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  • on reading:
  • シュウ
  • kun reading:
  • まわ
  • meaning(s):
  • circumference, circuit, lap
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いっしゅう once around; a revolution; a lap; a turn; a round; one full year
ひとめぐり once around; a revolution; a lap; a turn; a round; one full year
えんしゅう circumference
がいしゅう outer circumference
ししゅう periphery; circumference
ぐるり surroundings
しゅう circuit; lap; circumference; vicinity; Chou (dynasty)
まわり circumference; surroundings; circulation
りの まわりのひと surrounding people
しゅうい surroundings; circumference; environs
しゅういちょう perimeter
しゅうえき divination
しゅうえん fringe; rim
しゅうかい circumference; girth; surroundings
しゅうき death anniversary
しゅうき cycle; period
しゅうきせい cyclic; periodic
しゅうきりつ periodic law
しゅうきょくせい circumpolar star
しゅうこう circumnavigation; circle tour by ship
しゅうしょう agitation; frustration
狼狽 しゅうしょうろうばい consternation; fall into a panic; fluster oneself; dismay; discomfiture
しゅうせん good offices; recommendation; mediation; (Tokugawa-era) employment office
しゅうせんや broker; employment agency
しゅうせんぎょう brokerage; commission agency
しゅうせんぎょうしゃ broker; middleman; employment agency
しゅうせんにん agent; middleman
しゅうせんりょう brokerage; commission
しゅうち common knowledge; well known
しゅうちてってい (something) known to all
しゅうとう scrupulous; meticulous; careful
しゅうねん whole year; anniversary
しゅうは cycle; wave; frequency
しゅうはけい frequency meter; wavemeter
しゅうはすう frequency (of waves)
しゅうはすうへんい frequency shift
しゅうはすうへんかんそうち frequency converter
調 しゅうはすうへんちょう Frequency Modulation; FM
しゅうはたい frequency band
調 しゅうはへんちょう frequency modulation; FM
しゅうへん circumference; outskirts; environs; (computer) peripheral
しゅうへんきき peripherals
しゅうへんこく neighboring or surrounding country
しゅうへんしょこく surrounding countries; neighboring countries
しゅうみつ scrupulous; careful; meticulous
しゅうゆう excursion ticket; tour; round trip
しゅうゆうけん excursion ticket
しゅうらん looking all around
しゅうりゅう flowing around
せかいいっしゅう round-the-world trip; circumnavigation; globe-trotting
はんしゅう semicircle; half globe
ぶんしゅう division