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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- November 28, 2014

  • on reading:
  • シャ
  • kun reading:
  • もの
  • meaning(s):
  • someone, person
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


おたずねもの wanted man; person sought by the police
ただ ただもの ordinary person
ならず ならずもの ruffian; scamp; hooligan
のけ のけもの outcast
へぼ へぼいしゃ quack doctor
あいいんしゃ (habitual) drinker
あいこうしゃ enthusiast; fan; devotee; one who loves something
あいこくしゃ patriot
あいたしゅぎしゃ altruist
あいどくしゃ subscriber; reader; admirer
あいようしゃ regular user; person who favors (something)
いたずらもの loose woman; useless fellow; mischief maker
わるもの bad fellow; rascal; ruffian; scoundrel
わるだっしゃ fast slipshod work
あっせいしゃ oppressor; tyrant
あっせんぎょうしゃ mediator
あっせんしゃ mediator; intermediary
あんさつしゃ assassin
だてしゃ dandy; dude
いらいしゃ client
かこいもの mistress
なぐさみもの (person treated as a) plaything
いあんしゃ comforter
えきしゃ fortuneteller; diviner
いせいしゃ statesman
いたんしゃ heretic
いじゅうしゃ emigrant; immigrant
いはんしゃ violator (of a law)
いはんしゃ violator; offender
いほうしゃ lawbreaker
ゆいごんしっこうしゃ executor
ゆいごんしゃ testator
いしつしゃ owner of a lost article
いがくしゃ medical scientist
いしゃ doctor (medical)
いっきとうせんのむしゃ match for a thousand; matchless warrior
いっこくもの an ultranationalist; a hot-tempered person; a stubborn person
ひとりもの a single person; someone alone
いってつもの stubborn person
いんさつしゃ printer
いんがもの unlucky person
ひきあげしゃ a repatriate; returnee
いんそつしゃ leader
かげむしゃ Kagemusha (shadow warrior) (in Kurosawa film); wire puller
いんじゃ hermit
いんとくしゃ hider; person in hiding
うんえいしゃ manager; administrator
うんそうぎょうしゃ forwarding agent; carrier
うんてんしゃ driver (of a vehicle)
うんめいろんしゃ fatalist
うんゆぎょうしゃ carrier
かげむしゃ Kagemusha (shadow warrior) (in Kurosawa film); wire puller
えいようがくしゃ dietitian
えいじゅうしゃ permanent resident; denizen
えいしゃ a swimmer
えんじんしゃ misanthrope
えんせいひかんしゃ pessimist
えんじゃ presenter; speaker
えんそうしゃ performer; player
えんじゃ relative
おうしょうしゃ draftee
おうぼしゃ applicant
おうじゃ king; monarch; ruler
おくまんちょうじゃ billionaire
おくびょうもの coward
したうけぎょうしゃ subcontractor
かがくしゃ chemist
なにもの who; what kind of person
かがいしゃ assailant
かたんしゃ accomplice
かにゅうしゃ affiliate; member; entrant; participant; (telephone) subscriber
かめいしゃ participants
かがくしゃ scientist
かじゅさいばいしゃ fruit grower
かほうもの lucky fellow
かわらもの unflattering term for actors
がりがりもうじゃ greedy or grasping person
かいのそうりつしゃ founder of a society
かいけんしゃ interviewer
かいそうしゃ attendants at a funeral; mourners
かいこしゃ person who has been laid off
かいせつしゃ commentator
まわしもの spy; secret agent
かいとうしゃ respondent
かいぎしゅぎしゃ skeptic
かいかくしゃ reformer
かいしゅうしゃ a convert (e.g. to Buddhism)
かいそうしゃ a convert (e.g. to Buddhism)
かいたくしゃ pioneer; settler; colonist
がいじんきしゃ foreign correspondent
がいらいかんじゃ outpatients
がいらいしゃ stranger; person from abroad
がいとうしゃ the person concerned; qualified
かくしゃ enlightened person
がくしきけいけんしゃ person of learning and experience
がくしゃ scholar
がくしゅうしゃ scholar; student
がっきえんそうしゃ (musical) instrumentalist
らくてんしゅぎしゃ optimist
かりけの かかりつけのいしゃ family physician (doctor)
かつどうしゃ activist
かつぼうしゃ desiring person; luster
おどけもの joker; fool; humorist
かじゃ young person; young servant; young man come of age (at 16)
かんじゃ young person; young servant; young man come of age (at 16)
かんこくしゃ adviser; counselor
かんぜんしゅぎしゃ perfectionist
かんのうしゅぎしゃ sensualist
かんりょうしゅぎしゃ bureaucrat
かんじゃ a patient
かんしょうしゅぎしゃ sentimentalist
かんがくしゃ Sinologist; scholar of the Chinese classics
かんきょうほごしゅぎしゃ environmentalist
