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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- July 3, 2015

  • on reading:
  • シン
  • kun reading:
  • ま   ま-   まこと
  • meaning(s):
  • true, reality, Buddhist sect
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


ポラロイド ポラロイドしゃしん Polaroid picture
かつどうしゃしん movie
かおじゃしん photographic portrait
きねんしゃしん souvenir photograph
くうちゅうしゃしん aerial photograph
こうくうしゃしん aerial photograph
こうそくどしゃしん high-speed photography
ごうせいしゃしん composite or montage photograph
しゃしん photograph
じゅんしん purity; sincerity
しん truth; reality; genuineness; Buddhist sect originating in the thirteenth century
just; right; due (east); pure; genuine; true
まっくら total darkness; shortsightedness; pitch dark
まっくらやみ pitch dark
まっさかさま head over heels; headlong
まっこう brow; front; helmet front
まっこうほう makko-ho (set of four exercises for general health)
まっくろ pitch black
まっさいちゅう midst; height
まっしょうじき perfectly honest
まっしょうめん directly opposite; right in front
まっさかり height of; middle of; full bloom
まっさお deep blue; ghastly pale
まっか deep red; flushed (of face)
まっさき the head; the foremost; beginning
まっただなか right in the midst of; right at the height of
まっぴるま broad daylight
まっすぐ straight (ahead); direct; upright; erect; honest; frank
まっただなか right in the middle
まっぷたつ in two equal parts
つに まっぷたつに right in half
まっしろ pure white
まったいら perfectly level
まっぴら (not) by any means; (not) for anything; humbly; sincerely
まっただなか right in the midst of; right at the height of
まっぱだか stark naked; nudity
しんでかく to write in the square style
しんに truly; actually; really
まことに truly; actually; really
ける まにうける to take seriously; to believe
しんにせまる to be true to nature; to be lifelike
しんの true; real; genuine; utter
の闇 しんのやみ pitch-darkness
しんのとも true friend
まんまる perfect circle
まんまるい perfectly round
まんまる perfect circle
まんまるい perfectly circular
まんまえ right in front; under the nose
まんまえに right in front of; just opposite
まんなか middle; centre; mid-way
まくら total darkness; shortsightedness
まくらやみ total darkness
しんい real intention; true motive; true meaning
しんいぎ true meaning
まいちもんじ straight; as the crow flies
しんいん true reason; true motive
しんえい portrait
しんえんしんじゅ cultured pearls
まよこ directly horizontal; right beside
ました right under; directly below
しんか true value; real worth
まなつ midsummer
まなつのあつさ heat of high summer
まなつび day on which the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Centigrade
しんこ real; true
まがも mallard duck
しんがん the genuine and the spurious
まがお serious look
しんぎ truth or error; authenticity
しんぎのほど whether it is true or not
かめる しんぎをたしかめる to make sure of the truth
しんぎ true meaning
まさか by no means
まさかさまに headlong; head over heels
まながつお Japanese butterfish
まないた chopping board
しんきん fungus; fungi
しんきんしょう cryptosporidiosis; mycosis; mycoses
まぢかい near at hand
かに まじかに nearness; proximity
しんくう vacuum; hollow; empty
しんくうかん vacuum tube
しんくうそうじき vacuum cleaner
しんくうたい air pocket
しんくうでんきゅう vacuum bulb
しんくうほうそう vacuum packaging
まくわうり melon; Cucumis melo var Makuwa
しんけん seriousness; earnestness
しんけんしょうぶ fighting with real swords; game played in real earnest
しんごん mantra; quintessential word; Mantrayana; Shingon, Sino-Japanese esoteric Buddhism, originating in the eight century
しんこ real; true
まこも wild rice
まうしろ right behind
まごい black carp; black koi
まむかい face to face; straight ahead; just in front of
かい まむかい directly opposite; facing
まむき earnest; singlehanded; face to face; straight ahead; just in front of
