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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- March 30, 2015

  • on reading:
  • チ   ジ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • ground, earth
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


あくち marshland
いち place; situation; position; location
いこじ obstinacy
えこじ obstinacy
いこじ obstinacy; stubbornness
えこじ obstinacy; stubbornness
いきじ self-respect; self-confidence; guts; backbone
いくじ self-respect; self-confidence; guts; backbone
いこじ perversity
いじ disposition; spirit; willpower; obstinacy; backbone; appetite
いっとうち best (residential) district (in town)
うちゅうきち space station
えいたいしゃくち perpetual lease
えんかくち distant (remote) land
えんち distant place; remote point
おうち pit; hollow; basin; depression
くぼち pit; hollow; basin; depression
おうち interior; backwoods; hinterland; back regions
おくち interior; backwoods; hinterland; back regions
したじ groundwork; foundation; inclination; aptitude; elementary knowledge of; grounding in; prearrangement; spadework; signs; symptoms; first coat of plastering; soy
かいぐんきち naval base
かいこんち cultivated land
かいさいち place where a meeting (conference, etc.) is held
かいせきだいち dissected plateau
かいたくち reclaimed land
がいち overseas territories
かくち every place; various places
かどち corner lot
かけごこち feel of a chair
かんそうち dry land
かんち cold region
かんれいち cold (northern) district
かんたくち reclaimed land
かんこうち sight-seeing area
かんち quiet place; vacant land; fallow ground; undemanding job; sinecure; life of leisurely retirement
きち dangerous position; peril
きち base
きこうち port of call
きりゅうち one's temporary residence
きち your place
やすめち fallow land
きゅうかんち fallow land
きゅうち dilemma; predicament
きゅうち former property; former territory
きゅうゆうのち familiar haunts
きょじゅうち residence; address
いごこち comfort
きょりゅうち foreign settlement; concession
きょうち the capital; Kyoto and its environs
きょうきゅうち supply center
きょうどうぼち public cemetery
きょうゆうち public land; common
きょうち one's lot; circumstance; situation in life
きょうてんどうち astounding; startling; world-shaking; amazing
きょくち municipal; limited area; locality
きょくち farthest land; polar regions
きんち your place of residence
きんこうち gold field
ぎんじ silvery background
きゅうち very low land
あきち vacant land
くうかんち vacant lot or land
くうぐんきち air (force) base
くうたいち air-to-surface
あきち vacant land
くぼち pit; hollow; basin; depression
ぐんじきち military base
けいしょうのち place of scenic beauty
けいしょうち picturesque scenery
けんこうち healthy place; health resort
けんち land survey
きぬじ silk fabrics
けんちょうしょざいち prefectural capital
けんち point of view
げんさんち place of origin; home; habitat
げんせきち (one's) domicile
げんざいち "you are here" (on map); (lit) present location
げんち actual place; local
ごりょうち imperial estate
こうほち proposed site; site chosen
こうゆうち public land
あつじ thick cloth
こうぎょうだんち industrial park
さらち empty lot
たがやしうるとち arable land
こうさくち cultivated land
こうち arable land
こうくうきち air base
あれち devastated or waste land
こうぶち wild land; wasteland; wilderness
こうらくち tourist resort; holiday resort
こうきゅうじゅうたくち exclusive residential district
こうそうち high and dry ground
こうち high ground; plateau; heights
こくゆうち state-owned land
くろじ black ground; black cloth
こんきょち base (of operations)
こんじ dark blue ground; dark blue cloth
すなじ sandy soil
すなち sandy soil
さいがいち disaster-stricken area
さくげんち strategic base
ざっきょち mixed residential quarter
さんぎょうち licensed red-light quarters
かさじ umbrella cloth
さんち mountainous district
やまち mountainous district
さんち producing area
しがいち town areas
しゆうち city land
しち proper place to die; the point of death
しゆうち demesne; estate
しっち lost territory
湿 しっち swampy (damp) land
じっち practice; the actual site
しばち grass plot
かりち leased land
しゃくち leased land
しゃくち small plot of land