かんきょうほごろんしゃ environmentalist
かんししゃ guardian
かんしゅうしゃ general (supervising) editor; editor-in-chief
かんとくしゃ superintendent; warden
かんしゅしゃ jailer
かんりしゃ manager; landlord; warden; superintendent
かんさつしゃ observer
かんそくしゃ observer
かんらんしゃ spectator; visitor
かんじゃ a spy
かんけいしゃ authorized people; person(s) concerned
めいしゃ eye doctor; oculist
にせもの imposter
きぎょうしゃ industrialist
ききだしゃ pinch hitter
稿 きこうしゃ contributor (of articles)
きそうしゃ donor
きぞうしゃ donor
きりゅうしゃ temporary resident
きぼうしゃ person interested in doing something; person wanting to do something
きこんしゃ married person
きけんしゃ non-voter
きかんしゃ returnee
とう きとうしゃ person who prays
きせつろうどうしゃ seasonal laborer
きしゃ reporter
おにむしゃ daredevil warrior
いつわりもの impostor; liar
にせもの imposter; liar
ぎしょうしゃ perjurer; false witness
ぎぜんしゃ hypocrite; fox in a lamb's skin
おどけもの joker; fool; humorist
たわけもの joker; fool; humorist
げさくしゃ fiction writer; dime novelist
ぎじゅつしゃ engineer
ぎのうしゃ technician
ぎまんしゃ deceiver; a fraud
ぎせいしゃ victim
きつえんしゃ smoker
きゃっかんしゅぎしゃ objectivist
きゃくしょくしゃ movie adapter; dramatizer
きゅうだいしゃ successful examinee
きゅうしんしゅぎしゃ radical (person)
きゅうさいしゃ savior
きゅうこんしゃ suitor
きゅうしょくしゃ job applicant
きゅうじんしゃ employer; someone hunting for workers
きゅうどうしゃ investigator; one who seeks the way
ぐほうしゃ (Buddhist) inquirer
きゅうよしょとくしゃ salaried employee
きょじゅうしゃ resident; inhabitant
きょうじゅしゃ recipient
きょうきゅうしゃ supplier
きょうけつしゃ blood donor
きょうじゅつしゃ deponent; testifier
きょうたくしゃ depositor
きょうぎしゃ agonist
きょうごうしゃ competitor
きょうそうしゃ competitor; rival
きょうえんしゃ costar; coactor
きょうさんしゅぎしゃ a communist
きょうちょしゃ collaborator; coauthor; joint author
きょうどうしゃ coworker
きょうどうそうせつしゃ co-founder
きょうはんしゃ accomplice; henchman
きょうへんしゃ coeditor
きょうぼうしゃ conspirator; accomplice
きょうめいしゃ sympathizer; fellow traveler
きょうやくしゃ joint translators
きょうゆうしゃ joint owners; part owners
きょうろうしゃ coworker
きょうぎしゃ contestant; athlete
きょうりょくしゃ cooperative worker
きょうしゃ strong person
きょうだしゃ slugger (baseball); heavy hitter
ごうだつしゃ robber; plunderer
きょういくしゃ educationalist
きょうさしゃ instigator
きょうしゃ insane person; a fanatic
きょうしんしゃ religious fanatic
きょうはくしゃ person making threats; intimidator
ぎょうしゃ trader; merchant
きょくがいしゃ outsider
くせもの ruffian; villain; knave; thief; suspicious fellow
ごくどうもの scoundrel, rake
きんぞくしゃ man of long service
きんむしゃ workers; men on duty
きんろうしゃ worker
きんちさんしゃ (legally) incompetent individual
きんよくしゅぎしゃ stoic; ascetic
きんるいがくしゃ mycologist
きんしんしゃ near relative
きんりせいかつしゃ a rentier (one who lives on investment interest)
くしゃ Buddhist sect originating in the seventh century
くぎょうしゃ an ascetic
おろかもの fool
ぐしゃ fool
ぐんこくしゅぎしゃ militarist
ぐんじとうきょくしゃ military authority
けいよしゃ ex-convict
けいやくしゃ party to a contract
けいえいしゃ manager; proprietor
けいけんしゃ experienced person; person who has had a particular experience
けいしょうしゃ successor
けいかくしゃ a planner
けいさんしゃ non-electronic computer (i.e. person carrying out computation)
げいしゃ geisha; Japanese singing and dancing girl
けっきんしゃ absentee
けっせきしゃ absentee
けつゆうびょうかんじゃ hemophiliac
けんこうしゃ healthy person
したたかもの desperate character; scoundrel; strong-willed person
けんぎしゃ suspect
けんぎしゃ a proposer
けんせつしゃ architect
けんちくぎょうしゃ a builder
けんぽうがくしゃ constitutional scholar (lawyer); expert in constitutional law
けんいしゃ an authority
けんりょくしゃ powerful or influential person
けんのうしゃ donor; contributor
けんきゅうしゃ researcher
けんがくしゃ visitor (to lab)
けんしゃ sightseer
けんじゃ wise man; sage
げんきもの live wire (a person)
げんさくしゃ the original author (of a translated work)
げんしぶつりがくしゃ nuclear physicist
げんちょしゃ author
