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  • on reading:
  • シュウ
  • kun reading:
  • あつまる   あつめる   つど
  • meaning(s):
  • gather, meet, congregate, swarm, flock
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いしゅう collection of writings by the deceased
うんしゅう swarm; throng
かしゅう poet's poetical works
かしゅう anthology; book of poetry
がしゅう book of paintings in print
かいしゅう audience; assembly; meeting
きねんろんぶんしゅう essays (contributed) in celebration of something)
ぎょうしゅう cohesion; condensation
くしゅう collection of haiku poems
ぐんしゅう (social) group; crowd; throng; mob; multitude
けっしゅう concentration; regimentation
こんちゅうさいしゅう insect collecting
さいしゅう collecting; gathering
さんしゅう assembling (of people)
ししゅう booklet of essays; magazine
しかしゅう private or personal collection (of poetry)
しかしゅう anthology (of poems); florilegium
ししゅう poetry anthology
しゃしんしゅう collection of photographs
しゅうしゅう gathering up; collection; accumulation
しゅうしゅう gathering up; collection; accumulation
しゅうしゅう gathering up; collection; accumulation
つどい meeting; get-together (e.g. among friends)
つどう to meet; to assemble; to congregate
まり あつまり gathering; meeting; assembly; collection
まる あつまる to gather; to collect; to assemble
める あつめる to collect; to assemble
たかる to gather; to crowd round; to swarm; to flock; to extort from; to sponge off
しゅうえいしゃ Shueisha (publisher)
しゅうか collection of cargo; cargo booking
しゅうか collection of freight
しゅうかい meeting; assembly
しゅうかいじょ meeting place; assembly hall
しゅうかい mass; cluster
しゅうぎょとう fish-luring lights
しゅうきん money collection
しゅうきんにん bill collector
しゅうぐん gather a group together
しゅうけい totalization; aggregate
しゅうけつ massing (of troops); gathering
しゅうけん centralization (e.g. power)
しゅうけんはいじょ decentralization
しゅうこう condense
しゅうこうき condenser
しゅうごう gathering; assembly; meeting; set (math)
しゅうごうきじゅつ set descriptions
しゅうごうじかん time appointed for meeting (assembling); time one is supposed to meet
しゅうごうじゅうたく apartment building
しゅうごうばしょ meeting-place; rendezvous (point); roll-call (assembly) point; appointed (designated) place
しゅうごうたい aggregation
しゅうごうてき collective
しゅうごうめいし collective noun
しゅうごうろん set theory (in math)
しゅうさつ ticket collection
しゅうさつがかり ticket collector
しゅうさん collection (gathering) and distribution
しゅうさんしゅぎ collectivism
しゅうさんち distribution or trading center
しゅうじん collecting dust
しゅうじんき dust collector
しゅうじんぶくろ vacuum cleaner bag
しゅうせい aggregation
しゅうせき accumulation
しゅうせきかいろ integrated-circuit
しゅうたいせい compilation
しゅうだん group; mass
しゅうだんあんぜんほしょう collective security
しゅうだんけっこん group wedding
しゅうだんけんしん group medical examination
しゅうだんこうどう group (collective) action; collective behavior
しゅうだんしゅうしょく group employment
しゅうだんしんり mass psychology
しゅうだんせいかつ living in a group; communal living (life)
しゅうだんそしょう class-action (lawsuit)
しゅうだんのうじょう collective farm
しゅうちゅう concentration; focusing the mind
しゅうちゅうこうげき (making, launching) concentrated attack (on, against)
しゅうちゅうこうぎ closely-packed series of lectures; intensive course
しゅうちゅうごうう local downpour; severe rain fall
しゅうちゅうちりょうしつ intensive care unit; ICU
しゅうちゅうせん saturated linework; concentrated linework
しゅうちゅうほうか concentrated fire
しゅうちゅうりょく (powers of) concentration; ability to concentrate
しっちゅう variorum
しゅうちゅう variorum
しっちゅう variorum
しゅうちゅう variorum
しゅうはい collection and delivery
しゅうはいじん postman; mailman; mail carrier
しゅうはいにん postman; mailman; mail carrier
しゅうひょう gathering votes
しゅうやく 1. intensive; 2. collect(ed); summarize(d)
しゅうやくてき intensive
しゅうやくのうぎょう intensive farming
しゅうらく village
しゅうろく compilation; editing
しょかんしゅう collection of letters; collected letters
しょうしゅう calling together (e.g. parliament)
しょうひんしゅう collection of literary sketches; sketch book
しょうしゅう calling or convening (a meeting, assembly, congress)
しょくぶつさいしゅう plant collecting
しんようしゅう collection of mythology
ずいひつしゅう collection of literary jottings (essays)
きってしゅうしゅう philately
せつようしゅう a Muromachi era Japanese dictionary
せんしゅう selection
ぜんしゅう complete works
だいいっしゅう first series
たんごしゅう word book
たんぺんしゅう collection of short stories; collected short stories
ちょうしゅう levying; recruitment
ちょくせんしゅう imperial-commissioned poem anthology
ちょくせんしゅう emperor-sponsored anthology
とくしゅう feature (e.g. newspaper); special edition; report
ひじょうこしゅう special call-up
ひじょうしょうしゅう emergency summons
ぶんしゅう anthology
へんしゅう editing; compilation; editorial (e.g. committee)
ぼしゅう recruiting; taking applications
まんようしゅう Manyoushuu (famous 8thC poetry); Japan's oldest anthology of poems
みっしゅう crowd; close formation; dense
みんだんしゅう collection of folk stories
ようごしゅう glossary
ろんしゅう treatise or essay collection
いしゅう swarm; throng; flock together