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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- December 9, 2016

  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • あざ   あざな
  • meaning(s):
  • character, letter, word, section of village
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


アラビア アラビアすうじ Arabic numeral
キリル キリルもじ Cyrillic character
ギリシア ギリシアもじ Greek character(s)
ローマ ローマじ romanization; Roman letters
ロシア ロシアもじ Russian character(s)
あじ the letter a (in esoteric Buddhism)
あてじ phonetic-equivalent character; substitute character
あてじ phonetic-equivalent character; substitute character
いたいじ kanji variants
いちじ a letter; a character
いっちょうじ a single letter or character
いっていじ a single letter or character
いちもんじ straight line; beeline
いんじ copying
いんじ rhyming words
うそじ incorrect character
えいじ English letter (character)
えいこもじ lower-case letters
えいすうじ alphanumeric character
よこもじ European writing; cross-wise writing
おうじ alphabetic; letter
おんじ syllabary; phonetic symbol
おんぴょうもじ phonetic symbols
かな Japanese syllabary (alphabets); kana
かなもじ the Japanese syllabary symbols
はなもじ ornate initial; capital letters; flowers planted to form characters
かいいもじ ideograph
かいじ explanation of a kanji
えもじ ideograph; pictograph
がいじ characters not in Joyo Kanji; foreign letters or words
かけじ hanging scroll
かつじ printing type
かんじ Chinese characters; kanji
かんすうじ Chinese characters which express numbers
かんたいじ simplified Chinese form (of kanji)
きのじ 77th birthday
ぎじ character of questionable form
きゅうじ old characters
きょじ kanji representing verb or adjective
きんじ gold or gilt letters
きんもじ gold or gilt letters
けつじ omitted word; blank type; missing letter
けんじ stroke-count index
こじ ancient writing
退 こうたいもじ backspace
おんのじ most satisfactory
ごじ misprint
こうがくもじ optical character
こくじ carving characters; carved characters
こくじ native script; kana; kanji made in Japan
くろじ balance (figure) in the black
くろもじ spicebush; toothpick
ほそいじ slender character
さいじ small type or handwriting
ほそじ small type or handwriting
さんようすうじ Arabic numerals
あざ section of village
character; hand-writing
である じがじょうずである to have good handwriting
じびき dictionary
じおん the Japanese pronunciation of a kanji
じかく number of strokes in character
じかい kanji meaning interpretation
じかん the space between letters or characters
じぎ the meaning or sense of a word
じづめ number of characters; manuscript paper; printed matter
じく wording; words and phrases; way of expression
じくん the Japanese reading of a kanji
じけい character style or form
じげん construction of character
じごう nickname
じしょ (character) dictionary
じすう number of characters or letters
じたい type; font; lettering
じてん character dictionary
じくばり word or letter layout
じぼ letter (of the alphabet); phonetic script
じまく title; subtitle
じづら impression derived from or appearance of kanji; face; appearance of written words
じめん impression derived from or appearance of kanji; face; appearance of written words
じやく transliteration
じあまり hypermetric
しきじ literacy
しゃじ copying; transcription
しゃしんしょくじ photosetting (in printing)
かりじ characters borrowed (to represent the meaning)
しゃもじ wooden spoon; ladle; rice scoop
った てをかたどったじ character representing a hand
しゅうじ penmanship
じゅうじ cross; crossed; cruciform
じゅうもんじ a cross; cruciform
おんなもじ woman's handwriting; hiragana
こあざ small administrative unit (of a village)
こもじ lower case letters
しょうじ simplification of a kanji
せいじ simplification of a kanji
しょうけいもじ hieroglyph
じょうようかんじ kanji for common use
じょうじ repetition of the previous character
しょくじ typesetting
ふりかんじ kanji printed as ruby, usually to explain kana
しんじ kanji made in Japan
まいちもんじ straight; as the crow flies
じんだいもじ ancient Japanese characters (regarded today as created at a much more recent date)
おやじ first character (of a dictionary entry)
おやもじ capital letter; first character of a dictionary entry
ひともじ arranging a group of people so as to form a character or spell out a message
じんめいようかんじ kanji officially for use in names
すうじ numeral; figure
せいげんがいのじ forbidden kanji
せいげんかんじ restricted Chinese characters
せいじ correct characters
あかじ deficit; go in the red
せきじゅうじ Red Cross
ぞくじ popular characters; nonstandard characters
ふとじ boldface; bold-type; thick characters
おおあざ 1. larger section (of village); 2. large character
おおもじ 1. upper case letters; large characters
だいもんじ 1. upper case letters; large characters; 2. the (kanji) character "dai" meaning "big"; 3. huge character "dai" formed by fires lit on the side of a mountain in Kyoto on 16 Aug each year
だいじ title; prefatory words
だつじ omitted word or character
たんかんじ single kanji
おとこもじ man's handwriting; kanji
おきじ kanji left unpronounced when reading Chinese
ちょうじ clove
ていじ letter "T"
綴り つづりじ spelling
ていじ spelling
そえじ subscript
てんじ Braille
ゆもじ loincloth
あてじ phonetic-equivalent character; substitute character
あてじ phonetic-equivalent character; substitute character
とうようかんじ daily-use kanji
かしらじ first letter(s); initial
かしらもじ initials; first letter of a word
どうじ the same character
にじ two characters; name
にほんごもじ Japanese character
せもじ lettering on the spine of a book
はちのじ figure eight
はちもんじ (in) the shape of the character hachi (eight)
はんたいじ traditional (unsimplified) form of Chinese characters
ひっしゃりゃくじ handwritten abbreviation (of kanji)
ひょういもじ ideograph(s); hieroglyph(s); calligraphy
ひょういもんじ ideograph(s); hieroglyph(s); calligraphy
ひょうおんもじ phonetic symbol; phonogram
ひょうおんもんじ phonetic symbol; phonogram
かきもじ drawn lettering; sound effects lettering
みょうじ surname; family name
ふせじ asterisk; blank type (dots, circles, etc.)
ふせじ asterisk; blank type (dots, circles, etc.)
ふくじゅうじ double-crosspiece cross (symbol for tuberculosis prevention)
もじ letter (of alphabet); character
もんじ letter (of alphabet); character
へんじ conversion; converted character
ほじょかんじ supplemental kanji (added by JIS X 0212)
くずしじ character written in a cursive style
ほうじ Japanese characters; kanji and kana
貿 ぼうえきくろじ trade surplus
貿 ぼうえきあかじ trade deficit
ほんじ Chinese character; unsimplified (original form of) a Chinese character
ほんじ transliteration
ばんこくこくさいおんぴょうもじ International Phonetic Alphabet
みょうじ surname; family name
ゆうこうすうじ significant digits
ようじ using characters
おどりじ repetition of the previous character
おどりじ repetition of the previous character
りゃくじ abbreviation; simplified character
りょくじゅうじ the green cross symbolizing faith, liberty and truth
るいせきあかじ accumulated deficit
るいじ similar kanji
わじ kanji devised in Japan
ぼんじ Sanskrit characters
くさびがたもじ cuneiform (writing)
えんじ (inadvertent) insertion of a character in a text
てんじ seal script character
かぎじゅうじ swastika