); palindrome
がくいろんぶん thesis
がくじゅつろんぶん treatise; monograph; study
かんけつぶん sentence
かんそうぶん written description of one's thoughts
かんぶん Chinese (classical) literature
雁の かりのふみ a letter
がんもん Shinto or Buddhist prayer (read)
きこうぶん traveller's journal
きじぶん descriptive composition
きしょうもん (historical) written vow to the gods
ぎぶん humorous writing
ぎこぶん classical style
ぎもんぶん interrogative sentence
きょうぶん (Edo-period) humorous literature
きんせきぶん epigraph on a stone monument; ancient inscriptions on monuments
からしょうもん empty promise
くうぶん dead letter
きょうもん sutras
げいぶん art and literature
けつぶん missing part (of manuscript)
けつぎぶん written resolution
けんしょうろんぶん essay contest
けそうぶみ love letter
けんきゅうろんぶん research thesis; treatise
げんぶん the text; original
おんもん (old name for) Hangul; the Korean script
こぶん ancient writing; classical literature
こもん ancient writing; classical literature
こうどくぶん responsive readings
そうろうぶん epistolary style
こうぶん official document; archives
こうようぶん official terminology
こうごぶん colloquial language or sentence
こうぎぶん written protest
こうぶん syntax; sentence structure
こうこつぶん ancient inscriptions of Chinese characters on oracle bones and carapaces
こうていぶん affirmative sentence
こうぶん writing (style)
こうにゅうちゅうもん purchase order
こうもん written report to the gods; imperial edict; written appeal to a superior
こくぶん written report to the gods; imperial edict; written appeal to a superior
こくぶん national literature
さいちゅうもん repeat order
さいぶん address to the gods; type of song which spread from mountain hermits to the laity during the Kamakura era
さいもん address to the gods; type of song which spread from mountain hermits to the laity during the Kamakura era
さくぶん composition; writing
ざつぶん literary miscellany
さんもん cheapness; farthing
さんぶん prose
しぶん this academic subject or field of study; Confucian studies
しぶん dead letter; meaningless writing
しぶん poetry and prose; literary works
じぶん modern literature
しゃせいぶん word picture
しゅぶん the text; the main clause; the main part of a document
じゅもん spell; charm; incantation
しゅうしろんぶん master's thesis (in anthropology)
じゅうぶん compound sentence; important national treasure
しょかんぶん epistolary style
じょじぶん narration; description
じょぶん preface; introduction
じょぶん preface; foreword
しょうぎょうぶん commercial correspondence
しょうようぶん business correspondence
しょうそくぶん personal letter
しょうもん bond; deed; contract
じょうそうぶん report to the throne
じょうぶん the foregoing
じょうぶん redundancy
じょうけんぶん conditional statement
じょうぶん text; provisions (act, treaty)
いろぶみ love letter
じんぶん humanity; civilization; culture
じんもん humanity; civilization; culture
なりゆきちゅうもん market order
せいぶん written expression; writing
せいぶん the official text
せいもん written oath
いしぶみ stone monument bearing an inscription
せつぶん poor writing
せつめいぶん explanatory note
ぜんぶん preamble; the above statement
ぜんぶん whole passage; full text; whole sentence; full paragraph
そうにゅうぶん parenthetic sentence
ぞくぶん colloquial style
そつぎょうろんぶん graduation thesis
だぶん poor piece of writing
ふくろこうじぶん garden-path sentences
たつぶん skilled writing
だつぶん missing passage; lacuna
たんぶん simple sentence
たんぶん short sentence; short piece
じのぶん descriptive (narrative) part
ちもん physiography; physiographical features
ちゅうもん order; request
ちゅうもん order; request
ちょうぶん funeral address
ちょうぶん long sentence or letter
ついかちゅうもん additional order
てんもん astronomy
でんぶん telegram
なげぶみ (love) letter tossed into a home
どうしゅどうぶん same race and same language
どうぶん same script; same language
