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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- July 4, 2020

  • on reading:
  • モン
  • kun reading:
  • う   い   とん
  • meaning(s):
  • question, ask, problem
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


いもん condolences; sympathy call
いちもん a question
かもん enquiry; consultation
かていほうもん (a round of) calls at the homes of one's pupils
がくもん scholarship; study; learning
かんもん summons
かんれんしつもん interpellation on related matters
きもん tricky question
ぎもん question; problem; doubt; guess
きつもん cross-examination
きゅうもん inquiry
ぐもん foolish question
ぐんじこもん military adviser
けんもん inspection; examination
こべつほうもん door-to-door visit; door-to-door canvassing
こもん adviser; consultant
ごかもん a question from the emperor
こうしきほうもん official visit
こうとうしもん oral examination; interview
こうとうしもん oral examination; interview
ごうもん torture; the rack; third degree
さもん inquiry; hearing
さいじんもん re-examination
しもん interview; examination; question
しもん question; enquiry
みみがくもん pick-up knowledge; second-hand knowledge; hearsay
じもん asking oneself
しつもん question; inquiry
しゃくもん inquiring
しゃもん inquiring
しゅうじぎもん rhetorical question
しょうにんかんもん summoning witness
しょくむしつもん police questioning
しんもん interrogation; hearing; trial
じんていしつもん establishing the identity of a defendant
じんていじんもん establishing the identity of a witness
じんもん questioning
じんもん cross examination; interrogation
なまがくもん imperfect (superficial) knowledge
せつもん question
そうかつしつもん general interpellation (in the Diet)
たしせんたくしきしもん multiple-choice question
ちょうもん condolence call
ちょくもん imperial question
ちんもん irrelevant question
こたえにくいしつもん awkward (difficult) question
なんもん perplexity; difficult question; difficult problem
はんたいじんもん cross-examination
はんたいじんもん cross-examination
はんもん cross-examination; retort; asking in return
ひょうけいほうもん courtesy call
ふしんじんもん questioning (by the police)
ふしんじんもん questioning (by the police)
ふもん ignorance
ぶもん samurai's lineage
ほうもん call; visit
もん problem; question
とい question; query
いをける といをかける to ask a question of (a person)
ける といかける to ask a question
める といつめる to press a question; to cross-examine
わせ といあわせ enquiry; ENQ
わせる といあわせる to enquire; to seek information
わせ といあわせじょう letter of inquiry
わせ といあわせさき reference
といただす to enquire of someone about something; to question
といただす to question
といかえす to ask again; to ask back
とう to ask; to question; to charge (i.e. with a crime); to accuse; without regard to (neg)
わず とわずがたり unprompted remark or statement
といや wholesale store
とんや wholesale store
といあわせ enquiry; ENQ
もんざい accusation; indictment
もんしん interview (usually medical); history taking
もんせき blame; censure; reproof; reprimand; rebuke
もんだい problem; question
もんだいのてん point in dispute
もんだいをあつかう to deal with (handle) a matter
める もんだいをつめる to work toward a solution to a problem
げる もんだいをとりあげる to take up a problem
もんだいいしき awareness of the issues
もんだいかいけつ problem-solving
もんだいがい unthinkable; out of the question
もんだいげき controversial or problem play
もんだいじ problem child
もんだいてん the point at issue
もんだいりょういき problem area
もんどう questions and answers; dialogue
もんどうむよう there being no use in arguing (about it)
ゆうどうじんもん a leading question
りんしょうじんもん clinical examination

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