しゅさんち chief producing center
しゅじんち main battle area
しゅうぎょうち place of work
しゅうさんち distribution or trading center
すみごこち comfort (in living place)
じゅうたくち housing district; residential district
しゅっしんち birthplace; native place
しゅっしょうち birthplace
しゅっせいち birthplace
しょじょち virgin soil
しょざいち location
ところばんち address
しょゆうち demesne; belonging
しょうち beauty spot; scenic spot
しょうぎょうち business district
しょうてんち a small world
ぬまち marsh land
のりごこち one's feeling while riding
のりごこち one's feeling while riding
じょうすいち (clean-water) reservoir
しょくみんち colony
おりじ 1. texture; 2. fabric
おりじ 1. texture; 2. fabric
くいいじ gluttony
ねごこち sleeping comfort or snugness
ここち feeling; sensation; mood
しんかいち newly opened or recently settled land
しんち newly opened or newly developed territory
しんじ padding
しんげんち epicenter
しんさいち area of an earthquake disaster
しんてんどうち earth-shaking
ひとごこち consciousness
じんち (military) encampment; position
すいがいち flood-damaged area; area subject to flooding
すいげんち the source
よいごこち (pleasantly) intoxicated
せいち soil preparation
せいさんち producing area
せいそくち habitat; home (e.g. of the tiger)
きじ cloth; material; texture; ones true character; unglazed pottery
せいち birthplace
せいち sacred place; holy ground; the Holy Land
あおじ blue cloth or ground
ぜいきんひなんち a tax haven
あかじ red cloth; red background
あとち site (of a demolished building)
きれじ cloth; fabric
きれじ cloth; fabric
せっち ground (elec); contact patch (between car tyre and road)
せんきょち occupied territory
しめじ type of kinoku mushroom
せんりょうち occupied territory
せんち front (in battle)
せんとうじんち battle position
せんじょうち alluvial fan or delta
ぜんしょうち outpost
ぜんしんきち advance base
ぜんにんち former post
ぜんち the whole world; all lands
ぜんほうち the whole fief
そしゃくち leasehold land
きじ cloth; material; texture; ones true character; unglazed pottery
そじ foundation
痩せ やせち barren soil
くさち meadow; grassland
そうち meadow; grassland
そくち geodetic survey
たいしょち the antipodes
たいせきち the antipodes
おびじ obi cloth or material
かえち substitute land or lot
たいざいち place where one resides or is staying
だいち substitute land
だいち plateau; tableland; eminence
だいち ground; earth; the solid earth
たくち building lot; residential land
さわち marshy land
やち marsh land; swamp
だんち multi-unit apartments
だんち warm district; region of mild climate
じがでる to reveal one's true colors; to betray oneself
でいく じでいく to do for real; to do in real life; to carry (a story) into actual practice
でゆく じでゆく to do for real; to do in real life; to carry (a story) into actual practice
じでいく to do for real; to do in real life; to carry (a story) into actual practice
じでゆく to do for real; to do in real life; to carry (a story) into actual practice
ちのはて end of the earth
んだ じのつんだ of close texture
ちのそこふかく to be deep in the bowels of the earth
じのぶん descriptive (narrative) part
じのたまご local eggs; farm-fresh eggs
ちのり locational advantage; advantageous position
べた じべた bare earth; ground
じをならす to level the ground
じをあかでぬる to paint the ground in red
ちい (social) position; status
ちいをえる to acquire a position
ちい natural disaster; calamity
ちい lichen
ちいるい lichens
ちいき area; region
ちいきかいはつ community or regional development
ちいきさ regional difference
ちいきじこく local time
ちいきしゃかい regional community
ちいきしんこうけん local (regional) promotion coupons
ちいきだいひょう regional representation
ちいきてき regional; local
ちいきてきぶんぷ regional distribution
ちいきふんそう regional conflict
ちいきれいだんぼう zonal air conditioning
じびき seine fishing; seine
じびきあみ dragnet; seine
じうた a (style of) folk song
曳き じびき seine fishing; seine
曳き じびきあみ dragnet; seine
ちえん territorial relationship; regional bond
ちおん ground or soil temperature
ちか basement; underground
じさげ decreasing land prices
ちかうんどう underground activities
ちかか burying; underground installation (cables, etc.)
