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JLPT Level 1 Vocab (112/147)

Vocab List

Here is our unofficial vocab list for level 1 of the JLPT. It also includes the vocab that appeared on levels 2, 3 and 4. You can download an excel version of this data by clicking on the download button below. You may also add them to your vocab list by clicking the checkbox next to them and clicking on the "Add to Vocab List" button at the bottom of the page.


ふえる える to increase; to multiply
ふえる える to increase; to multiply
ふか wrong; bad; improper; unjustifiable; inadvisable
ふかい deep; profound; thick; close
ふかけつ indispensable; essential
ふかまる まる to deepen; to heighten; to intensify
ふかめる める to deepen; to heighten; to intensify
ふきそく irregularity; unsteadiness; disorderly
ふきつ ominous; sinister; bad luck; ill omen; inauspiciousness
ふきゅう diffusion; spread
ふきょう recession; depression; slump
ふきん tea-towel; dish cloth
ふきん neighbourhood; vicinity; environs
ふく good fortune
ふく to blow (wind, etc)
ふく 拭く to wipe; to dry
ふく clothes
ふくきゅう restoration; restitution; rehabilitation
ふくごう composite; complex
ふくざつ complexity; complication
ふくし welfare; well-being
ふくし adverb
ふくしゃ copy; duplicate
ふくしゅう review
ふくすう plural; multiple
ふくそう garments
ふくむ to hold in the mouth; to bear in mind; to understand; to cherish; to harbor; to contain; to comprise; to have; to hold; to include; to embrace; to be charged or loaded with; to be dripping with; to be full of; to be suffused with
ふくめる める to include; to instruct; to make one understand; to put in one's mouth
ふくめん mask; veil; disguise
ふくらます らます to swell; to expand; to inflate; to bulge
ふくらむ らむ to expand; to swell (out); to get big; to become inflated
ふくれる れる to get cross; to get sulky; to swell (out); to expand; to be inflated; to distend; to bulge
ふくろ bag; sack
ふけいき business recession; hard times; depression; gloom; sullenness; cheerlessness
ふけつ unclean; dirty; filthy; impure
ふける ける to get late; to advance; to wear on
ふける ける to age
ふこう unhappiness; sorrow; misfortune; disaster; accident; death
ふこく edict; ordinance; proclamation
ふごう wealthy person; millionaire
ふごう sign; mark; symbol
ふさい debt; liabilities
ふさい man and wife; married couple
ふさがる 塞がる to be plugged up; to be shut up
ふさぐ 塞ぐ to stop up; to close up; to block (up); to occupy; to fill up; to take up; to stand in another's way; to plug up; to shut up
ふさわしい しい appropriate
ふざい absence
ふざける to romp; to gambol; to frolic; to joke; to make fun of; to flirt
ふしぎ wonder; miracle; strange; mystery; marvel; curiosity
ふしょう injury; wound