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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- April 16, 2014

  • on reading:
  • バイ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • buy
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


いっかつばいばい a bulk sale; buying and selling in bulk
かっぷこうばい buying in installments
きょうそうばいばい auction
こばい buying stolen goods
こうばい purchase; buy
しきりばいばい transactions on dealer's terms
おもわくがい speculative buying
じんしんばいばい slave trade; white-slave trade
さきものばいばい dealing in futures
あいたいばいばい negotiated transaction
なかがい brokerage
とうひんこばい dealing in stolen goods
かい buying; buyer; purchase
いあおる かいあおる to bid up; to corner the market
いかぶる かいかぶる to overestimate; to make too much of
いオペ かいオペ buying operation
いオペレーション かいオペレーション buying operation
かいかけ account purchase
かいかけきん accounts payable
かいき buying mood
める かいもとめる to buy
かいあさる to spend money freely
かいことば tit for tat
かいびかえ restrained buying
かいこむ to purchase; to buy up
かいささえ buying support
かいぬし buyer; purchaser
かいとり a purchase; a sale (transaction)
チューナー かいとりしきせんようチューナー integrated receiver-decoder; IRD
かいとる to buy; to purchase
かいて buyer
かいてしじょう a buyer's market
ける かいうける to purchase
める かいあつめる to buy up
かいだし purchase; buying in quantity
かいぞめ first purchase of the year
かいあげ buying; purchasing
げる かいあげる to buy; to buy up; to bid up
かいぐい buying (and immediately consuming) sweets
かいきる to buy up
かいしめ buying up of goods; cornering (market)
める かいしめる to buy up
い煽る かいあおる to bid up; to corner the market
かいたす to make additional purchases
い叩く かいたたく to beat down prices
かいね buying price; cost price
かいおき a stock (of goods)
かいどくひん good bargain
かいいれ buying; purchasing; laying in
れる かいいれる to purchase; to buy in
かいかぶる to overestimate; to make too much of
かいつけ buying; purchasing
かいもの shopping
かいかた buyer; purchaser
かいもどし repurchase; redemption
かいもどす to buy back; to redeem
かいたて brand-new
い溜め かいだめ stocking up on; hoarding
かう to buy
って かってでる to volunteer; to undertake a challenge
わんである かわんである a must to buy
かいかけきん accounts payable
かいぬし buyer; purchaser
かいて buyer
ばいしゅう buying; purchase; corruption; bribery
ばいしゅん prostitution
かいしめ buying up of goods; cornering (market)
かいどく a bargain
かいもの shopping
かいものぶくろ shopping bag
ばいばい trade; buying and selling
ふばい not buying