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JLPT Level 1 Vocab (27/147)

Vocab List

Here is our unofficial vocab list for level 1 of the JLPT. It also includes the vocab that appeared on levels 2, 3 and 4. You can download an excel version of this data by clicking on the download button below. You may also add them to your vocab list by clicking the checkbox next to them and clicking on the "Add to Vocab List" button at the bottom of the page.


かんし observation; guarding; inspection; surveillance
かんしゃ thanks; gratitude
かんしゅう usual (historical) custom
かんしゅう spectators; onlookers; members of the audience
かんしょう interference; intervention
かんしょう appreciation
かんしょく sense of touch; feeling; sensation
かんしん admiration; Well done!
かんしん concern; interest
かんじ feeling; sense; impression
かんじ Chinese characters; kanji
かんじゃ a patient
かんじょう calculation; counting; consideration; reckoning; settlement of an account; allowance
かんじょう emotion(s); feeling(s); sentiment
かんじる じる to feel; to sense; to experience
かんじん essential; fundamental; crucial; vital; main
かんする する to concern; to be related
かんずる ずる to feel; to sense
かんせい cheer; shout of joy
かんせい 1. complete; completion; 2. perfection; accomplishment
かんせつ indirection; indirectness
かんせん infection; contagion
かんせん main line; trunk line
かんぜい customs; duty; tariff
かんぜん perfection; completeness
かんそ simplicity; plain
かんそう dry; arid; insipid; dehydrated
かんそう impressions; thoughts
かんそく observation
かんたい frigid zone
かんたん simple
かんちがい misunderstanding; wrong guess
かんちょう government office; authorities
かんづめ packing (in cans); canning; canned goods; tin can
かんてん point of view
かんでんち dry cell; battery
かんとう Kantou (eastern half of Japan, including Tokyo)
かんとく supervision; control; superintendence
かんど sensitivity; severity (quake)
かんどう being deeply moved emotionally; excitement; impression; deep emotion
かんねん 1. idea; notion; conception; 2. sense (e.g. of duty); 3. resignation; preparedness; acceptance
かんばん sign; signboard; doorplate; poster; billboard; appearance; figurehead; policy; attraction; closing time
かんぱい toast (drink)
かんびょう nursing (a patient)
かんぶ management; (executive) staff; leaders
かんべん pardon; forgiveness; forbearance
かんぺき perfection; completeness; flawless
かんむりょう deep feeling; inexpressible feeling; filled with emotion
かんゆう invitation; solicitation; canvassing; inducement; persuasion; encouragement
かんよ participation; taking part in; participating in; being concerned in