どくぶん German literature; German sentence
じょうもん Jomon period; straw-rope pattern
なんぶん difficult sentence
にそくさんもん dirt cheap; very cheap
にそくさんもん dirt cheap; very cheap
のうぶん skilled in writing
はいぶん prose with a poetic haiku flavor
ばいぶん hack writer
はかせろんぶん Doctoral dissertation
はくしろんぶん Doctoral dissertation
はくぶん unpunctuated Chinese texts
はんけつぶん judgment paper
はんこうせいめいぶん letter of responsibility (for a crime)
ひていぶん negative sentence
ひぶん inscription; epitaph; epigraph
しい うつくしいあや beautiful design
びぶん flowery prose
ふぶん 1. unwritten; 2. illiterate; uneducated
つけぶみ love letter
ふくしゅうぶん review sentences
ふくぶん reply letter; retranslation (into the original language)
ふくぶん complex sentence
ふつぶん French; French writing; French literature
ふみ letter; writings
ぶん sentence
あやのないぶんたい plain style
ぶんをもってたつ to live by the pen
てる ぶんをくみたてる to construct a sentence
ぶんをねる to polish one's style
ぶんあん draft
ぶんい meaning of a sentence
ぶんうん cultural progress; advance of the arts
ぶねん anthology; literary world; collection of literary masterpieces
ぶんか culture; civilization
ぶんかのひ Culture Day Holiday (Nov 3)
ぶんかいさん cultural heritage
ぶんかえいが cultural film
ぶんかくんしょう Order of Cultural Merit (award)
ぶんかけん cultural sphere
ぶんかこうりゅう cultural exchange
ぶんかこうろうしゃ person who has made outstanding cultural contributions
ぶんかこっか country with a high level of culture
ぶんかさい Culture Festival
ぶんかざい cultural assets; cultural property
ぶんかし cultural history
ぶんかじぎょうぶ Cultural Affairs Department
ぶんかじん person of culture; cultured person
ぶんかじんるいがく cultural anthropology
ぶんかだいかくめい (China's) Cultural Revolution (1966-76)
ぶんかちりがく cultural geography
ぶんかちょう (Japan's) Agency for Cultural Affairs
ぶんかてき cultural
ぶんか 1. literary course; 2. the arts
ぶんかけい literary group
ぶんが elegant or refined style
ぶんかく cultural revolution
ぶんがく literature
ぶんがくのあじ the pleasures of literature
じる ぶんがくをろんじる to discuss literature
ぶんがくかい the literary world; literary circles
ぶんがくざ the Bungaku Company
ぶんがくさくひん literary work
ぶんがくし literary history; history of literature
ぶんがくし Bachelor of Arts
ぶんがくしゃ literary person
ぶんがくしょう literary prize
ぶんがくせいねん young literary enthusiast
ぶんがくてき literary
な匂い ぶんがくてきなにおい literary flavor
ぶんがくはかせ a Doctor of Literature
ぶんがくぶ department (faculty) of literature
ぶんがくろん literary criticism or theory
ぶんらく Japanese puppet theatre; Bunraku
ぶんかん civil official
ぶんきょう education; culture
ぶんきょうのふ fountainhead of culture; Ministry of Education
ぶんきょうぞく Diet members with a special interest in education
ぶんきょうちく school zone
もんく phrase; complaint
ぶんけい sentence pattern
ぶんけい humanities, social sciences, and fine arts; liberal arts
ぶんげい literature; art and literature; belles-lettres
ぶんげいがく study or science of literature; a liberal arts department
ぶんげいさくひん literary work
ぶんげいひひょう literary criticism; book review
ぶんげいふっこう Renaissance
ぶんげいらん literary (and the arts) column
ふづき seventh month of lunar calendar
ふみづき seventh month of lunar calendar
ぶんけん literature; books (reference)
ぶんけんがく philology; bibliography
ぶんこ library; book collection
ぶんこか publish in paperback
ぶんこぼん paperback (pulp)
ぶんご written language; literary language
ぶんごたい literary style
調 ぶんごちょう flavor of literary style
ぶんごぶん literary language
ぶんごう literary master
ぶんさい literary talent
ぶんし man of letters; literary man
ぶんしのたまご hatching writer
ぶんしれん the literary set
ぶんじ literary matters
もじ letter (of alphabet); character
もんじ letter (of alphabet); character
コード もじコード character code, e.g. JIS, Unicode, etc.
