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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- July 26, 2017

  • on reading:
  • ギン
  • kun reading:
  • しろがね
  • meaning(s):
  • silver
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


ためぎん exchange bank
いっしゅぎん type of silver coin in Edo period
いちぶぎん a silver quarter ryou
いちぶぎん a silver quarter ryou
えんかぎん silver chloride
かいぎん development bank
かんぎん hypothecary bank
きんぎん gold and silver
ぎん 1. silver; silver coin; silver paint; 2. silver general (shogi)
しろがね 1. silver; silver coin; silver paint
ぎんをとる to capture a gin; to desilverize
メダル ぎんメダル silver medal
いちょう gingko tree; maidenhair tree; Ginkgo biloba
ぎんなん gingko nut
ぎんい silver quality
ぎんえい The Ginei Movie Theater
ぎんぶち silver-rimmed
ぎんが Milky Way; galaxy
ぎんがけい (the) Galaxy
ぎんか silver coin
ぎんかい silver nugget or ingot; silver bullion
ぎんかくじ temple in Kyoto
ぎんかん Milky Way
ぎんき silver utensils
ぎんけい galactic longitude
ぎんぎつね silver fox
ぎんこうかん exchange of gins
ぎんこう silver mine; ore
ぎんこう bank
ぎんこういん bank employee; banker
ぎんこうか banker
ぎんこうかい banking world
ぎんこうごうとう bank robbery or robber
ぎんこうぎょう banking
ぎんこうぎょうむ banking services
カード ぎんこうけいカード bank issued credit card
ぎんこうけん bank note
ぎんこうこうざ bank account
ぎんこう silver mine; ore
ぎんこんしき silver wedding anniversary
ぎんすなご silver dust
ぎんざ (Edo period) silver mint
ぎんざいく silverwork
ぎんざん silver mine
ぎんし silver thread
ぎんがみ silver paper
ぎんどけい silver watch
ぎんしょう silver general (shogi)
ぎんいろ silver color
ぎんせかい snowscape
ぎんせい made of silver
ぎんせん silver-colored folding fan
ぎんねず silver gray
ぎんがわ silver case
ぎんがわのとけい silver watch
ぎんじ silvery background
ぎんきせ silver-plated
ぎんでい silver paint
ぎんてき flageolet
ぎんぱ silvery waves
ぎんぱい silver cup
ぎんぱい silver cup
ぎんぱい silver medal
ぎんはくしょく silvery-white
ぎんぱく silver foil or leaf
ぎんぱつ silver hair; gray hair
ぎんばん silver plate; surface of ice; skating rink
ぎんぷん silver dust
ぎんほんい silver standard
ぎんほんいせい silver standard system
ぎんまく silver screen (movies)
ぎんよく silvery wings
ぎんりん silver ring; bicycle
ぎんりん silvery scale; fish
ぎんれい silvery, snow-capped mountain
ぎんれい silver bell
さいぎん Saitama Bank
じゅんぎん pure silver
しょうさんぎん silver nitrate; AgNO3
すいぎん mercury
せぎん World Bank
なりぎん promoted silver general (shogi)
たくぎん Takushoku Bank
ちんぎん wages; pay
まめいたぎん name of an Edo-period coin
にちぎん Bank of Japan
はくぎん silver; snow
ゆぎん import-export bank
ようぎん German or nickel silver
つぶぎん small silver coin of the Edo period
ろぎん traveling expenses
ろうぎん wages; labor wages
熏し いぶしぎん 1. oxidized silver; 2. refined (aesthetic) taste
燻し いぶしぎん 1. oxidized silver; 2. refined (aesthetic) taste