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  • on reading:
  • シュウ   ジュ
  • kun reading:
  • ならう   なら
  • meaning(s):
  • learn
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


あくしゅう bad habit; vice
いしゅう old customs
いんしゅう convention; tradition; long-established custom
えんしゅう practice; exercises; manoeuvers
えんそうれんしゅう musical rehearsal
おんしゅう review; rehearsal
さらい review; rehearsal
がくしゅう study
かんしゅう usual (historical) custom
きしゅう strange custom
きしゅう already learned
きどうえんしゅう maneuvers
きゅうしゅう old customs
きょういくじっしゅう teaching practice
きょうしゅう training; instruction
きんじゅ attendant
ぐんじえんしゅう military exercise
みならい learn by observation; apprentice
こうかいれんしゅう public workout
こうじょうじっしゅう coop; internship
こうしゅう short course; training
しきじょえんしゅう command post exercise
じしゅう periodic reviewing
じがくじしゅう teaching oneself
じしゅう self-study
じっしゅう practice; training
ならい as is habit; the way life normally is
ならいごと accomplishment; lesson; practice
ならう to learn
わし ならわし customary practice; habit; traditional event
しゅうかん custom; habit; manners
しゅうさく study (e.g. music)
しゅうじ penmanship
しゅうじゅく skilled; expert; mastery
しゅうせい trait
しゅうぞく manners and customs; folkways; usage
しゅうとく learning; acquisition
しゅうへき (bad) habit
しゅうれん practice; training; discipline
しょうかんしゅう commercial practice
じょうしゅう custom; common practice; habit
しょうがいがくしゅう lifelong study
ぞくしゅう custom; usage
だいえんしゅう large-scale maneuvers; war games
でんしゅう learning
どくしゅう self-study; self-teaching
ばんしゅう barbarous custom
ふうしゅう custom
ふくしゅう review
へいしゅう corrupt practices; bad habit
ほしゅう supplementary lessons
まやくじょうしゅう drug addiction
もうれんしゅう hard training
よこうえんしゅう dry run; rehearsal
よしゅう preparation for a lesson
よしゅう old remaining customs
れんしゅう practice
しょうしゅう learning by memorization
ろうしゅう evil custom