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About This Site

This site's purpose:
This site was made to help anyone who is studying Japanese, specifically studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). if you don't know anything about the test, a good place to start is the Japan foundation of LA (though it is mainly overview and where to apply information). We have more information about the test on this site at about the JLPT.

What this site can do:
The main point of this site is to act as a day-by-day calendar with a new kanji from the level of the test you are studying for. So, registering makes this site much more useful (it is free, painless, and we'll never send it to anyone). When you register the site remembers what level you are studying for, and automatically loads the kanji that will appear on the test you are studying for. Also, any vocab on the vocab list for that level will be displayed below the kanji. If you click on one of the kanji in the vocab list (anywhere on the site) a pop up with the kanji and all of its compounds in the dictionary will appear.

Additionally, you can download the kanji or vocab lists for any level in a html formatted file (you can view them with word or some other word processor program). These will be customizable to the extent of you can choose what you want on your list (ie: kanji, kana, definition or kanji, romaji, part of speech, definition). There is also a Japanese -> English and English->Japanese dictionary and a Kanji dictionary on the right toolbar. Anytime you look up a word or view "Today's Kanji" you can choose to add the vocab/kanji to your personal list. This is usefull when word comes up that you want to remember, you can have quick access to it with your vocab/kanji list.

The information on this site was made possible by two organizations: MLC Meguro Language Center and the EDICT Project We don't guarantee the lists are complete,in fact, we guarantee them not to be complete. When defining the vocab there were some on each level that were not found. Most of these were expressions, or what we consider grammar points, and so they weren't in the dictionary. Overall you aren't going to miss that much (there are 7830 words for level 1, and 36 weren't found).

I am Ted, age 29, and I recently (9/7/06) bought this site from Rob. I'm planning on doing some things to improve the site and look forward to helping us all learn Japanese! If you'd like to contact Rob you can still reach him at Rob@kanji-a-day.com. I wish him luck in his future endeavors!