げんばくぎせいしゃ atomic bomb victim
げんりしゅぎしゃ fundamentalist
げんじつしゅぎしゃ a realist
げんごがくしゃ linguist
こじんしゅぎしゃ individualist
ふるつわもの 1. old soldier; veteran; old hand
こさんしゃ senior; old timer
こせいぶつがくしゃ paleontologist
こせんがくしゃ numismatist
こてんがくしゃ classicist; classical scholar
こてんしゅぎしゃ classicist
こばいしゃ a fence; dealer in stolen goods
こようしゃ 1. employee; 2. person hiring others
こようしゃ 1. employee; 2. person hiring others
こすいしゃ advocate; propagator
こうえんしゃ supporter; sponsor; backer
こうけいしゃ successor
こうしゃ the latter
ぎょしゃ coachman; driver; cabman; postilion
調 おちょうしもの a timeserver; frivolous person
ごようがくしゃ a scholar beholden to the government
ごがくしゃ a linguist
こうふしゃ deliverer; donor
こうほしゃ candidate; applicant
こうがいびょうかんじゃ victim of a pollution-caused illness
こうにんおろしうりぎょうしゃ authorized distributor
こうにんこうほしゃ official candidate
こうりしゅぎしゃ a utilitarian
こうろうしゃ person who has rendered distinguished service
くちごうしゃ smooth-spoken
くちだっしゃ eloquence; glibness
すきもの dilettante; lecher; nymphomaniac
こうしょくしゃ luster; lusting person
こうだしゃ good batter
こうがくしゃ engineer
こうしゃ cleverness; skill; tact
あわてもの scatterbrain; absent-minded person
こうわんろうどうしゃ longshoreman; stevedore
こうさくしゃ cultivator
こうこがくしゃ archeologist
くれ あらくれもの ruffian; rowdy (person)
あらむしゃ daredevil; rowdy
こういしゃ doer; performer (of a deed)
ぎょうじゃ ascetic; pilgrim; devotee
ゆくえふめいしゃ missing person
こうろびょうしゃ person fallen sick by the wayside
こうえんしゃ lecturer
こうどくしゃ subscriber
こうにゅうしゃ purchaser
こうばいしゃ buyer
こうがくしょとくしゃ large income earner; people in the higher income brackets
こうねんしゃ elderly person
こうれいしゃ old person or people
ごうのもの very strong person; brave warrior; veteran
ごうかくしゃ successful applicant
ごうりしゅぎしゃ pragmatist
ごうのもの past master; veteran
こくはつしゃ complainant; plaintiff
こっかしゅぎしゃ a nationalist
こくがくしゃ scholar of (ancient) Japanese literature and culture
こくすいしゅぎしゃ an ultranationalist
こっそうがくしゃ phrenologist
こまりもの good-for-nothing; scapegrace; nuisance; trouble
こんきゅうしゃ the poor or needy or destitute
こんやくしゃ fiance; fiancee
こんちゅうがくしゃ entomologist
さいけんしゃ creditor
さいむしゃ debtor
さいはんしゃ second offender
さいはんぎょうしゃ reseller
さいこうけいえいせきにんしゃ Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
さいこうざいむせきにんしゃ Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
さいこうしどうしゃ supreme leader; ultimate leader
さいたいしゃ a married man
さいてんしゃ marker
さいしょくしゅぎしゃ vegetarian
ざいごうしゃ rustic; countryman
ざいじゅうしゃ a resident
ざいせきせんじゅうしゃ full-time trade union official
さっきょくしゃ composer
さくししゃ lyric writer; lyricist; songwriter
さくしゃ author; authoress
さくせいしゃ implementor; author
さつえいしゃ photographer
さつがいしゃ murderer; killer
さつじんしゃ killer; murderer
晒し さらしもの pilloried criminal exposed to public view; public scorn or humiliation
さらしもの exposed criminal
さんしゃ three persons; three parties
さんかきぼうしゃ those interested in participating; persons wishing to participate
さんかしゃ participant; entrant
さんがしゃ congratulatory visitors
さんかいしゃ attendance
さんよしゃ participant
さんれつしゃ attendant
ざんさつしゃ brutal murderer
さんせいしゃ supporter
ざんそんしゃ survivor; holdover
ざんぞんしゃ survivor; holdover
わせ しあわせもの fortunate person
しおきもの criminal
使 ししゃ messenger; envoy; emissary
使 しめいしゃ messenger
使 しようしゃ user; consumer
しかいしゃ chairman; moderator; toastmaster; master of ceremonies; chairperson
しがくしゃ historian
こぶくしゃ person blessed with many children
しがんしゃ applicant; candidate
しぼうしゃ candidate; applicant
おもいもの sweetheart
しきしゃ (musical) conductor
しどうしゃ leader
しめいだしゃ designated hitter (baseball); DH
しえんしゃ supporter
しじしゃ supporter (of the arts, e.g.)
