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JLPT Level 1 Vocab (54/147)

Vocab List

Here is our unofficial vocab list for level 1 of the JLPT. It also includes the vocab that appeared on levels 2, 3 and 4. You can download an excel version of this data by clicking on the download button below. You may also add them to your vocab list by clicking the checkbox next to them and clicking on the "Add to Vocab List" button at the bottom of the page.


しく to spread out; to lay out
しくじる to fail; to fall through; to blunder
しくみ devising; plan; plot; contrivance; construction; arrangement
しけい death penalty; capital punishment
しける 湿 to be damp; to be moist
しけん examination; test; study
しげき stimulus; impetus; incentive; excitement; irritation; encouragement; motivation
しげる to grow thick; to luxuriate; to be luxurious
しげん resources
しこう thought
しこう intention; aim
しこう taste; liking; preference
しごと work; occupation; employment
しさつ inspection; observation
しさん property; fortune; means; assets
ししゃごにゅう rounding up (fractions)
ししゅう embroidery
ししゅつ expenditure; expenses
しじ support; maintenance
しじ indication; instruction; directions
しじゅう continuously; from beginning to end
しじん poet
しずか quiet; peaceful
しずく drop (of water)
しずまる まる to quieten down; to calm down; to subside; to die down; to abate; to be suppressed
しずむ to sink; to feel depressed
しずめる める to sink; to submerge
しせい 姿 attitude; posture
しせつ institution; establishment; facility; (army) engineer
しぜん nature; spontaneous
しぜんかがく natural science
しそう thought; idea
しそく son
しそん descendants; posterity; offspring
した tongue
したい corpse
したう to yearn for; to miss; to adore; to love dearly
したがう to abide (by the rules); to obey; to follow; to accompany
したがき rough copy; draft
したがって って therefore; consequently; in accordance with
したぎ underwear
したく preparation
したごころ secret intention; motive
したしい しい intimate; close (e.g. friend)
したしむ しむ to be intimate with; to befriend
したしらべ 調 preliminary investigation; preparation
したじ groundwork; foundation; inclination; aptitude; elementary knowledge of; grounding in; prearrangement; spadework; signs; symptoms; first coat of plastering; soy
したためる める to write up
したてる てる to tailor; to make; to prepare; to train; to send (a messenger)
したどり trade in; part exchange