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Today's Kanji

Today's Kanji -- February 23, 2018

  • on reading:
  • イン
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • Inst., institution, temple, mansion, school
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いいん doctor's office (surgery); clinic; dispensary
いくじいん orphanage; nursery school
いんのないがい legislative circles
いんがい non-parliamentary; outside congress
いんがいだん nonparliamentary party association
いんぎ legislative decision
いんごう ex-emperor
いんじゅ head of a temple
いんせい government by cloistered emperors
いんせい graduate student
いんせん imperial command (decree); decree of cloistered emperor
いんぜん imperial command (decree); decree of cloistered emperor
いんちょう director
いんない inside the House (Diet)
いんないかんせん infection incurred while hospitalized
いんぽん drama; playbook
おくのいん inner sanctuary
かいん Lower House; lower (legislative) body
かがくいん science institute
かいけいけんさいん Board of Audit
かいきょうじいん mosque
かいいん opening congress; hospital opening
がくいん institute; academy
がくしいん Japan Academy
かんかいん reformatory; reform school
かんごふがくいん nurses' training school
かんりんいん academy; institute
きいん shogi (go) hall
きぞくいん House of Lords
ぎいん congress or parliament
きゅうきゅうびょういん emergency hospital
きょうごいん reform school; juvenile reformatory
げいじゅついん (the Japan) Academy of Arts
けんりつびょういん prefectural hospital
げんろういん (Roman) senate
こじいん orphanage
ごとばいん ex-Emperor Gotoba
こうそいん appelate court
こくどちりいん Geographical Survey Institute
さんいん House of Councillors
さんぎいん House of Councillors
さんいん maternity hospital
しかいいん dental surgery
しかびょういん dental hospital
じいん temple
しゅういん friary
しゅうどういん monastery; convent; cloister; abbey
しゅういん lower house of the Diet
しゅうぎいん Lower House; House of Representatives
しゅうさんりょういん both houses of Parliament (Diet)
しょいん drawing room; study; publishing house; writing alcove
じょさんいん maternity hospital
しょうねんいん reform school
しょうねんかんかいん reform school
しょういん Upper House; Senate; Lords
じょういん Upper House; Senate; Lords
じんじいん National Personnel Authority
すうみついん (Japan's) Privy Council (abolished in 1947)
せいしんびょういん mental hospital
せいろかびょういん St Luke Hospital
そういん monastery; temple
そうごうびょういん general hospital
退 たいいん leaving hospital
だいがくいん graduate school
だいじいん large temple
だいしゅうどういん abbey
だいしんいん (pre-war Japanese) Supreme Court
つういん commuting to hospital
とういん attendance at the House (Diet)
にいん the two houses of legislature
にそういん nunnery; convent
にゅうじいん nursery
にゅういん hospitalization
ひびょういん isolation hospital
びしょういん beauty shop
びよういん beauty parlour; hairdressing salon
びょういん hospital
ふぞくびょういん affiliated hospital
ぶんいん branch (of an institution); branch temple; detached building
へいいん adjourning the Diet or an assembly
べいじょういん U.S. Senate
べついん branch temple
ほよういん sanatorium
ほんいん this institution; the main institution
もんいん empress dowager
やせんびょういん field hospital
ようろういん home for the aged; old people's home
らいいん coming to the capital
りょういん both Houses of Parliament
りょうぎいん both houses of parliament
ろうじんびょういん geriatric hospital