しはいしゃ governor
ししゃ casualty; deceased
ししょうしゃ casualties; killed and wounded
しぼうしゃ the deceased; deaths; persons killed
しちょうしゃ viewer; (television) audience
しくつしゃ prospector
しほんしゅぎしゃ a capitalist
はいしゃ dentist
じぎょうしゃ business person
じけんきしゃ police reporter
にたもの similar people
えせもの sham; fraud; counterfeit; impostor; pretender
じしゃ attendant; valet; altar boy
じだしゃ the batter on deck
じてんしゃ runner-up
ちしゃ ruler
じさつしゃ person who commits suicide
しぜんしゅぎしゃ a naturalist
じゆうしゅぎしゃ liberal
じゆうろうどうしゃ day laborer
しきしゃ well informed person; thinking person; intelligent person
しっぴつしゃ author
しっかくしゃ disqualified person
しつぎょうしゃ unemployed person
しっしょくしゃ unemployed person
しつめいしゃ blind person
しつもんしゃ interrogator
じっけんしゃ experimenter; researcher
じっこうしゃ performer
じっしょうしゅぎしゃ positivist
じつぞんしゅぎしゃ existentialist
じつようしゅぎしゃ pragmatist
じつりしゅぎしゃ a utilitarian
じつりょくしゃ big wheel
しゃじつしゅぎしゃ a realist
しゃかいしゅぎしゃ socialist (person)
もの person
じゃまもの someone who is a nuisance or a burden
しゃくようしゃ borrower
わかいもの young person
わかもの young man; youth; lad
じゃくはいしゃ fledgling; junior member; young person; inexperienced person; novice
じゃくはいもの fledgling; junior member; young person; inexperienced person; novice
わかむしゃ young warrior
よわいもの weak person; the weak
よわきもの weak person; the weak
じゃくしゃ the weak
じゃくねんしゃ youngster
じゃくねんもの youngster
しゅいしゅぎしゃ voluntarist
しゅえんしゃ star; leading actor
しゅがしゅぎしゃ egoist
しゅかんしゅぎしゃ subjectivist
しゅぎしゃ advocate (of a theory or principle); man of principle; ideologist
しゅけんしゃ sovereign; ruler
しゅさいしゃ sponsor; promoter; organizer
しゅさいしゃ president; chairman
しゅじょうしゅぎしゃ an emotionalist
しゅちしゅぎしゃ an intellectual
しゅちょうしゃ advocate
しゅどうしゃ bellwether
しゅにんしゃ person in charge; manager; chief; head
しゅのうしゃ head; leading spirit
しゅはんしゃ principal offender
しゅぼうしゃ leader
しゅとくしゃ acquirer
てのもの ones subordinate
しゅいだしゃ the leading hitter
しゅしょうしゃ an advocate
しゅぼうしゃ ringleader
じゅがくしゃ Confucian scholar
じゅしゃ Confucianist
じゅえきしゃ beneficiary
じゅきゅうしゃ recipient of payments; a pensioner
じゅけいしゃ prisoner; convict
じゅけんしゃ examinee
じゅこうしゃ member (of a class); trainee; a participant
じゅしょうしゃ prize-winner
じゅしんしゃ recipient
じゅようしゃ recipient
じゅりょうしゃ recipient
しゅうようかんじゃ in-patients
しゅうようしゃ inmates
しゅうせんぎょうしゃ broker; middleman; employment agency
しゅげんじゃ mountaineering ascetic
しゅぎょうしゃ practitioner of (Buddhist) austerities
しゅうせいしゃ amender
しゅうれんしゃ (Catholic) neophyte
しゅうとくしゃ a finder
じゅうぐんきしゃ war correspondent
じゅうしゃ follower; attendant; valet; servant
じゅうこんしゃ bigamist
じゅうしょうしゃ severely wounded person
じゅうしょうしゅぎしゃ mercantilist
じゅうしょうしゃ the seriously ill
じゅうのうしゅぎしゃ physiocrat
宿 しゅくめいろんじゃ fatalist
じゅくれんしゃ expert (in, at); skilled hand; man of experience
しゅつえんしゃ performer; entertainer; actor
しゅつがんしゃ applicant
しゅっきんしゃ workers on the job
しゅっきんしゃ contributor; investor; financier
しゅっししゃ investor; financier
しゅつじょうしゃ participants; participating athletes
しゅっしんしゃ alumnus
しゅっせきしゃ those present; attendance
しゅってんしゃ exhibitors (at a trade show, etc.)
