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  • on reading:
  • ジュ
  • kun reading:
  • ける   かる
  • meaning(s):
  • accept, undergo, answer (phone), take, get, catch, receive
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ひきうけ undertaking; underwriting
かんじゅ (radio) receptivity; sensitivity; susceptibility
かんじゅ submission to; putting up with
きょうじゅ reception; acceptance; enjoyment; being given
くじゅ listening to someone talking
かる うかる to pass (examination)
うけ receiving; holder; defense; reputation; agreement
けが うけがよい be popular (with)
ける うける to undertake; to accept; to take (lesson, test, damage); to undergo; to experience; to catch (e.g. a ball); to become popular
けを うけをあやまる to make a faulty defense
うけつぐ to inherit; to succeed; to take over
うけぐち protruding lower lip and jaw; socket; receiving window; slot
うけあう to take on a task and guarantee success
うけごし stance adopted when prepared to catch an object
うけざら saucer
める うけとめる to catch; to stop the blow; to react to; to take
うけもち charge (of something); matter in one's charge
うけもつ to take (be in) charge of
うけとり receipt
うけとり receipt
うけとる to receive; to get; to accept; to take; to interpret; to understand
うけて (referring to a person) receiver; viewer; listener
うけみ passive; passive voice
うけだち be on the defensive
うけわたし delivery
うけこたえ reply; response; answer
うけいれ receiving; acceptance
れる うけいれる to accept; to receive
うけうり received opinion; second-hand opinion
うけばこ box set at a gate of a home or near the front door, used for receiving deliveries of newspapers, mail, milk etc.
うけつけ receipt; acceptance; reception (desk); information desk
ける うけつける to be accepted; to receive (an application)
うけはらい receipts and payments
うけもどし redemption
うけながす to ward off; to elude; to turn aside (a joke)
じゅえき benefitting by
じゅえきけん a beneficiary right
じゅえきしゃ beneficiary
じゅえきしょうけん beneficiary certificate
じゅかい (Buddhism) vowing to follow the precepts
じゅきゅう receiving payments (pension, ration)
じゅきゅうしゃ recipient of payments; a pensioner
じゅけい punishment; be punished
じゅけいしゃ prisoner; convict
じゅけん being subjected to investigation
じゅけん taking an examination
じゅけんかもく subjects of the examination
じゅけんさんこうしょ crambook
じゅけんしかく qualifications of candidacy for an examination
じゅけんしゃ examinee
じゅけんせい student preparing for or taking examinations
じゅけんせんそう how to succeed in) fiercely competitive (entrance) examinations
じゅけんじごく examination hell
じゅけんばんごう examinee's (seat) number
じゅけんひょう admission ticket for an examination
じゅけんりょう examination fees
じゅこう taking (attending) lectures
じゅこうしゃ member (of a class); trainee; a participant
うけもち charge (of something); matter in one's charge
うけとり receipt
うけとり receipt
うけとりてがた notes receivable-trade
うけとりにん recipient
じゅしょう reception of a decoration or order
じゅしょう winning (a prize)
じゅしょうしゃ prize-winner
じゅしん reception (e.g. radio)
エラー じゅしんエラー receive error
じゅしんかいろ receiving circuit
じゅしんき (television, radio, etc.) receiver
じゅしんき (television, radio, etc.) receiver
じゅしんしゃ recipient
じゅしんにん addressee
じゅしんそうち receiver; receiving set; receiving apparatus (equipment)
じゅしんがわ receiver; receiving entity
じゅしんりょう (radio, TV) license fee
じゅしん having a medical exam; seeing a doctor
うけみ passive; passive voice
うけみけい passive voice
じゅせい fertilization; impregnation; pollination
じゅせいらん fertilized eggs
じゅせん be baptized
じゅぞう television
じゅぞうき television set
じゅぞう receiving a present
じゅたい conception; fertilization
じゅたいこくち the Annunciation
調 じゅたいちょうせつ birth control
じゅたく being entrusted with; taking charge of
じゅたくがいしゃ trustee company
じゅたくしゅうわいざい (the crime of) bribery
じゅたくはんばい consignment sale
じゅだく acceptance
じゅちゅう accepting orders
じゅちゅう receiving an order
うけわたし delivery
うけわたす to deliver
じゅどうどあつけいすう coefficient of passive earth pressure
じゅどう passive
じゅどうきつえん passive smoking
じゅどうたい passive voice
じゅどうてき passive
じゅなん suffering; agony; passion
じゅなんきょく Passion music
じゅなんげき a Passion Play
じゅなんしゅう Passion Week
じゅなんせつ Lent
じゅにん being appointed; bearing entrusted responsibilities
じゅのう acceptance; receiving
うけつけ receipt; acceptance; reception (desk); information desk
うけつけがかり reception (section)
じゅふん pollinization; fertilization
じゅよう reception
じゅようしゃ recipient
じゅり acceptance
じゅりょう receipt (of letter); acknowledge
じゅりょうしゃ recipient
じゅりょうしょ receipt
じゅりょうしょう receipt
じゅわき (telephone) receiver
じゅうん perception
じゅじゅ give and receive
しゅうじゅ reception; receiving
しんじゅ belief; acceptance (of truths)
せつじゅ receive; intercept
そうじゅ sending and receiving
でんじゅ initiation (into the arts)
のうじゅ acceptance; reception
はいじゅ receiving (accepting) (humbly)
ぼうじゅ interception; monitoring; tapping