もじばけ unintelligible sequence of characters
わせ もじあわせじょう combination lock
もじじょうほう character information
もじたじゅうほうそう teletext
もじどおり literally
もじよみとりそうち character reader
もじばん a dial
もじふごうかほう character encoding scheme
もじふごうけい character coding system
もじれつ character string
ぶんじ civil administration
ぶんち civil administration
ぶんじしゅぎ governing by law and reason rather than by military force
ぶんちしゅぎ governing by law and reason rather than by military force
ぶんしつひんぴん refined; handsome and solid in character
ぶんじゃく (enervating) attraction to books or learning
もんじゅ Manjusri; Transcendent Wisdom (Buddhist deity)
もんじゅさま Boddhisattva
ぶんしゅう anthology
ぶんしょ document; writing; letter; note; records; archives
もんじょ document; writing; letter; note; records; archives
ぶんしょぎぞう forgery of documents
ぶんしょう sentence; article
ぶんしょうご literary language; the written language
ぶんしょうだい (mathematical) problem expressed in words; story (verbal) problem
ぶんしょうろん syntax
ぶんしょく literary embellishments
いれずみ tattoo
ぶんしん tattoo
ぶんじん person of letters; literary person
ぶんじんが style of Southern Chinese painting
ぶんじんぼっかく writers and artists
ぶんせい force of a literary style
ぶんせい educational policies or administration
ぶんせき responsibility for wording of an article
ぶんせつ paragraph; phrase
ぶんせつすう number of phrases
ぶんせん typesetting
ぶんせんこう typesetter; compositor
ぶんしょう Minister of Education, Science and Culture
ぶんそう literary talent
ぶんたい literary style
ぶんたいろん stylistics
ぶんだい subject; theme
ぶんたん shaddock; pomelo
ぶんだん literary world; literary circles
ぶんちゅう in the document
調 ぶんちょう writing style
ぶんちょう a Java sparrow
ぶんちん paperweight
ぶんつう correspondence; exchange of letters
ぶんてん grammar
ふみよむつきひ days of reading
ぶんはく doctor of literature
ふばこ box to hold letters
ふみばこ box to hold letters
ぶんぱん model composition
ぶんぴつ literary art; literary activity; writing
ぶんぴつか a writer
ぶんぴつぎょう literary profession; writing
ぶんぶ literary and military arts; the pen and the sword
ぶんぶりょうどう (accomplished in) both the literary and military arts
もんぶ Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
もんぶかがくしょう Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
もんぶしょう Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
もんぶだいじん Minister of Education
ぶんぶつ (the products of) culture or civilization
ぶんぽう grammar
ぶんぽうきそく grammar rules
ぶんぽうしょ grammar (book)
ぶんぽうせい grammaticality
ぶんぽうてき grammatical
ぶんぼうぐ stationery
ぶんぼうぐや stationery shop; a stationer
ぶんまつ end of a sentence
ぶんみゃく context
ぶんみん civilian
ぶんみんとうせい civilian control
もんなし penniless; broke
ぶんめい literary fame
ぶんめい civilization; culture
むにれて ぶんめいがすすむにつれて with the advance of civilization
ぶんめいかいか Japan's Westernization movement during the Meiji era
ぶんめいかん the Bunmeikan Theater
ぶんめいこく a civilized nation
ぶんめいしゃかい civilized society
ぶんめん content of a letter
もんもう illiteracy
あやめ pattern; design; distinction
もんよう pattern; design
ぶんり literature and science; context; (line of) reasoning
ぶんれい sample sentence
ぶんげいしゅんじゅう name of publishing company
へいじょぶん declarative sentence
ほうぶん text of the law
ほうぶん the Japanese language
ほんぶん text (of document); body (of letter)
ほんもん text (of document); body (of letter)
まんぶん random jottings; rambling essays
むいちもん penniless; broke
めいぶん famous literary composition
めいれいぶん imperative sentence
めいぶん statement (e.g. law)
めいぶん inscription
やぶみ letter affixed to an arrow
やくぶん a translation; translated sentence
おとしぶみ letter dropped in the road; Japanese insect
りつぶん legal provisions; verse
りゃくぶん abridged sentence
れいぶん model sentence
こいぶみ love-letter
ろんぶん thesis; essay; treatise; paper
わぶん Japanese text; sentence in Japanese
げきぶん written appeal; manifesto; declaration
えんぶん (inadvertent) redundancy in a text
ばつぶん afterword