しゅっぱんぎょうしゃ publisher
しゅっぱんしゃ publisher
しゅっぴんしゃ exhibitor
しゅっぽんしゃ absconder
じゅんきょうしゃ martyr
じゅんしょくしゃ person who has died at his post (in the performance of his duties)
じゅんなんしゃ victim; martyr
じゅんきんちさんしゃ a quasi-incompetent (individual)
じゅんれいしゃ pilgrim
しょがくしゃ beginner; beginning student
しょしんしゃ beginner
しょじしゃ possessor
しょとくしゃ income earner
しょゆうしゃ owner
じょえんしゃ co-star
じょげんしゃ adviser; counsellor
じょごんしゃ adviser; counsellor
じょけんかくちょうろんしゃ feminist
じょけんろんしゃ a feminist
じょりゅうぶんがくしゃ lady of letters
のけもの an outcast
しょうしゃ wounded person; casualty; injured person
しょうしゃ winner; victor
しょうりしゃ winner; victor; conqueror
しょうしゅうしゃ convenor
しょうこうぎょうしゃ commercial and industrial men
こもの young person; servant
しょうしんもの timid person; coward
しょうしゃ young person
しょうすうしゃ the minority
しょうひしゃ consumer
わらいもの laughingstock
われ わらわれもの laughingstock
しょうかいしゃ introducer; person who introduces someone
あやかりもの lucky person
しょうがいしゃ (physically) handicapped person; disabled person
じょうずもの flatterer
じょうしゅうしゃ habitual offender
じょうにんしきしゃ regular (permanent) conductor
じょうようしゃ constant user; addict
しんこうしゃ believer; devotee
しんじゃ believer; adherent; devotee; Christian
しんとでんどうしゃ lay missionary
しんぽうしゃ adherent; devotee; believer
しんがいしゃ invader; trespasser
しんにゅうしゃ intruder; invader; trespasser; raider
しんりゃくしゃ aggressor; invader
しんしんこうじゃくしゃ mentally retarded person; feebleminded person
しんしんもうじゃくしゃ mentally retarded person; feebleminded person
しんりがくしゃ psychologist
しんざんもの newcomer
しんそつしゃ new graduate(s)
しんぶんきしゃ newspaper reporter
しんせいしゃ applicant
しんがくしゃ theologian
しんとうしんじゃ followers of Shintoism
しんけんしゃ person exercising parental authority
しんるいえんじゃ one's relatives by blood and marriage (in blood and law); one's kith and kin
しんしょうしゃ disabled person; physically handicapped person
しんたいしょうがいしゃ disabled person; physically handicapped person
しんかろんしゃ evolutionist
じんかくしゃ man of character; person
にんきもの popular person; favorite
にんきやくしゃ stage favorite; star
じんしゅさべつしゅぎしゃ racist
じんどうしゅぎしゃ a humanitarian
じんるいがくしゃ anthropologist; ethnologist
じんしゃ man of virtue; humanitarian
すいそうしゃ player of a wind instrument
すいしんしゃ leader
すいせんしゃ referee
すいじょうせいかつしゃ person who lives on the water
ずいじゅうしゃ a follower
ずいはんしゃ attendant; member of an entourage or retinue or party
すうはいしゃ worshipper; admirer
すうがくしゃ mathematician
ひなかんべつしゃ chicken sexer
せいふくしゃ conqueror
がり なりあがりもの upstart; parvenu
せいこうしゃ successful man; success
せいねんしゃ adult; person of full age
せいがんしゃ sighted person
せいかいしゃ person who gives the right (correct) answer
しょうじきもの honest person
せいはんしゃ principal offender
せいかんしゃ survivor
せいさんしゃ manufacturer; producer
せいざんしゃ survivor
しょうじゃ animate nature; living things
せいぞんしゃ survivor
せいぶつがくしゃ biologist
しょうしゃ prosperous person
しょうじゃ prosperous person
じょうしゃ prosperous person
せいしんいじょうしゃ psychotic
せいしんいがくしゃ psychiatrist
せいしんてきしどうしゃ spiritual leader
せいしんはくじゃくしゃ feeble-minded (weak-minded) person; mentally deficient person
せいじゃ saint
せいしょくしゃ clergyman; churchman; clergy
せいかぎょうしゃ confectioner
せいさくしゃ manufacturer; producer
せいぞうしゃ manufacturer
せいがんしゃ petitioner
うけおいぎょうしゃ independent contractor
せきにんしゃ responsible party
きれもの sharp and able person
きれもの sharp and able person
せつだんかんじゃ amputee
せっしゃ I
せっけいしゃ designer
せつりつしゃ founder
ぜったいしゃ the Absolute
ぜったいしゅぎしゃ an absolutist
せんかくしゃ seer; pioneer; leading spirit; enlightened person
せんくしゃ harbinger; forerunner; herald; pioneer
せんけんしゃ seer
せんじゅうしゃ former occupant
せんとうだしゃ lead-off man (baseball)
せんどうしゃ bellwether; vanguard
せんにんしゃ senior official; senior members
せんばんちょうじゃ multimillionaire; billionaire
せんりょうやくしゃ star (actor); prima donna; leading figure
うらないしゃ diviner; fortuneteller; soothsayer; palmist
せんじゅうしゃ full time worker
せんさいしゃ war victims
せんししゃ person killed in action; the war dead
せんとうぎせいしゃ casualty
せんぼつしゃ persons who have fallen in battle
せんどうしゃ agitator
せんじゃ author; compiler; editor
せんじゃ judge; selector
ぜんかしゃ former convict; old offender; ex-convict; person with a criminal record
ぜんかもの former convict; old offender; ex-convict; person with a criminal record
ぜんしゃ the former
ぜんにんしゃ predecessor
さるもの person of no common order
