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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- December 18, 2014

  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • おおい   まさに   まさ
  • meaning(s):
  • many, frequent, much
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


かるた (pt:) (n) playing cards (pt: carta)
かるた (pt:) (n) playing cards (pt: carta)
かた excess; superabundance
いくた many; numerous
きょうきゅうかた excessive supply; oversupply
さいた the most
ざった miscellaneous; mixed
しゅじゅざった all sorts or kinds of
しゅうた multitude; great numbers
しゅっけつかた excessive bleeding
じょうた superabundance
あまた many; a lot; much; multitude
すうた many; a lot; much; multitude
たた very much; very many; more and more
おおい many; numerous
おおく many; much; largely; abundantly; mostly
くのやす おおくのかねをついやす to spend (expend) a lot of money
くの おおくのばあい in many cases
くのから おおくのなかからえらぶ to choose among many things
すぎる おおすぎる to be too numerous; to be too much
とする たとする appreciate; be thankful
ソート たソート multisort
バイト たバイト multibyte
たう heavy rain
たおんせつ polysyllable
たか polyvalence
たか quantity; number; amount
ぎる おおすぎる to be too numerous; to be too much
たかく many-sided; versatile; polygonal; diversified
たかくけい polygon
たかっけい polygon
たかっけいのへん side of a polygon
たかくけいえい diversified management; diversification
たかくしきのうぎょう multiple agriculture
たかくてき multilateral; many-sided; diversified
貿 たかくぼうえき multilateral trade
たがく large amount of money
たがくのうぜいしゃ top taxpayer
たかん sensitive; emotional
たかんしょう hyperhidrosis
たき digression; many divergences
たぎ various meanings
たぎせい ambiguity (of a word)
たきょくか multipolarization
たけい polymorphous
たげい versatility
たげいせい versatile
たけつしつ sanguine; hot-tempered
たげん pluralistic
たげんてき pluralism; plurality
たげんぶんかろん multiculturalism
たげんほうそう broadcast originating from multiple locations
たげんほうていしき hypercomplex equation; plural equation
たげんろん pluralism
たげんし polyatomic
たげん talkativeness; verbosity; garrulity
たこう porous; cavernous; open (weave)
たこうせい porosity
たこう great happiness
たこうしき polynomial
たこくせき multinational
たこくせききぎょう multinational corporation
たこくせきぐん multinational force
たこくせきげんご multilingual; in many languages
たこん many troubles or sadnesses or vexations or grudges
たさい polygamy
たさい variegated
たさい talented
たさく prolificness
たさん pregnant; reproductive
たさんけい variety which bears many young
たしさいさい a galaxy of able persons; collection of intellectuals
たしせいせい a galaxy of able persons; collection of intellectuals
たしさいさい a galaxy of able persons; collection of intellectuals
たしせいせい a galaxy of able persons; collection of intellectuals
たしせんたくしきしもん multiple-choice question
たじ eventfulness
たじたたん eventfulness; pressure of business
たじたなん various difficulties
たじげん multidimensional
湿 たしつ high humidity
たしゃ many thanks
たしゅ many kinds; various
たしゅたよう a great variety of; diversity
たしゅみ multivaried interests
たじゅう multiple
たじゅうか multiplexing
たじゅうさいむしゃ person with multiple debts
たじゅうじんかく multiple character
たじゅうほうそう multiplex broadcast(ing)
たじゅうなまえくうかん multiple namespace
たしょう more or less; somewhat; a little; some
たしょう much happiness; many omens
たじょう amorous
たじょうたこん going through life with one's heart on one's sleeve; sensibility
たじょうぶっしん fickle but kind-hearted
カム たじょうカム multigrooved cam
たしょく many colors
たしょくずり multicolored printing
たしょく one who generally eats a lot
たしんきょう polytheism
たしんろん polytheism
たにんず large number of people
たにんずう large number of people
たすう countless; great number; majority
たすういけん majority opinion
たすうけつ majority rule
たすうとう majority party
たすうは the majority
たぜい great numbers; numerical superiority
たしょう (Buddhism) metempsychosis
たそう multilayer
たそくるい myriapod; many-legged
たた very much; very many; more and more
ただい heavy; much
たたん many items; pressure of business
ただんかい multistage; multi-step
ロケット ただんしきロケット multistage rocket
たとうかい archipelago
たどく wide (extensive) reading
たなん full of troubles, difficulties
たにく fleshiness
たにくか fleshy or pulpy fruit
たにくしつ fleshy
たにくしょくぶつ succulent plants
たねん many years
たねんせいしょくぶつ perennial plant
たねんそう perennial plant
たのう versatility
たばい selling in quantity
たはつ repeated occurrence
たはつき multi-engine airplane
たはつせい multiple; poly-
たびょう sickly; delicate constitution
たぶん perhaps; probably
たへんすう multivariable
たへんりょうかいせき multivariate analysis
たへんけい polygon
たべん talkativeness; verbosity
たほうめん many-sided; multifarious; versatility
たほうめんに at many levels
たぼう busy; pressure of work
たぼう promising
たまがわ river running between Tokyo-to and Kanagawa Prefecture
ためん many-sided; multifaceted
ためんかく polyhedral angle
ためんせい various facets (aspects)
ためんたい polyhedron
ためんてき multifaceted; versatile
たもう hairy
たもうさく multiple cropping
おおめに plenty; lots
たもくてき multipurpose
たよう diversity; variety
たようか diversification
たようせい diversity; variety
たよう busy; make use of many different things
たようちゅう in the middle of things
ヘリコプター たようとヘリコプター multi-purpose helicopter
たら Tara; The Deliverer, the Saviouress (Buddhist deity)
たりょう large quantity
はんた extreme busyness
はんた multiplicity of troubles; so many as to be troublesome
めった thoughtless; reckless; seldom (neg. verb); careless
かた many; plentiful
えた old word for burakumin (pejorative)