ちかがい underground shopping center
ちかかくじっけん underground nuclear test
ちかけい rhizome
ちかしげん underground resources
ちかしつ cellar; basement
ちかすい underground water
ちかせん underground wire or cable
ちかそしき underground organization
じかたび work tabi; split-toed heavy cloth shoes with rubber soles
ちかてつ underground train; subway
ちかどう subterranean tunnel
ちかにかい two-story basement (as in department stores)
ちか the price of land
じうた a (style of) folk song
じまわり from the area; local trader or merchant; a street tough
ちかい landmass; block
ちかい boundary; bounds of the earth
ちかい basement; cellar
ちかく earth core
ちかく earth's crust
ちかくへんどう change in earth's crust
ちがく earth sciences (geology, mineralogy, petrology, geophysics, geochemistry, seismology, etc.)
じわり parcel out; allot
じわれ cracks or fissures in the ground
じすべり landfall
ちぎ earth deities
ちきゅう the earth
ごま ちきゅうごま gyroscope
ちきゅうのまわり space around the earth; circumference of the earth
ちきゅうおんだんか global warming
ちきゅうかがく geochemistry
ちきゅうかがく earth sciences (geology, mineralogy, petrology, geophysics, geochemistry, seismology, etc.)
ちきゅうかんそくえいせい earth observation satellite
ちきゅうきぼ global scale
ちきゅうぎ globe (map)
ちきゅうじょう on the earth
ちきゅうじん earthling; earthman
ちきゅうぶつりがく geophysics
じざかい land border; boundary
ぢざかい land border; boundary
ちきょう isthmus
じひびき subterranean rumbling; earth tremor
じならし ground leveling
じがね ore; unprocessed metal; ground metal; (one's) true character
ちく district; section; sector
じぎょう terrain; geographical features; topography
ちけい terrain; geographical features; topography
ちけいがく topography; geomorphology
ちけいず topographic map
ちけいそくりょう topographical survey
ちけん district Public Prosecutor's Office
じもと local
じもとけいさつ local police
じもとし local newspaper
じもとみん local people
じがため ground leveling; groundwork
じぐち pun; play on words
ちこう rift valley
じあい texture
じごく hell
じごくみみ sharp ear; long ears
じごくへん picture of Hell
ちさい district court
ちし topography
ちしがく regional geography; topography
ちじき geomagnetism; terrestrial magnetism
ちじく earth's axis
ちしつ geological features
ちしつがく geology
ちしつじだい geological age; prehistory
ちしつず geological map
調 ちしつちょうさ geological survey
じぬし landlord
じどり layout; obtaining land
じざけ local sake
じしょ estate
ちじょう above ground
ちあげ land speculation; raising the ground level
ちあげや land shark; land speculator
ちじょうけん superficies
じば local
じばさんぎょう local (silverware) industry (of the town)
じいろ ground color
ちしん center of the earth
じしん earthquake
じしんのしるし signs of an earthquake
じしんがく seismology
じしんがくしゃ seismologist
じしんけい seismograph; seismometer
じしんこく quake-prone country
じしんたい earthquake zone; earthquake belt
じしんたんこう seismic mineral exploration
じしんちたい seismic part (zone, belt)
じしんは seismic wave
じしんよち earthquake prediction
じしんかみなりかじおやじ earthquakes, thunder, fires, fathers (this proverb compares the traditional Japanese father with other things which are generally feared)
ちず map
じふぶき snow blown up from the ground
ちせい topography
ちせいがく geopolitics
じごえ one's natural voice
ちぜい land tax
ちせき acreage
ちせき land register
じぞめ texture dyeing
ちそ land tax
じねずみ shrewmouse; shrew
ちそう stratum; layer