まっこうほう makko-ho (set of four exercises for general health)
しんく scarlet; crimson
まっくろ pitch black
しんこっちょう showing one's true worth
まさご sand
まぎわ just on the point of; on the verge of
ましかく square
まね mimicry; imitation; behavior; pretense
まねし copy cat
まねる to mimic; to imitate
まねごと sham; make-believe; mere form
さな truth; reality
さね truth; reality
しんじつ truth; reality
しんじつをかたる to speak the truth
しんじついちろ path of sincerity
しんじつせい fidelity; truth; authenticity; credibility
しんじつみ truth (veracity, authenticity) (e.g. of a report)
しんじゅ pearl
しんじゅかい mother of pearl; pearl oyster
しんじゅがい mother of pearl; pearl oyster
しんじゅこう pearl iridescence
しんじゅざいく pearl work
しんじゅしつ mother-of-pearl
しんじゅとり pearl fishing; pearl diver
しんじゅいろ pearl gray
しんじゅそう mother-of-pearl
しんじゅぼ mother-of-pearl
しんじゅようしょく pearl culture
しんじゅようしょくじょう pearl-oyster beds
しんじゅわん Pearl Harbour
しんしゅうおおたには Otani sect of Shinshu
しんしょ square style
しんじょ fish cake
しんしょう genuine case (of a disease)
まうえ just above; right overhead
しんじょう true feeling
まこころ sincerity; devotion
まごころ sincerity; devotion
しい まあたらしい brand new
まぶかに down over the eyes
しんじん true man
まにんげん an honest man; a good citizen
まみず fresh water
しんずい true meaning; mystery; essence; quintessence; soul; core; kernel; life blood
しんせい inborn nature; genuine
しんせい genuine; authentic; true; pure
ましょうじき perfectly honest
ましょうめん directly opposite; right in front
ましみず pure water; clear water
まさかり height of; middle of; full bloom
西 まにし due west
まさお deep blue; ghastly pale
まっさお deep blue; ghastly pale
しんせき true autograph
しんせき true autograph
しんぜんび the true, the good, and the beautiful
しんそう truth; real situation
調 しんそうちょうさ fact finding
しんうち star performer
まだい Red Sea bream
まっただなか right in the midst of; right at the height of
まだけ a long-jointed bamboo
まなか middle; centre; mid-way
まんなか middle; centre; mid-way
まひる midday; broad daylight
まむし viper; adder; asp
ますぐ straight (ahead); direct; upright; erect; honest; frank
まっすぐ straight (ahead); direct; upright; erect; honest; frank
しんたい ultimate truth; essence (in Buddhism)
しんてい ultimate truth; essence (in Buddhism)
さなだ plait; braid
さなだむし tapeworm
さなだひも braid
さなだあみ plait
まふゆ midwinter
まふゆび day on which the temperature fails to reach 0 degrees Centigrade
まひがし due east
まみなみ due south
つに まふたつに right in half
しんにょ the absolute; absolute reality
ましろ pure white
まっしろ pure white
まほ full sail
しんはんにん the real criminal
しんぴ true or false
しんび true beauty
しんぴつ autograph; one's own handwriting; personal note
しんぶぶんしゅうごう proper subset
しんぶつ genuine article
しんぶんすう proper fraction
まっぴら (not) by any means; (not) for anything; humbly; sincerely
まきた due north
しんみ true meaning
綿 まわた silk floss; silk wadding
まとも front; honesty; uprightness; direct
しんめんもく one's true character; oneself; seriousness; earnestness
まじめ diligent; serious; honest
まじめくさる to pretend to be earnest
まよなか dead of night; midnight
しんゆう true courage; true heroism
まっぱだか stark naked; nudity
しんり truth
しんりかんすう truth-function
しんりち truth-value
しんそつ honesty; sincerity; frankness
しんし sincerity; earnestness
しんせき true autograph
しんちゅう brass
あおじゃしん blueprint; plan
せきがいせんしゃしん infrared photography
ぜんけいしゃしん panoramic photo
くみしゃしん composite or montage photograph
だんそうしゃしん tomogram
てんしん naivete
てんねんしょくしゃしん color photo
てんたいしゃしん photograph of an astral body
でんそうしゃしん phototelegram
はくしん reality; true to life
ぶんかいしゃしん photographic playback
ほうどうしゃしん news photograph
りったいしゃしん stereograph
れんぞくしゃしん sequence photographs