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Check your spam folder to see if it's been sent there. To prevent overzealous mail filters from marking the emails as spam please set us as a trusted source of email. I

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Not only am I the creator of Kanji-Mail, I'm also a client. I have multiple email accounts from different providers to ensure that Kanji-Mail goes out every day. If you've missed the email it's most likely a problem on your side. If we miss sending them out (hasn't happened yet) I'll send an update to the entire mailing list letting you know the status of Kanji-Mail.

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I've set Kanji-Mail to be readable by most of our clients. Depending on the settings on your email server and your computer you may need settings differently than from what I have set them to. It's honestly an area out of my knowledge on how to best set it, if anyone knows the answer drop me a line. I'm working on ways to make Kanji-Mail available to everyone

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At this time we offer Kanji-Mail levels 1, 2, and 3 trials. Please see above for information on how to sign up for them.

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All donations and ads on Kanji-A-Day go towards improvements to the site

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Every Kanji-Mail should have a "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email.