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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- February 13, 2016

  • on reading:
  • コウ
  • kun reading:
  • かんがえる   かんが
  • meaning(s):
  • consider, think over
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
(see individual frames below)
Stroke Order Diagram


いっこう consideration; a thought
かんこう consider
ぐこう foolish idea; one's humble opinion
こうこう the (deceased) father of the current emperor
かんがえ thinking; thought; ideas; intention
えつく かんがえつく to think of; to come up with
えてみれば かんがえてみれば if you think about it
えの かんがえのあさいひと shallow-brained person
えられない かんがえられない unimaginable
える かんがえる to consider
える かんがえること what one thinks
えをえる かんがえをつたえる to convey one's thoughts
かんがえちがい mistaken idea; misunderstanding; wrong impression
かんがえこむ to ponder; to brood
かんがえごと (deep) thinking
かんがえだす to think out; to devise; to invent; to begin to think; to come up with a plan
かんがえぶかい thoughtful; deep-thinking
して かんがえなおして On second thoughts...
かんがえなおす to reconsider; to rethink
かんがえぬく to think thoroughly
かんがえつく to think of; to come up with
かんがえもの puzzle; problem
かんがえかた way of thinking
かんがえよう way of thinking; one's perspective
こうあん plan; device; idea
こうか evaluation; rating
こうかひょう personnel record; business record
こうきゅう investigation; consideration
こうげんがく study of modern societies
こうこがく archaeology
こうこがくしゃ archeologist
こうさ examination; consideration; test; quiz
こうさつ consideration; inquiry
こうしょう (historical) investigation
こうしょうがく (in Chinese history) study of ancient texts
こうりょ consideration; taking into account
こうりょう consideration; deliberation
さいこう reconsideration
さんこう reference; consultation
しこう thought
しこう one's own thoughts or opinion (polite)
しっこう misunderstanding
じゅっこう careful consideration; deliberation; thinking over carefully
にんげんのしこう artificial intelligence (AI)
すいこう surmising; speculation
すいへいしこう lateral thinking
せんこう one's late father
せんしばんこう deep meditation; mature consideration
せんこう selection; screening
ちょうこう lengthy consideration
ちんしもっこう be lost in deep thought
びこう note; remarks; N.B.
もっこう contemplation; meditation
れいせんがたしこう Cold War mentality
ろんこう study (of something)