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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- September 24, 2017

  • on reading:
  • ツウ   ツ
  • kun reading:
  • とおる   とおり   とおす   とおし   かよ
  • meaning(s):
  • traffic, pass through, avenue, commute, counter for letters
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


の疏 いしのそつう mutual understanding
いしのそつう agreement of wills
いっつう one copy (of a document)
いっぽうこうつう one-way traffic
いんしんふつう lack of news; not hearing from
おんしんふつう lack of news; not hearing from
かいつう opening; open
かくつう sumo expert
かんつう adultery
かんつう pierce; penetrate; perforate
こうつう doing well; prosperous
きょうつう commonness; community
ぐんじつう man versed in military affairs
げきつう dramatic expert
みとおし perspective; unobstructed view; outlook; forecast; prospect; insight
こうつう communication; transportation; traffic; intercourse
しつう adultery; illicit intercourse
しょうそくつう well-informed person; insider
しょくつう gourmet
せいふくにつう original and duplicate
せいつう acquaintance; having knowledge; being expert; being versed in; conversant
きりどおし (railway) cutting; excavation; sunken road; opencut
穿 せんつう penetration
ぜんつう opening of the whole (railway line)
そつう drainage; mutual understanding
たいめんこうつう walking so that one faces oncoming traffic
ちょくつう direct communication
つう connoisseur; counter for letters
かよい coming and going; commuting
める かよいつめる to visit frequently
かよいじ route
かよう to commute; to go back and forth
とおし direct; right through; straight
とおしきょうげん performance of an entire play
とおしきっぷ through ticket
とおしばんごう serial number; consecutive number
とおしや long-range archery
つうじ passage; evacuation; movement of the bowels
じて つうじて through; via
じる つうじる to run to; to lead to; to communicate; to understand; to be well informed
つうじあう to communicate with; to understand
とおす to let pass; to overlook; to continue; to keep; to make way for; to persist in
せん とおせんぼう stand in the way; block the way
とおり avenue; street; way
どおり in accordance with ~; following ~; ~ Street; ~ Avenue
りかかる とおりかかる to happen to pass by
りが とおりがよい pass (run) well
りすがり とおりすがり on the way; passing; that happen to pass by
とおりいっぺん perfunctory; casual
とおりあめ shower
とおりこす to go past (a place or thing); to go beyond
ぎる とおりすぎる to pass; to pass through
かり とおりがかり passing (along the way)
かりの とおりがかりのひと a passer-by
かる とおりかかる to happen to pass by
とおりがけ passing (along the way)
とおりことば common saying; slang; argot
わせる とおりあわせる to come across; to happen upon
とおりそうば going price; general custom
とおりみち passage; path; route; one's way
ける とおりぬける to cut through; to go through
とおりま phantom killer; phantom thief
とおりな common or popular name
とおる to pass (by); to go through; to walk along; to pass exams
とおるこえ carrying voice
つうをきどる to set up for a man about town
つういん commuting to hospital
つううん transportation
つうか currency
つうかせいさく monetary policy
つうかとうごう monetary union; currency union; common currency
つうか passage through; passing
つうかえき train-doesn't-stop station
つうかぎれい rite of passage
貿 つうかぼうえき transit trade
つうかい explanation; commentary
つうがく commuting to school
つうがくせい day student; commuting student
つうかん consecutive number of (or total) volumes
つうかん general survey
つうかん customs clearance
つうき ventilation; airflow
つうきこう vent
つうぎょう all night; thorough knowledge
つうきん commuting to work
つうきんのあし facilities for commutation
つうきんじかん commuting time
つうきんしゃ commuter
つうきんじごく commuters' hell; commuting hell
つうきんていき commutation ticket; season ticket
つうきんでんしゃ commuter train
つうきんれっしゃ commuter train
つうけい sum; total
つうけん laboratory
つうご common speech
つうこう friendly relations
つうこう friendly relations
つうこう navigation; sailing
つうこう passage; passing
つうこうどめ No Thoroughfare!; Road Blocked!