ぜんのうしゃ the Almighty; The Omnipotent One
ぜんぱいろんしゃ abolitionist
そかいしゃ evacuee
そこつもの careless person; thoughtless person
そしきろうどうしゃ organized labor
そしょくろうどうしゃ organized labour
そうあんしゃ originator; inventor
そうぎょうしゃ founder; promoter
そうけんしゃ founder
そうさくしゃ writer; novelist
そうししゃ originator
そうせつしゃ founder
そうぞうしゃ creator; Creator
そうりつしゃ founder; organizer
そうしゃ man in prime
そうしゃ instrumentalist; player
そうしゃ runner
そうなんしゃ victim; survivor; sufferer
ぞうていしゃ donor; presentator
ぞうよしゃ donor
がわのもの people around one
そっきんしゃ close associate
そっきしゃ stenographer; writer of shorthand
そつしゃ graduate
そんざいしゃ entity
そんじゃ Buddhist saint; man of high repute; guest of honor
たこくもの stranger; person from another place
たしゃ another person; others
よそもの stranger; outsider
たがくのうぜいしゃ top taxpayer
たじゅうさいむしゃ person with multiple debts
だしゃ batter (baseball)
たいきょくしゃ player of go
たいだんしゃ interlocutor
たいわしゃ interlocutor
なまけもの lazy person; lazy fellow; sloth
たいのうしゃ non-payer; one who doesn't pay one's bills
退 たいしょくしゃ retired person
たいほしゃ captor; arrestee; person arrested
だいげんしゃ advocate
だいこうしゃ agent; proxy
だいだしゃ pinch hitter
だいひょうしゃ representative; delegate
だいべんしゃ spokesman; mouthpiece
だいりぎょうしゃ agent
だいりしゃ proxy; agent; substitute; deputy; alternate; representative; attorney
だいこんやくしゃ ham actor
おおだてもの bigwig; leading or prominent figure
だいいちにんしゃ leading person
だいさんしゃ third person; outsider; disinterested person
ただもの ordinary person
たっしゃ skillful; in good health
たんとうしゃ the one in charge; responsible party
たんきゅうしゃ searcher; pursuer
たんきゅうしゃ investigator; researcher
たんこうろうどうしゃ coal miner
はむしゃ a common soldier
ちえしゃ wise man
ちしゃ a sage
じしんがくしゃ seismologist
ちりがくしゃ geographer
ちしゃ a sage
しれもの fool; dunce; idiot
ちこくしゃ late-arriving person
ちゅうねんもの middle-aged person; person who changes his line in middle of life
ちゅうほしゃ mediator; intercessor
ちゅうかいしゃ mediator; go-between; middleman
ちゅうさいしゃ arbitrator; mediator
ちゅうほしゃ mediator; intercessor
ちゅうかいしゃ an annotator
ちゅうしゃくしゃ annotator
ちゅうしゃくしゃ annotator; commentator
いのししむしゃ daredevil; foolhardy warrior; hotspur
ちょさくけんしょゆうしゃ copyright holder
ちょさくしゃ writer; author
ちょしゃ author; writer
ていねんしゃ adult
ちょうばのもの reception clerk
ちょうへいきひしゃ draft dodger
ちょうせんしゃ challenger
まちいしゃ physician in private practice
ちょうししゃ radio and television audience
ちょうしゅしゃ radio listener
調 ちょうしもの matter of chance; person easily elated
調 ちょうていしゃ arbitrator; mediator; go between
ちょうのうりょくしゃ person with supernatural power; person capable of extrasensory perception
がり はねあがりもの rash person; tomboy
ちょうきょりだしゃ slugger (baseball); heavy hitter
ちょうじゃ millionaire
ついせきしゃ pursuer
つうきんしゃ commuter
ていのうしゃ imbecile; moron
ていじゅうしゃ permanent resident
ていあんしゃ proponent
ていきょうしゃ (blood) donor
ていしゅつしゃ presenter; proposer
ていしょうしゃ advocate
てきかくしゃ qualified or eligible person
てきしゃ suitable person; fit person; the fit
てきにんしゃ suitable person; well-qualified person
できししゃ drowned person
てつがくしゃ philosopher
てんねんしげんほごろんしゃ conservationist
てんもんがくしゃ astronomer
てんじゃ critic of haiku poetry
でんきさくしゃ biographer
でんとうしゅぎしゃ a traditionalist
でんどうしゃ evangelist; evangelistic worker
でんれいしゃ herald; orderly; messenger
いなかもの clown; person from the country; provincial person; bumpkin; hick
でんしこうがくしゃ electronics engineer; electrical engineer
ただもの ordinary person
わたりもの wanderer
とこうしゃ passenger; visitor (traveler) (to)
とざんしゃ mountain climber; mountaineer
とうろくしゃ registrant
どぼくこうがくしゃ civil engineer
とうさくしゃ pervert
とうししゃ person frozen to death
とうしょうしゃ case of frostbite
稿 とうこうしゃ contributor (of written material)
とうこうしゃ surrenderer; person who surrenders
宿 とうしゅくしゃ hotel guest
とうひょうしゃ voter
とうじょうしゃ passenger
とうきょくしゃ authority (person)
とうじしゃ person concerned; interested party
とうせんしゃ successful candidate
とうせんしゃ prizewinner
とうべんしゃ respondent
とうかつしゃ supervisor; controller
とうちしゃ the ruler; sovereign
とうそつしゃ leader; commander
とうろんしゃ debater
とうぼうしゃ runaway; fugitive
はたらきもの hard worker; hardworking person
どうぶつがくしゃ zoologist
どうぎょうしゃ person in the same business; the profession; the trade
どうこうしゃ people of similar tastes
どうこうしゃ fellow travellers
どうじょうしゃ fellow passenger
