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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- September 22, 2018

  • on reading:
  • チャク   ジャク
  • kun reading:
  • る   せる   く   ける
  • meaning(s):
  • don, arrive, wear, counter for suits of clothing
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


あいじゃく attachment; love; covetous affection
あいちゃく attachment; love; covetous affection
ほうちゃく encounter; face
いたずらぎ rompers; play suit
あっちゃく crimp
あつぎ crimp
あんちゃく safe arrival
だてぎ showy clothes
しきせ livery; servant's clothes provided by employers
いちゃく adhering or embedding of wear debris in the opposing surface
いそぎんちゃく sea anemone
いっちゃく first arrival; first in race; suit of clothes
あまぎ raincoat
えんちゃく delayed arrival
おうちゃく dishonesty; laziness; cunning
したぎ underwear
かがくきゅうちゃく chemisorb
けしょうぎ dressing gown
なつぎ summer clothes
かていぎ housedress
かいすいぎ bathing suit
まちぎ street clothes; townwear
かっぽうぎ coverall apron; cook's apron
がんちゃく face landing (used by BMX riders)
きちゃく return; conclusion
きゅうちゃく adsorption; adsorb; attachment; sorption
ぎょうちゃく adhesion
きんちゃく pouch; hanger-on; purse
きんちゃく newly arrived
けいこぎ gym suit; training clothes
けっちゃく conclusion; decision; end; settlement
けっちゃく conclusion; decision; end; settlement
ふるぎ old clothes; secondhand clothing
こちゃく adherence to; sticking fast; fixation
はかまぎ ceremony fitting child with a hakama
あつぎ wearing thick clothes
あいぎ between-season wear; clothes worn in spring or autumn (fall)
あいぎ between-season wear; clothes worn in spring or autumn (fall)
こしぎんちゃく hanger-on; purse strapped round one's waist
さんちゃく arrival; payment on sight
うぶぎ baby clothes
しごとぎ work clothes; business suit
しきせ livery; servant's clothes provided by employers
しちゃく wearing clothes to try
じかどうちゃく self-contradiction
しゅうじゃく attachment; adhesion; tenacity
しゅうちゃく attachment; adhesion; tenacity
しっちゃく mistake; negligence
かりぎ borrowed clothes
しゅうちゃく sorption (in physical chemistry)
じゅうどうぎ suit for judo practice
かさねぎ wearing one garment over another
いわいぎ festive dress
はるぎ springwear; New Year's clothes
しょうちゃく winning move (in a go game)
うわぎ coat; tunic; jacket; outer garment
じょうちゃく evaporate
ねまき sleep-wear; nightclothes; pyjamas; nightgown; nightdress
しんちゃく new arrivals; new acquisitions
すいえいぎ bathing suit; swimsuit
みずぎ bathing suit (woman's)
はれぎ Sunday best (clothes)
はれぎ Sunday best (clothes)
せっちゃく fastening with glue
せんちゃく first arrival
そうちょうのちゃく early morning arrival
そうちゃく equipping; installing; laying down
かえぎ change of or spare clothing
だんちゃく a hit; impact
ちちゃく late arrival
ちゃく counter for suits of clothing; arriving at ..
