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  • on reading:
  • エイ   エ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • defense, protection
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ミサイル ミサイルぼうえい missile defence
のんべえ heavy drinker; tippler
のんべえ heavy drinker; tippler
えいし guards at parliament
えいしょ place guarded by soldiers; torpedo room
えいせい satellite
えいせいこく satellite country
えいせいちきゅうきょく (satellite) earth station
えいせいちゅうけい satellite transmission
えいせいつうしん satellite communication
えいせいとし satellite town or city
えいせいほうそう satellite broadcasting
えいせい health; hygiene; sanitation; medical
えいせいがく hygienics
えいせいかんり hygiene management
えいせいきじゅん health standards; hygiene standards
えいせいこうがく sanitary engineering
えいせいじょう hygienic; sanitary
えいせいじょうたい sanitary conditions
えいせいせつび sanitary facilities
えいせいたい medical corps
えいせいてき hygienic; sanitary
えいせいへい (medical) orderly
えいへい palace guard; sentinel; garrison
かじょうぼうえい excessive or unjustifiable self-defense
きょうどうぼうえい joint defense
きんえい protecting the emperor
このえ Imperial Guards
けいえい guard; patrol; escort
こうえい rear guard
ごえい guard; convoy; escort
じえい bodyguard
じえい self-defense
しゅえい security guard; doorkeeper
しんえい monarch's guards
せいとうぼうえい self-defence; legitimate self-defence
せんしゅぼうえい a nonaggressive defense (policy)
ぜんえい advance guard; vanguard
ちゅうえい middle guard; (football) halfback; (volleyball) center forward
呑ん のんべえ heavy drinker; tippler
のんべえ heavy drinker; tippler
へいえい Imperial guard
ぼうえい defense; protection; self-defense
もんえい gatekeeper; doorman; porter