ちそう geographic features; divination based on the lay of the land
じぞう Ksitigarbha (bodhisattva who looks over children, travellers and the underworld); the Receptacle of Earth
じぞうがお gentle and round face
じぞうそん Jizo (guardian deity of children); (image of) Khitigarbha-bodhisattva
じつづき adjoining land
ちたいくう surface-to-air
ちたいち surface-to-surface
ちたい area; zone
じぶくろ cupboard on the floor
じだい land rent
ちだい land rent
じだんだふむ to stamp one's feet
ちちゅう underground; subterranean
ちちゅうかい Mediterranean Sea
ちちゅうかいせいきこう Mediterranean climate
じむし earthworm; grub; ground beetle (mainly insect larvae)
みみず earthworm; grub; ground beetle (mainly insect larvae)
じちんさい ground-breaking ceremony
じつぼ ground or land area
ちてい depths of the earth
ちてん site; point on a map
じとう lord of a manor
ちどうせつ heliocentric (Copernican) theory
じみち steady
じねつ geothermy; terrestrial heat
ちねつ geothermy; terrestrial heat
じねつはつでん geothermal electric power generation
ちねつはつでん geothermal electric power generation
じはだ texture; grain
じがみ natural hair
ちばん lot number
じばん (the) ground
じばんちんか land subsidence; support
ちひょう surface of the earth; ground surface
ちひょうめん ground surface
ちもん physiography; physiographical features
ちもんがく physical geography
ちへい ground level
ちへいせん horizon
ちへいめん horizontal plane
じまい locally produced rice
ちへん natural calamity
ちほ one's stand; foothold; position
じかた area; locality; district; region; the coast
ちほう area; locality; district; region; the coast
ちほうかんちょう local government
ちほうぎかい local assembly
ちほうけいば municipally operated (horse-)racing
ちほうぎんこう regional bank
ちほうく prefectural constituency
ちほうけんさつちょう District Public Prosecutor's Office
ちほうこうふぜい tax allocated to local governments
ちほうこうきょうだんたい local public body
ちほうこうむいん local government employee
ちほうぎょうざいせい local economy; local financial affairs
ちほうぎょうせい local administration
ちほうさい municipal bond
ちほうさいばんしょ district court; local court
ちほうし local newspaper
ちほうじむしょ local office
ちほうじ local time
ちほうじち local (governmental) autonomy
ちほうじちたい local self-governing body
ちほうしょく local color
れた ちほうしょくのあらわれたしょうせつ novel with local color
ちほうぜい local taxes
ちほうせんきょ local election; regional elections
ちほうだんたい local public body
ちほうばん local edition
ちほうびょう endemic
ちほうぶんけん decentralization of power
じばち digger wasp
じみ plain; simple
ちみ soil fertility; product of the soil
ちめい place name
ちめいじてん geographical dictionary; gazetteer
じなり rumble in the ground
じめん ground; earth's surface
ちもく land classification
じもん woven pattern
ちえきけん easement
じうたい Noh chorus
じらい land mine
じらいか (land) mine
じらいげん minefield
じたまご locally-produced egg
ちり geography
ちりがく geography
ちりがくしゃ geographer
じりき one's own potential; real ability; ones own strength
ちりょく fertility
ちれい spirit residing in the ground
辷り じすべり landslide
ついじ a mud wall with a roof
つきじ reclaimed land
きじゃくじ standard length of material used in a kimono; roll of material
きごこち (good or bad) feel when wearing something
ちゃくち landing
きものじ kimono material
ちゅうしんち center; metropolis
ちゅうとんち garrison
ちょっかつしょくみんち crown colony
ちょっかつち area under direct control (of the shogun)
ていち depression; lowlands; low ground; bottom land; plain
