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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- July 31, 2015

  • on reading:
  • トク
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • special
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


きとく praiseworthy; commendable; benevolent
きどく praiseworthy; commendable; benevolent
とくに particularly; especially
になし とくになし nothing in particular; none in particular
とくい unique; singular
とくいせい singularity; peculiarity; idiosyncrasy
とくいたいしつ idiosyncrasy
とくいちぶんかい singular value analysis
とくいてん singular point
とっか specialization
とっか special price; bargain price
とっかひん bargain item
とっかへい support soldier
とっかい special fast (local) train
とっき special mention
とくぎ special skill
とっきゅう limited express (train, faster than an express)
とっきゅうけん special-express ticket
とっきゅう high grade; classy
とっきゅうしゅ highest or finest quality sake
とっきゅうひん special grade article
とっきょ special permission; patent
とっきょぎじゅつ patented technology
とっきょけん patent rights
とっきょぬし patentee; holder of a patent
とっきょしんがい patent infringement
とっきょちょう Patent Office
とっきょほう Patent Act
とっきょめいさいしょ patent description; patent specifications
とっきょりょう royalty
とっくん special training; intensive training; crash course
とっけい preferential treatment; special favour or benefit
とっけいかんぜい favourable tariff
とっけん privilege; special right
とっけんかいきゅう privileged class
とっこう special efficacy
とっこう of particular efficacy
とっこうやく a specific medicine
とっこうたい suicide squad
とっこう (historical) political or thought control police
とっこうけいさつ political or thought control police
とくさつ special effects (from tokushu satsuei); SFX
とくさん specialty; special product
とくさんひん special product
とくさんぶつ special product; specialty
使 とくし special envoy
とくし special consideration
とくしつ characteristic; special quality
とくしゃ exclusive photographing (e.g. for a magazine)
とくしゃ amnesty
とくしゅ special; unique
とくしゅがっきゅう special class for handicapped children
とくしゅきのう special function
とくしゅこうか special effects
とくしゅこう special steel
とくしゅさつえい SFX; special effects
とくしゅじじょう special circumstances
便 とくしゅとりあつかいゆうびん special mail
とくしゅせい special characteristics; peculiarity; distinctiveness
とくしゅせんこうてい special purpose submarine
とくしゅぶたい special (military) force(s)
とくしゅへいき special weapon
とくしゅほうじん semigovernmental corporation
とくしゅ special kind
とくだね exclusive news; a scoop
とくじゅ emergency demands; special procurement (particularly in time of war)
とくしゅう special edition
とくしゅう feature (e.g. newspaper); special edition; report
とくしゅうきじ special feature article
とくしゅうごう special number
とくしゅつ prominence; superiority
とくしょう special name or designation
とくしょう special prize
とくしょく characteristic; feature
とくしん special promotion (in rank or grade)
とくせい characteristic
とくせい special make; deluxe
ラーメン とくせいラーメン special ramen
とくせいひん specially made article
とくせつ setting up specially; special installation
とくせつかいじょう site (e.g. room, building) especially prepared for a meeting (event, etc.)
とくせん special; select
とくせん specially selected; choice
とくせんひん choice goods
とくそ special measure(s)
とくそう special investigation
とくそうぶ special investigation department
とくそう specially equipped; customized
とくたい special treatment; priority
とくたいけん complimentary ticket
とくたいせい scholarship student
とくだい extra-large
とくだいごう special enlarged (bumper) issue
とくだん special
とくちゅう special order (goods)
とくちゅうひん article specially made to order; made-to-measure (custom-made) article
とくちょう feature; characteristic
とくちょうちゅうしゅつ feature extraction
とくちょうりょう feature value
とくちょう forte; merit
とくてい specific; special; particular
とくていめいがら (historical) designated speculative stocks
便 とくていゆうびんきょく special post office
とくてん special favor; privilege
とくでん special telegram or dispatch
とくとう special quality, class or grade
とくとうせき special seat; box seat
とくにん special approval
とくは send specially; special envoy
とくはいん correspondent
とくはい special ration; special bonus or dividend
とくばい special sale
とくばいじょう bargain floor or basement
とくばいひん bargain goods
とくはつ special (additional) train; idiopathy
とくひつ special mention
すべき とくひつすべき worthy of special mention
とくひつたいしょ (printed or written in) large letters
とくべつ special
エディション とくべつエディション special edition
とくべつあつかい special (preferential) treatment; by express or special delivery
とくべつい special committee
とくべついいんかい special or ad hoc committee
とくべつひきだしけん special drawing rights (SDR)
とくべつうんちん special rate
とくべつかいいん special member
とくべつかいけい special account
とくべつき special plane
とくべつきゅうこう limited express train
とくべつく special ward
とくべつぎょうせいく special administrative region (i.e. Hong Kong)
とくべつごう special number
とくべつこっかい extraordinary Diet session
とくべつしつ deluxe suite
とくべつしょく special position in Government service
とくべつせき special seat
とくべつそち special measure(s)
とくべつそうかい special meeting
とくべつたいぐう special treatment
とくべつはいとう special dividend
とくべつはいとうきん special dividend
とくべつばんぐみ special program
とくべつべんごにん special counsel
とくべつほう special law
とくべつばくりょう special staff
とくべつりょうきん extra charge; specially reduced charge
とくほう news flash
とくむ special duty
とくむきかん secret military agency; secret service
とくめい mission
使 とくめいぜんけんこうし minister extraordinary and plenipotentiary
使 とくめいぜんけんたいし ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary
とくめん special exemption; dispensation
とくやく special contract
とくやくてん sole agent; chain store
とくゆう characteristic (of); peculiar (to)
とくゆう special loan (finance)
とくりつ prominence; independence
とくれい special case; exception
どくとく peculiarity; uniqueness; characteristic