どうじょうしゃ sympathizer
どうせいあいしゃ homosexual (person)
調 どうちょうしゃ fellow traveler; sympathizer
どうはんしゃ companion
どうろうしゃ fellow worker
どうけもの a buffoon; jester
どうけやくしゃ clown
どうがくしゃ Taoist; moralist
どうらくもの libertine
ひとりもの single (i.e. unmarried) person
どくさいしゃ dictator; despot
どくしんしゃ unmarried person; bachelor; spinster
どくしんもの unmarried person; bachelor; spinster
どくそうしゃ soloist
どくしゃ reader
のんきもの happy-go-lucky person
うちげいしゃ geisha living in the establishment
ないつうしゃ betrayer
にしゃ two things; two persons
にくたいろうどうしゃ manual laborer; manual labourer
ひかげもの person who avoids others; social outcast
にほんがくしゃ Japanologist; Japan scholar
にゅういんかんじゃ in-patients
にゅうかいしゃ entrant; new member
にゅうがくしがんしゃ applicants for admission
にゅうがくしゃ new student
にゅうきょしゃ tenant
にゅうぎょしゃ fishing-lot fisherman
にゅうさつしゃ bidder
にゅうしょうしゃ prize-winner
にゅうじょうしゃ visitors; attendance
にゅうせんしゃ winner; winning candidate
にんじゃ Ninja; Japanese secret agent of old (very good at hiding)
にんしょうしゃ certifier
ねつあいしゃ person who is very fond of something
ねっきょうしゃ enthusiast
ねっきょうてきしんじゃ fanatic
ねんきもの apprentice
ねんきんじゅきゅうしゃ a pensioner
ねんしょうしゃ youth; minor; young people
ねんちょうしゃ a senior; elderly people
ねんぱいしゃ elderly person
ねんぱいしゃ elderly person
のうぜいしゃ taxpayer
のうふしゃ payer
のうやくしゃ noh actor
はしゃ supreme ruler; champion; titleholder
はかいしゃ destroyer
はかいしゅぎしゃ destructionist
はさんしゃ a bankrupt or insolvent person
鹿 ばかもの stupid person
はいきんしゅぎしゃ mammonist; money worshipper
はいしゃ the defeated; vanquished; loser
はいきょうしゃ apostate; renegade
はいしんしゃ traitor
はいぐうしゃ spouse; wife; husband
はくあいしゅぎしゃ philanthropist
はくがくしゃ pundit
はくがいしゃ persecutor
曝し さらしもの pilloried criminal exposed to public view; public scorn or humiliation
はつあんしゃ original proposer; originator
はっけんしゃ discoverer
はつげんしゃ speaker
はっこうしゃ publisher
はっぴょうしゃ announcer
はつめいしゃ inventor
ばんそうしゃ accompanist
はんじゃ judge (of literary contests)
はんぱもの blockhead
はんぎゃくしゃ rebel; traitor
はんせんしゅぎしゃ pacifist
はんたいしゃ foe; opponent; adversary; dissenter
はんていこくしゅぎしゃ anti-imperialist
はんどうしゅぎしゃ a reactionary
はんらんしゃ rebel; insurgent
はんけんしょゆうしゃ copyright holder
はんざいしゃ criminal; culprit
はんばいしゃ seller
ひきょうもの coward
ひかんろんしゃ pessimist
ひはんしゃ critic
ひがいしゃ victim; injured party; sufferer
ひぎしゃ a suspect
ひけんしゃ (test) subject; testee
ひさいしゃ victim of (some disaster)
ひちしゃ the ruled; the governed
ひばくしゃ atomic bomb victim; bomb victim
ひほけんしゃ insured person
ひようしゃ employee
ひようしゃ employee
ひなんしゃ evacuee
ひきつえんしゃ non-smoker
ひせんろんしゃ pacifist
びせいぶつがくしゃ microbiologist
ひっきしゃ copyist
ひっしゃ writer; author
ひっとうしゃ head of a family; first name on a list
ひゃくまんちょうじゃ millionaire; multimillionaire
ひょうはくしゃ vagabond
ひょうりゅうしゃ person adrift on the sea; castaway (on an island)
ひょうしゃ critic; reviewer
ひんじゃ poor person
ふかちろんしゃ agnostic
ふかくもの shallow thinker; indecisive person
ぶきようしゃ bungler
ぶきようもの bungler
ふぐしゃ cripple; disabled person
みずてんげいしゃ loose geisha
ふごうかくしゃ unsuccessful candidate; rejected person
ふしょぞんもの thoughtless person
ふしんじゃ unbeliever
ふこころえもの imprudent (misguided) fellow
ぶしょうもの slouch; lazybones
ふつつかもの rude, incompetent or inexperienced person; ignoramus
ふどうさんぎょうしゃ real estate agent; realtor
ふのうしゃ impotent (person)
ふほうしんにゅうしゃ trespasser
ふほうにゅうこくしゃ illegal immigrant
ぶしつけもの rude person
つきもの attendant; curse; devil possession
ふうしゃ rich person; millionaire; the wealthy
ふしゃ rich person; millionaire; the wealthy
ふようしゃ supporter; breadwinner
うわきもの cheater; unfaithful person; adulterer
ふろうしゃ vagrant
ふさいしゃ debtor
ふしょうしゃ casualty
ぶげいしゃ master of martial arts
ぶこつもの boor; rustic
むしゃ warrior
ぶがいしゃ outsider; someone outside of a group
ぶっしゃ Buddhist; Buddhist priest
ぶっこしゃ dead person; the deceased
ぶっしつしゅぎしゃ a materialist
ぶつりがくしゃ physicist
ぶげんしゃ rich man; man of wealth
ぶげんじゃ rich man; man of wealth
ぶんぱいしゃ dispenser
ぶんりしゅぎしゃ separatists; schismatics
ぶんかこうろうしゃ person who has made outstanding cultural contributions
ぶんがくしゃ literary person
へいがくしゃ tactician; strategist
へいわしゅぎしゃ pacifist
へいわろんしゃ pacifist
わり かわりもの an eccentric
へんししゃ person accidentally killed
へんしつしゃ a degenerate
へんしゃ editor; compiler
へんじゃ editor; compiler
へんしゅうしゃ editor (in publishing, etc.)
