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  • on reading:
  • ジュツ
  • kun reading:
  • べる
  • meaning(s):
  • mention, state, speak, relate
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きじゅつ previously mentioned or described; aforesaid
きじゅつ describing; descriptor
きょうじゅつ affidavit; deposition; testimony
こうじゅつ later mention
こうじゅつ speaking at a public hearing
こうじゅつ verbal statement
こうぞうきじゅつ structural description
しゅじゅつ subject and predicate
しゅうごうきじゅつ set descriptions
べる のべる to state; to express; to mention
てる のべたてる to relate at great length; to dwell eloquently (on)
じゅっかい recollection
じゅつご predicate
じゅっさく writing a book; literary work
じゅつぶ predicate (grammar)
じょじゅつ description
しょうじゅつ detailed explanation
じょうじゅつ above mentioned
せんせいのじゅつ teachers statement (expounding)
せんじゅつ compiling; editing; writing
ぜんじゅつ afore-mentioned; above-mentioned
そじゅつ exposition (propagation) of one's master's teachings or doctrines
ちょじゅつ writing; literary work
ちんじゅつ statement; declaration
ぼうとうちんじゅつ opening statement
やくじゅつ translation
りゃくじゅつ outline; summary
ろんじゅつ statement; setting forth