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JLPT Level 1 Vocab (116/147)

Vocab List

Here is our unofficial vocab list for level 1 of the JLPT. It also includes the vocab that appeared on levels 2, 3 and 4. You can download an excel version of this data by clicking on the download button below. You may also add them to your vocab list by clicking the checkbox next to them and clicking on the "Add to Vocab List" button at the bottom of the page.


へいじょう normal; usual
へいたい soldier; sailor
へいほう square (e.g. metre); square
へいぼん common; commonplace; ordinary; mediocre
へいや plain; open field
へいれつ arrangement; parallel; abreast
へいわ peace; harmony
へきえき wince; shrink back; succumbing to; being frightened; disconcerted
へこむ to be dented; to be indented; to yield to; to give; to sink; to collapse; to cave in; to be snubbed
へそ navel; belly-button
へた unskillful; poor; awkward
へだたる たる to be distant
へだてる てる to be shut out
へや room
へらす らす to abate; to decrease; to diminish; to shorten
へりくだる to deprecate oneself and praise the listener
へる to decrease (in size or number); to diminish; to abate
へん change; incident; disturbance; strange; flat (music); odd; peculiar; suspicious-looking; queer; eccentric; funny
へん area; vicinity
へん compilation; editing; completed poem; book; part of book
へん side; left radical of a character; inclining; inclining toward; biased
へんか change; variation; alteration; mutation; transition; transformation; transfiguration; metamorphosis; variety; diversity; inflection; declension; conjugation
へんかく change; reform; revolution; upheaval; (the) Reformation
へんかん return; restoration
へんけん prejudice; narrow view
へんこう change; modification; alteration
へんさい repayment
へんしゅう editing; compilation; editorial (e.g. committee)
へんじ reply; answer
へんせん change; transition; vicissitudes
へんとう reply
へんどう change; fluctuation
べっそう holiday house; villa
べつ distinction; difference; different; another; particular; separate; extra; exception
べつに (not) particularly; nothing
べつべつ separately; individually
べんかい explanation; justification; defence; excuse
べんきょう study; diligence; discount; reduction
べんぎ 便 convenience; accommodation; advantage; expedience
べんご defense; pleading; advocacy
べんしょう next word; compensation; reparation; indemnity; reimbursement
べんじょ 便 toilet; lavatory; rest room; latrine; comfort station
べんとう box lunch
べんり 便 convenient; handy; useful
べんろん discussion; debate; argument
ぺこぺこ fawn; be very hungry
ear (of plant); head (of plant)
ほいく nursing; nurturing; rearing; lactation; suckling
ほう Act (law: the X Act)
ほう imitate; follow; emulate