便 びんじょうしゃ hitchhiker; one who catches a ride (with a friend)
便 びんじょうしゅぎしゃ opportunist
べんごしゃ proponent; defender; advocate
べんしゃ speaker; orator
ほきんしゃ (disease) carrier
ほごしゃ guardian; protector; patron
ほじしゃ holder (of a record)
ほゆうしゃ owner
ほこうしゃ pedestrian; walker
ぼごわしゃ native speaker
ほうきゅうせいかつしゃ salaried man
うつけもの a fool
ほうこくしゃ reporter
ほうししゃ 1. servant (of the people); 2. minister (of religion)
ほうろうしゃ vagrant
ほうがくしゃ jurist
ほうもんしゃ visitor
なきもの dead person
もうじゃ the dead
ぼうめいしゃ refugee; exile; displaced persons
ぼうかんしゃ onlooker; bystander
あばれもの roughneck
ぼうけんしゃ adventurer
ぼくしゃ fortuneteller; soothsayer; diviner
ぼくしゃ herdsman; ranch hand
ぼくようしゃ sheep breeder; sheepman; shepherd
ほんやくしゃ translator
まやくかんじゃ drug addict
まやくじょうようしゃ drug user or addict
みかいしんしゃ unconverted person
みきかんしゃ unrepatriated person
みけいけんしゃ inexperienced person
みこんしゃ unmarried person
みじゅくもの green hand; novice
みしんじゃ unbeliever; inquirer
みせいねんしゃ minor; person not grown up
みのうしゃ person in arrears; (tax) defaulter
みつりょうしゃ poacher
みっこうしゃ a stowaway
みっこくしゃ informer; betrayer
みつりょうしゃ poacher
みんぞくがくしゃ ethnologist
むゆうびょうしゃ somnambulist
ぶこつもの boor; rustic
むさんしゃ proletarian
むしかくしゃ unqualified or unlicensed person; (legally) incompetent
宿 むしゅくもの homeless wanderer
むしょくしゃ unemployed person
むしんろんしゃ atheist
むせいふしゅぎしゃ anarchist
むせきもの person without a registered or fixed address
むのうしゃ incompetent (person)
むのうりょくしゃ (legally) incompetent
むほうしゃ outlaw
むほうもの outlaw
ぶれいもの insolent (rude) fellow
もぞうしゃ imitator
もほうしゃ imitator
もさ man of valour; stalwart
もうだしゃ slugger (baseball); heavy hitter
もうしゃ blind person
めいしゃ eye doctor; oculist
もくげきしゃ eye-witness; witness
やきんがくしゃ metallurgist
やっかいもの dependent; parasite; hanger-on; burden
やくしゃ actor; actress
やくがくしゃ pharmacologist
やくしゃ translator
ゆにゅうぎょうしゃ importer; import merchant (trader); importing firm
れた すぐれたがくしゃ eminent scholar
ゆうしゃ superior individual
ゆうしょうしゃ prize winner; pennant winner; victor
ゆうしゃ hero; the brave; man of valour
ゆうけんしゃ constituency; electorate
ゆうしかくしゃ licensed or qualified or eligible person
ゆうしきしゃ expert; knowledgeable person
ゆうしょくしゃ employed person
ゆうだんしゃ rank holder; rank holding person; Black Belt
ゆうりょくしゃ influential person; man of importance
ゆうぐんきしゃ roving reporter
よげんしゃ prophet; predictor; prognosticator
よせんつうかしゃ qualifier
よやくしゃ subscriber
よけいもの person whose presence is unwelcome or a nuisance; a fifth wheel
よそもの stranger
よたもの hooligan; layabout; good-for-nothing; gangster
よきんしゃ depositor
よげんしゃ prophet
ようじゅつしゃ magician; sorcerer; sorceress
ようぎしゃ suspect (person)
ようきゅうしゃ claimant
よくりゅうしゃ detainee
らいかいしゃ attendance; those present
らいかんしゃ visitor (to an exhibit)
らいじょうしゃ those attending
らいほうしゃ client; visitor; caller
らいゆうしゃ visitor; tourist
おちむしゃ defeated soldier fleeing the enemy
らくごしゃ dropout; straggler; outcast
らくごしゃ straggler; dropout; failure
らくせんしゃ unsuccessful candidate
らんしんしゃ lunatics
らんにゅうしゃ intruder
らんぼうもの thug; hooligan
きけもの influential person
りがいかんけいしゃ stakeholder; person holding other people's stakes in a venture (legal)
りこしゅぎしゃ egoist
りこうもの clever person
りたしゅぎしゃ altruist