ちゃくちゃく steadily
つく to arrive at; to reach
ける つける to arrive; to wear; to put on
こなす きこなす to wear (clothes) stylishly; to dress oneself stylishly
せる きせる to put on clothes
きせかえにんぎょう a dress-up doll
きたきりすずめ owning nothing except the clothes on one's back
きる to wear; to put on (from shoulders down)
メロ ちゃくメロ melodic incoming call tones (mobile telephones)
ちゃくい caution; conception; idea
ちゃくい one's clothes
やくい one's clothes
きばえ (clothes which) look good on a person
ちゃくえき destination station; arriving station
ちゃっか ignited; kindled; catching (fire)
ちゃっかてん ignition point
ちゃくに arrival of goods
ちゃっか arrival of goods
える きかえる to change one's clothes
える きがえる to change one's clothes
ちゃくがん reaching the shore
ちゃくがん notice; attention; viewpoint; observation; aiming at; having an eye to
ちゃくがんてん a viewpoint
ちゃっけん fixing a bayonet
きふるす to wear out (clothing)
ちゃっこう start of (construction) work
きこむ to wear extra clothes
ちゃくざ taking a seat
ちゃくじつ steady; sound; trustworthy; solid
きじゃく standard length of material used in a kimono
きじゃくじ standard length of material used in a kimono; roll of material
ちゃくしゅ embarkation; launch
ちゃくじゅん in order of arrival
きぞめ first wearing (of new clothes)
ちゃくしょう implantation
きたけ dress length
きかざる to dress up
ちゃくしょく colouring; coloring
ちゃくしん arrival (e.g. post, signal)
ちゃくしんきょく receiving post office
きごころ feeling of clothes
きごこち (good or bad) feel when wearing something
ちゃくすい landing on the water
ちゃくせいしょくぶつ an epiphyte; plant which grows on another
ちゃくせき sit down; seat
ちゃくせつ accretion of snow
ちゃくせん arrival of a ship; ship which has arrived
ちゃくそう conception; idea
痩せ きやせ looking slender in clothing
ちゃくそう putting on; fixing
きぶとり (clothes which) make one look fat
ちゃくたい wearing a maternity belt
きがえ changing clothes; change of clothes
える きかえる to change one's clothes
える きがえる to change one's clothes
きがえじょ dressing room
ちゃくだつ attaching and removing
ちゃくだん impact (of a projectile)
ちゃくだんきょり in (gunshot) range
ちゃくち landing
ちゃくちゃく steadily
きなおす to change clothes
ちゃくてい reaching the bottom
ちゃくでん reception of a telegram
きだおれ using up one's fortune on fine clothes
きどうらく having a weakness for fine clothes
ちゃくにん take up a new post
ちゃくはつ arriving and departing
きばんごう incoming (phone) number
ちゃくひょう icing (on a plane); ice accretion
きつけ dressing; fitting
ちゃくふく dressing oneself; embezzlement
ちゃくばらい C.O.D. postage
ちゃくばらい payment on delivery
きもの kimono
かす きものをかわかす to dry clothes
姿 きものすがた dressed in a kimono
きものじ kimono material
ちゃくべい arriving in America
きくずれ worn out of shape
ちゃくぼう putting on ones hat
きぶくれ bundling up (in layers of clothes)
れる きぶくれる to be thickly clad
ちゃくもく attention
ちゃくよう have on; wearing
ちゃくりく landing; alighting; touch down
ちゃくりくちたい landing zone
ちゃくりくちてん landing zone; point of landing
きながし dressing casually
きよい comfortable to wear
きるい clothing
ちんちゃく composure; calmness
ていちゃく establishing
どちゃく aboriginal; indigenous
ふゆぎ winter clothing
とうきょうちゃく arriving in Tokyo
とうちゃく arrival
どうちゃく arriving at the same moment
どうちゃく contradiction
どうぎ undergarment
とんじゃく being concerned about or mindful of
とんちゃく being concerned about or mindful of
にちゃく runner-up; second (in a race)
ねんちゃく cohesion; adhesion
うすぎ lightly dressed
はだぎ underwear; lingerie; singlet; chemise
はっちゃく arrival and departure
ひっちゃく must arrive; must be received
ひょうちゃく drifting ashore
うわぎ coat; tunic; jacket; outer garment
ふじちゃく emergency landing
ふだんぎ casual wear; ordinary clothes; everyday clothes; home wear
ふちゃく nonarrival; nondelivery
ふちゃく sticking to; clinging to; adhesion; cohesion; agglutination
ふだんぎ casual wear; ordinary clothes; everyday clothes; home wear
はだぎ underwear
ふちゃく sticking to; clinging to; adhesion; cohesion; agglutination
へやぎ dressing gown; loungewear
へいぜいぎ usually worn
ほうもんぎ semi-formal kimono for women; visiting (gala) dress
ぼうじんぎ dustproof clothing one would use in a cleanroom
みちゃく nonarrival
みっちゃく glued to
むとんじゃく indifferent; do not care about
むとんちゃく indifferent; do not care about
もんちゃく trouble; quarrel; dispute
よぎ night-clothes; heavy kimono-like quilt
のらぎ clothes for doing farm work or working in fields
ゆちゃく adhesion
らいちゃく arrival
らくちゃく being settled; coming to a conclusion
れんちゃく attachment; love
まんちゃく deception; cheating; trickery; fraud
こうちゃく stalemate; agglutination; adhesion