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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- July 22, 2018

  • on reading:
  • シュウ
  • kun reading:
  • あき   とき
  • meaning(s):
  • autumn
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


いちじつせんしゅう (wait) impatiently; (spend) many a weary day
いちにちせんしゅう (wait) impatiently; (spend) many a weary day
ききゅうそんぼうのとき crisis; critical moment; critical time
こんしゅう this (next, last) autumn (fall)
さくしゅう autumn (fall) of last year
さんしゅう three autumn months; three years
あき autumn; fall
あきのいろ autumnal tints
あきさめ autumn rain
あきさめぜんせん autumn rain front
しゅうき autumn
しゅうき autumn (fall) air
しゅうき fall; autumn
あきぐち beginning of autumn
けて あきふけて late in autumn
あきまつり autumn festival
あきさく autumn crops
あきご autumn (fall) silkworms
しゅうさん autumn (fall) silkworms
しゅうし lonely feeling of fall; autumnal melancholy
蒔き あきまき autumn sowing
あきばしょ autumn sumo tournament
しゅうしょく autumn scenery
しゅうすい clear autumn water
あきばれ clear Autumnal weather
あきばれ clear Autumnal weather
しゅうせい sound of the autumn wind
あきくさ plants which flower in autumn
しゅうそう autumn frost
しゅうそうれつじつ harshness; severity
あきつしま (ancient) Japan
あきたいぬ Akita (breed of dog)
あきたけん Akita (breed of dog)
あきたけん prefecture in the Touhoku area
さんま pike (fish); saury
しゅうじつ autumn day; autumn
あきびより clear autumn day
しゅうは amorous glance; wink
あきかぜ autumn breeze
しゅうふう autumn breeze
しゅうぶん autumn equinox
しゅうぶんのひ autumn equinox holiday (Sep 23 or 24)
あきおち poor (fall) harvest; depressed crop prices
あきたつひ first day (beginning) of autumn
しゅうれい cool autumn weather
しゅうりん autumn rain
できあき autumn at harvest time
しゅんじゅう spring and autumn; months and years
はるあき spring and autumn; months and years
しょしゅう early autumn
せいしゅう clear fall (weather)
せんしゅう thousand years; many years
ちゅうしゅう 15th day of the 8th lunar month; 8th lunar month
ちゅうしゅう 15th day of the 8th lunar month; 8th lunar month
むぎのあき wheat harvest
ばくしゅう wheat harvest
むぎあき wheat harvest
ばんしゅう late autumn (fall)
ぶんげいしゅんじゅう name of publishing company
ぼしゅう late autumn
りっしゅう the first day of autumn (fall)
りょうしゅう cool autumn