ていはくち anchorage (area); moorage; roadstead
ていじゅうち permanent home
でいたんち peat bog
てきち enemy territory; hostile place
てきち suitable place
てんとち heaven and earth; top and bottom
あめつち heaven and earth; the universe; nature; top and bottom; realm; sphere; world
てんち heaven and earth; the universe; nature; top and bottom; realm; sphere; world
てんち a change of air or scenery
でんじ farmland; rice field or paddy
でんち farmland; rice field or paddy
とち plot of land; lot; soil
とうち this place (locality); here
どうち the same place; that place
ないち interior of country; homeland; mainland; inland
にぎょうち entertainment quarters (food and geisha)
いりあいち commons
にんち one's post; appointment
びょうがくだいのとち narrow strip of land
のうち agricultural land
のうぼくち arable and grazing land
ばいち culture medium
はくち anchorage; berth
しろじ white background
うすじ thin cloth
ばくしんち centre of explosion; hypocentre; ground zero
はたち farmland
はっしょうち cradle (of civilisation, etc.); birthplace
はんしょくち breeding grounds
ばんち house number; address
ばんち savage land
ばんち barbaric region
かのち there; that place
ひがいち the stricken area; damaged area
ひさいち area struck (by some disaster); location of a disaster
ひかんち winter resort
ひしょち summer resort
とびち scattered landholdings; detached land; enclave
とびち scattered landholdings; detached land; enclave
びょうち (point of) anchorage
ふこうさくち nonfarming land; untilled land
ふもうのち deserted and desolate land
きれじ cloth; fabric
ぬのじ cloth; fabric
しきち site
ふにんち place of (new) post; (new) place of appointment
ほうち daimiate; fief
媚の ふうこうめいびのち place of scenic beauty
ふくじ cloth; dress material; clothing fabric
ぶんじょうち lots for sale
ぶんち parceling out an estate
へいたんきち supply base
ひらち level ground; plain
へいち level ground; plain
べいさんち rice-producing region
へきち remote place
べってんち another world
かたいじ stubbornness; obstinacy
へんち remote place
ほようち health resort
はかち cemetery; graveyard
ぼち cemetery; graveyard
ほうぼくち grazing land; pasture
ぼくそうち pasture; grassland; meadow
ぼくち pasture or grazing land
ぼくようち pasture or grazing land
ほんきょち stronghold; inner citadel; base; headquarters
ほんせきち permanent domicile
ぼんち basin (e.g. between mountains)
うめたてち reclaimed land
まいそうち burial place (ground); cemetery; graveyard
うめたてち reclaimed land
みかいこんち virgin soil; uncultivated land
みかいたくち undeveloped area
みかいち savage (barbaric) land; backward region; undeveloped area
みこうち uncultivated land
みこんち uncultivated land
ゆめごこち dreamy state of mind
むじ plain; unfigured
めんそち tax-exempt land
きじ wood grain; unpainted wood
めじ joint
もくてきち place of destination
もんち degree; lineage
やえいち camp site; campground
ゆうえんち amusement park
ゆうきゅうち idle land
ゆうらんち resort
よち place; room; margin; scope
輿 よち earth; world
籃の ようらんのち birthplace
ようすいいけ reservoir
ようち site
ようち important place; strategic location
よくち fertile land; oasis
らくち falling to the ground
かった あいいろがかったきじ cloth tinged with indigo
うらじ lining
りくち land
りっきゃくち standpoint
りっち location
りゅうけいち penal colony
りょうち preserve (of land)
りょうち territory; dominion
りょくち green tract of land
りんせつち adjoining land
れいち sacred ground
きれじ cloth; fabric
ろじ alley; alleyway; lane
ろじ the bare ground
まっしぐら at full speed