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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- May 5, 2016

  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • つ   てる
  • meaning(s):
  • hold, have
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いじ maintenance; preservation
かじ faith-healing; incantation
きもち feeling; sensation; mood
きょうじ securing rights and profits
けんじ holding on to; sticking to
いやなきもち unpleasant feeling
げんじょういじ maintenance of the status quo
こじ insistence (positive nuance); persistence; strong-willed
ごじ defend and maintain; support; protection
ひろいしじ broad support; wide-ranging support
こうぞうほじ structure preserving
しじ support; maintenance
たせる もたせる to have someone hold something; to allow someone to keep something
もち 1. hold; charge; keep possession; in charge; 2. wear; durability; life; draw; 3. usage (suff)
ちが もちがいい wear well; keep long; last long
ちきり もちきり hot topic; talk of the town
ちつたれつ もちつもたれつ give-and-take
もちはこぶ to carry; to bring (to a place)
もちこす to carry over; to carry forward; to keep (for later); to defer
もちいえ one's (own) house
もちうた one's (song) repertoire
もちまわり rotation; by turns
もちまわりかくぎ round-robin cabinet
もちまわる to carry about
ける もちかける to offer a suggestion; to propose an idea
もちかぶ stock holdings; one's shares
もちかぶがいしゃ holding company
える もちこたえる to hold out
もちよる to gather (bringing something); to gather (to exchange something)
もちかえり takeout (ie. food)
もちかえる to carry back or home; to take out (e.g. food)
もちさる to take away; to carry away
もちごま a captured piece than can be reused (shogi); a person or object held in reserve; available means
もちふるす to have long in use
もちあい 1. unity; even matching; interdependence; 2. steadiness (of market price)
せる もちあわせる to happen to have on hand or in stock
わせ もちあわせ on hand; in stock
わせる もちあわせる to happen to have on hand or in stock
もちこみ bring-your-own (food and drink)
もちこむ to lodge; to take something into ..; to bring in
もちじかん amount of time one has
もちぬし owner; proprietor
もちだし an item carried out; provide money (oneself)
もちだす to take out; to carry out; to bring out from where it belongs
がる もちあがる to lift; to happen; to occur; to come up; to turn up
げる もちあげる to raise; to lift up; to flatter
もちば job; station; position; post; route
もちきり hot topic; talk of the town
もちきる to hold all the while; to talk about nothing but
もちぶね one's own ship
もちまえ one's nature; characteristic
ける もちつづける to persist in
もちなおす to recover; to rally; to improve; to pick up
もちにげ make off with (something); abscond
もちぐされ unused possession
もちもの one's property; personal effects
もちぶん share; holdings; interest
もちあるく to carry
もちくずす to ruin (degrade) oneself
もちあじ inherent flavor; distinctive characterisic
って もってまわる to carry around
って もっていく to take; to carry (something) away
って もってゆく to take; to carry (something) away
ってまれた もってうまれた natural (ability)
って もってこい just right; ideal; perfectly suitable
って もってくる to bring
もつ to hold; to possess; to carry
てる もてる to be well liked; to be popular
もてなし entertainment; hospitality
もてなす to entertain; to make welcome
もてあます to be too much for one; to find unmanageable; to be beyond one's control; to not know what to do with
て囃す もてはやす to praise extravagantly; to lionize; to make much of
じかい strictly follow Buddhist precepts
える もちこたえる to hold out
じきゅう endurance; persistence
じきゅうせん protracted war; war of attrition
じきゅうりょく stamina; tenacity
じご Go game resulting in tie or draw
もちこみ bring-your-own (food and drink)
じさん bringing; taking; carrying
じさんきん dowry
じさんにん bearer
もちぬし owner; proprietor
がる もちあがる to lift; to happen; to occur; to come up; to turn up
じせつ one's cherished opinion
じぞく continuation
じぞくせい durability
じぞくてき continuous
じぞくりょく durability
もちなおす to recover; to rally; to improve; to pick up
じびょう chronic disease
もちもの one's property; personal effects
じやく one's usual medicine
じろん one's cherished opinion; pet theory
しゅうもち serving a master; employee
しゅもち serving a master; employee
じゅうじ chief priest of temple
しょじ possession; owning
くいぶち cost of one's food
いしもち Blue drum (fish)
はじ grasp; hold; grip
せりもち arch
ふち ration; stipend; allowance
はらもち ability of a food to fill you up
へいわいじ peacekeeping
ほじ retention; maintenance; preservation
ほうじ bearing; presenting; holding up (emperor's picture)
ほうじ bearing; presenting; holding up (emperor's picture)
きょうじ pride; dignity