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  • on reading:
  • シュウ   シュ
  • kun reading:
  • おさめる   おさまる
  • meaning(s):
  • discipline, conduct oneself well, study, master
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かいしゅう repair; improvement
がくしゅう study; learning
かんしゅう supervision
ぎゃくしゅ (Buddhism) holding a memorial service for oneself; an older person conducting a memorial service for a deceased, younger person
けんしゅう studying two lines together (as a major and a minor)
けんしゅう training
じぜんけんしゅう advance training; prior training
じしゅう self study; teaching oneself
まる おさまる to govern oneself; to conduct oneself well
める おさめる to study; to complete (a course); to cultivate; to master; to order (one's life); to repair
しゅういん friary
しゅういんちょう prelate; prior; abbot
しゅうえい building work
しゅうかい personal reformation
しゅうがく learning
しゅうがくりょこう excursion; field trip
しゅうぎょう pursuit of knowledge; studying; learning; training; ascetic practice; discipline
しゅぎょう pursuit of knowledge; studying; learning; training; ascetic practice; discipline
しゅうぎょうねんげん length of the course of study
しゅげんじゃ mountaineering ascetic
しゅげんどう Shugendou; Japanese mountain asceticism-shamanism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts
しゅうこう amity; friendship
しゅうこう amity; friendship
しゅうこうじょうやく amity treaty
しゅうぎょう pursuit of knowledge; studying; learning; training; ascetic practice; discipline
しゅぎょう pursuit of knowledge; studying; learning; training; ascetic practice; discipline
しゅぎょうしゃ practitioner of (Buddhist) austerities
しゅうし compilation of a history
しゅうし Masters degree program
しゅうしかてい master's course
しゅうしろんぶん master's thesis (in anthropology)
しゅうじ figure of speech; rhetorical flourish
しゅうじがく rhetoric
しゅうじぎもん rhetorical question
しゅうじほう rhetoric
しゅうじゅく developing skill
しゅうしょく ornamentation; embellishment; decoration; adornment; polish up (writing); modification (gram)
しゅうしょくご modifier
しゅうしょくし modifier
しゅうしん morals; ethics; moral training
しゅうせい adjustment; retouching (in photography)
しゅうせいはん revised version
しゅうせい amendment; correction; revision; modification; alteration; retouching; update
しゅうせいあん proposed amendment
しゅうせいえき whiteout; correcting fluid
しゅうせいしほんしゅぎ modified capitalism
しゅうせいしゃ amender
しゅうせいしゅぎ revisionism
しゅうせいしんこく (filing) revised (income tax) return
しゅうせいよさん revised budget
しゅうせん editing; compiling
しゅうぜん repair; mending
しゅうぜんこう repair man
しゅうぜんこうじょう repair shop
しゅうぜんちゅう in the process of being repaired; during repairs
しゅうぜんひ repair expense
しゅうぞう repairing
しゅぞう repairing
しゅうちく repair; renovation; restoration
しゅうてい correction; revision
しゅうどう learning; studying the fine arts
しゅうどういん monastery; convent; cloister; abbey
しゅうどういんちょう abbot
しゅうどうかい (Catholic) order
しゅうどうし monk; friar
しゅうどうじょ (Catholic) nun
しゅうどうせいど monasticism
しゅうどうせいかつ monasticism; monastic life
しゅうどうせいがん vows of religious orders
しゅうどうに nun
しゅうとく learning; acquisition
しゅうふく repair; mending
しゅうほ repairing
しゅうほう (Buddhist) prayer and austerities
しゅうよう culture; (mental) training; self-discipline
しゅら fighting; scene of carnage
の巷 しゅらのちまた scene of carnage
しゅらじょう fighting scene; scene of carnage (bloodshed)
しゅらば fighting scene; scene of carnage (bloodshed)
しゅらどう scene of carnage
しゅうり repairing; mending
しゅうりや repair workshop; garage
しゅうりこう repair man
しゅうりこうじょう repair shop
しゅうりだい cost of repairs
しゅうりちゅう being repaired
しゅうりょう completion (of a course)
しゅうりょうしょう evidence of course completion (e.g. diploma)
しゅうりょうしょうしょ diploma
しゅうれん culture; training; drill; practice
しゅうれん culture; training; drill; practice
しゅうれんしゃ (Catholic) neophyte
しゅうれん culture; training; drill; practice
しゅうろん Masters thesis
しゅうふつ expel (exorcise) evil spirits (by Shinto rituals)
しんしゅう a new edition
せんしゅう specialization
せんしゅう compiling; editing; writing
どくしゅう self-education
ひっしゅう required (subject)
へんしゅう editing; compilation; editorial (e.g. committee)
ほしゅう maintenance; mending; repair
りしゅう taking a class; studying a subject; completing a course
さんしゅう revision; reform