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JLPT Level 1 Vocab (52/147)

Vocab List

Here is our unofficial vocab list for level 1 of the JLPT. It also includes the vocab that appeared on levels 2, 3 and 4. You can download an excel version of this data by clicking on the download button below. You may also add them to your vocab list by clicking the checkbox next to them and clicking on the "Add to Vocab List" button at the bottom of the page.


さる monkey
さわがしい がしい noisy
さわぎ uproar; disturbance
さわやか 爽やか fresh; refreshing; invigorating; clear; fluent; eloquent
さわる to hinder; to interfere with; to affect; to do one harm; to be harmful to
さわる to touch; to feel
さん acid
さん (num) three
さん Mr or Mrs
さんか oxidation
さんか participation
さんかく triangle; triangular
さんがく mountains
さんきゅう maternity leave
さんきょう wharf; bridge; jetty; pier
さんぎいん House of Councillors
さんぎょう industry
さんこう reference; consultation
さんご postpartum; after childbirth
さんしゅつ yield; produce
さんしょう reference; consultation; consultation
さんじょう calling on; visiting
さんすう arithmetic
さんせい approval; agreement; support; favour
さんせい acidity
さんそ oxygen
さんち producing area
さんび praise; adoration; glorification
さんふじんか maternity and gynecology department
さんぶつ product; result; fruit
さんぷく hillside; mountainside
さんぽ walk; stroll
さんみゃく mountain range
さんりん mountain forest; mountains and forest
ざい fortune; riches
ざいがく (enrolled) in school
ざいげん source of funds; resources; finances
ざいこ stockpile; stock
ざいさん property; fortune; assets
ざいせい economy; financial affairs
ざいもく lumber; timber
ざいりょう ingredients; material
ざしき tatami room
ざせき seat
ざだんかい symposium; round-table discussion
ざっか miscellaneous goods; general goods; sundries
ざっし journal; magazine
ざっと roughly; in round numbers
ざつ rough; crude
ざつおん noise (jarring, grating)