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Frequently Asked Questions:
Learning Japanese can be difficult enough, so to help navigate Kanji-A-Day.com we have created a FAQ.

How do I see Japanese characters, its all mumbo jumbo! -:
If you are using windows 9x, 2k, XP or Mac, your PC should support Japanese characters, all you need to do is install the correct language set. by default, if you are using an english operating system e.g. windows XP Home edition, then follow Robert Y. Eng's instructions available here

Using Japanese text support in Windows:
If you successfully installed Asian language support, click here to find out more about using it!

I have problem a downloading the vocab lists:
The links should always work, however, if you are receiving an error, restart your pc, and if that does not work -- email me

How do I use the Kanji Dictionary?
On the right hand side of the page is a section that says "Kanji Dictionary"(right above the snorg tees ad). Enter the term you want to search for and hit sumbit. It will return kanji that have that word in them.

Since I access my computer mostly at office I miss the kanji sometimes. Is there any way I can catch up with the previous days' ones from any archive or something?

At this time we don't keep an "archive" of previous day's kanji, however we do have the 4 different lists so you can see up to 4 kanji a day. All of the kanji work off of the JLPT level lists, so eventually they will be repeated.

How do I change my JLPT kanji study level?

Login, then select "User Options". On the user options page change your level to the new level you'd like and click on "sumbit" at the bottom. You'll need to logout and log back in, and it should show you the kanji for the correct level. If it doesn't, clear your cookies and then log in again.


Good Luck!