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  • on reading:
  • ショウ
  • kun reading:
  • つ   まさる   すぐれる   かつ
  • meaning(s):
  • victory, win, prevail, excel
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あっしょう complete victory
いっしょう one win or victory
かいしょう sweeping victory; easy victory
らくしょう easy victory
かんしょう complete victory
きしょう beauty spot; unexpected victory; victory by uncommon stratagem
けいしょう scenic beauty
けいしょう picturesque scenery
けっしょう decision of a contest; finals (in sports)
けんしょう good health
さいしょう another victory
さんれんしょう three wins in a row
しゃしんはんていけっしょう photo finish
しゅしょう admirable; laudable
しゅくしょう victory celebration
じゅんけっしょう semifinal (in sports)
じゅんじゅんけっしょう quarterfinal
たれぬ かたれぬ to be unable to win
かち win; victory
ちっ かちっぱなし winning straight victories; making a clean score
ちとる かちとる to obtain; to secure; to win
かちこし more wins than losses (sport)
かちこす to have more wins than losses; to lead (someone) by (three) matches
かちき determined or unyielding spirit
かちぐり dried chestnut
かちほこる to triumph; to be elated with success
かちのこる to win and advance to the next round
かちとる to exert oneself and win; to gain (victory)
かちすすむ to win and advance to the next round
かちぼし (mark indicating) a win
かちいくさ victory
かちとおす to win straight victories
かちにげ quitting while one is ahead
かちえる to achieve; to win; to gain; to attain
かちぬく to win through
かちまけ victory or defeat
かちはなす to win continuously
かちみ sign of victory
かちなのり (in sumo) being declared the winner of a bout
かちめ chance; odds
ち鬨 かちどき shout or cry of victory
かつ to win
まさる to excel; to surpass; to outrival
れた すぐれたぎょうせき outstanding achievement
しょういん cause of victory
しょうらく Cakrasamvara; Samvara; Supreme Bliss (tantric Buddhist deity)
しょうけい scenic view
しょうさん prospects of victory; chances of success
しょうしゃ winner; victor
かって kitchen; one's own convenience; one's way; selfishness
かってに arbitrarily; of it's own accord; involuntarily; wilfully; as one pleases
かってもと in and about a kitchen; family circumstances
かってぐち kitchen door; back door
かってむき in and about a kitchen; family circumstances
かってしだい acting according to one's inclinations
である しょうせいである to stand a good chance of winning the game
しょうそ winning a lawsuit
しょうち beauty spot; scenic spot
しょうちゃく winning move (in a go game)
かちうま winning horse
しょうはい victory or defeat; issue (of battle)
しょうはいのかぎをにぎる to have the game in one's hands; to hold the key to victory
しょうはいのすう issue of the battle
しょうぶ victory or defeat; match; contest; game; bout
しょうぶし gambler
しょうぶごと gambling; competition; game (of chance)
しょうほう news of a victory
しょうり victory; triumph; conquest; success; win
める しょうりをおさめる to gain a victory; to win
しょうりしゃ winner; victor; conqueror
しょうりとうしゅ winning pitcher
しょうりまたしょうり victory after victory
しょうりつ winning percentage
じょうしょう invincible
しんしょう narrow victory
せいしょう victory; championship
せいしょう (your) good health
ぜっしょう splendor; a superb view
さきがち lucky day in morning, but not afternoon; scoring the first point; winning the first game
せんかち lucky day in morning, but not afternoon; scoring the first point; winning the first game
せんしょう lucky day in morning, but not afternoon; scoring the first point; winning the first game
せんしょう victory; triumph
ぜんしょう complete victory
ぜんしょうゆうしょう winning a championship in sumo with a perfect record
たいしょう great victory; crushing victory
たんしょう winning at the races
たんしょう sightseeing
てんかのしょう beautiful scenery
どうてんけっしょう play-off
ひっしょう certain victory
ひゃくせんひゃくしょう ever-victorious; many successful campaigns; invincibility
ふせんしょう win without playing; unearned win
ふそくがち needy circumstances
ふくしょう placing bets
ぶちょうそんしょう Usnisavijaya; Victorious Goddess of the Chignon (Buddhist deity)
めいしょう place of scenic beauty; the sights
ゆうしょう overall victory; championship
ゆうしょう beautiful and quiet scene
れんしょう consecutive victories; series of victories
れんせんれんしょう succession of victories