つうこうどめ suspension of traffic
つうこうにん passer by
つうこうぜい toll
つうこく announcement; notice
つうさんしょう Ministry of International Trade and Industry; MITI
つうさんしょう Minister of International Trade and Industry
つうさん total
つうし overview of history
つうしゃく explanation; commentary
つうしょう commerce; trade
つうしょうこうかいじょうやく treaty of commerce and navigation
つうしょうさんぎょう Ministry of International Trade and Industry
つうしょうさんぎょうしょう Ministry of International Trade and Industry
つうしょうさんぎょうだいじん Minister of International Trade and Industry
つうしょう popular name; nickname; alias
つうじょう common; general; usually
つうじょうのばあい usually
つうじょうこうご everyday speech; everyday language
つうじょうこっかい ordinary session of the Diet
つうじょうじょうけんかで under normal conditions
つうじょうせんりょく conventional (military) forces
つうじょうへいき conventional weapon
つうしん correspondence; communication; news; signal
ケーブル つうしんケーブル communication cable
つうしんいん correspondent
つうしんえいせい communication satellite; Broadcast Satellite; BS
つうしんきかん communications or media organ
つうしんきょういく correspondence education
つうしんけんがい out of the range of communication
つうしんこうがく communication engineering
つうしんこうざ correspondence course
つうしんじぎょう communications industry
つうしんしゃ news agency
つうしんしゅだん means of communication
つうしんそうち communications equipment
つうしんそくど communication speed
つうしんはんばい mail order
つうしんひ postage; communications expenses
簿 つうしんぼ report card
つうしんもう communications network
つうしんらん letters-to-the-editor column; readers' section
つうじん man of the world; man about town; dilettante; well-informed person
つうせい common quality
つうせつ prevailing view; common opinion
つうそう playing an entire composition without break; continually playing (in the background of a melody)
つうそく general rule
つうぞく popular; common
つうぞくか popularization
つうぞくしょうせつ popular novel
つうぞくてき plain and popular
つうぞくぶんがく school of popular writing
つうたつ notification
つうち notice; notification
メッセージ つうちメッセージ information message
つうちじょう notice; letter of advice
つうちひょう report card
簿 つうちぼ report card (book)
つうちょう passbook
つうちょう notice; notification; memorandum; circular
つうどく reading through; reading over
つうねん common idea; common wisdom; generally accepted idea
つうふう ventilation
つうふうき ventilator
つうふうこう vent
つうぶん reduce
つうへい common abuse or fault or evil
つうべん interpreter (in Edo period)
つうほう report; tip; bulletin
つうぼう collusion; conspiring
とおりな one's popular name; house name
つや all-night vigil over a body; a wake
つうやく interpretation
つうやくかん official interpreter
つうゆう commonality
つうゆうせい common property or characteristic
つうよう popular use; circulation
つうようきかん period of validity
つうようもん side gate or door; service entrance
つうらん looking over; glancing through
つうりき mysterious power
つうれい usually; customarily
つうろ passage; pathway
つうろん outline (of); introduction (to)
つうわ telephone call; counter for telephone calls
つうわりょう charge for a telephone call
てんがんつう clairvoyance
としこうつう urban transport; urban transit
とうようだんつう Oriental rug
とうようつう Orientalist
どうつう conduction
どうろこうつう road traffic
ないつう secret understanding; collusion
につう two copies
はんかつう superficial knowledge; smatterer
ふつう suspension; interruption; stoppage; tie-up; cessation
ふりゅうつう nonnegotiable
ふじつう Fujitsu
ふつう 1. generally; ordinarily; usually; 2. train that stops at every station
ぶつてきりゅうつう physical distribution
ぶんつう correspondence; exchange of letters
へんつう resourcefulness; adaptability
便 べんつう bowel movement
みっつう adultery; misconduct; intrigue; criminal connection
あけび akebia (type of shrub)
ゆうずう lending (money); accommodation; adaptability; versatility; finance
ゆうづう lending (money); accommodation; adaptability; versatility; finance
りゅうつう circulation of money or goods; flow of water or air; distribution