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  • on reading:
  • シュ
  • kun reading:
  • くび
  • meaning(s):
  • neck
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バイオリンの バイオリンのくび neck of a violin
いっしゅ a poem
かまくび gooseneck
かんしゅ beginning of a book or scroll
かんしゅ warship's bow
かんしゅ chief abbot (of a Buddhist temple)
かんじゅ chief abbot (of a Buddhist temple)
まるくび round-necked (T-shirt)
にせくび falsified severed head
かりくび goose neck
がんくび pipe bowl
きしゅ beginning of a term
きしゅ nose (of plane)
えりくび nape of neck
けいしゅ bowing to the floor
げんしゅ ruler; sovereign
こうしゅ hanging; strangling to death
晒し さらしくび gibbeted head
ざんしゅ decapitated head; decapitation
しあんなげくび at one's wits end
しあんなげくび be at one's wit's end
じしゅ surrender; give oneself up
てくび wrist
くび neck
まる くびがしまる to have one's neck wrung
くびっぴき making constant reference to
くびったま the neck
くびったけ up to the neck; complete devotion
にする くびにする to fire from a job
になる くびになる to be beheaded; to be fired; to be dismissed
をかしげる くびをかしげる to incline one's head to the side in doubt
くびをくくる to hang oneself
ける くびをかたむける to incline one's head
げる くびをかしげる to put one's head on one side
める くびをしめる to wring the neck; to strangle
める くびをちぢめる to duck one's head
くびをきる to behead; to fire from a job
える くびをそろえる to get together
くして くびをながくして looking forward; expectantly; eagerly
しゅい first place; head position; leading position
しゅいこうぼうせん game or series of games between the first and second place teams (baseball)
しゅいだしゃ the leading hitter
しゅかい forerunner; ringleader
くびまき comforter; muffler; neckerchief
くびまき comforter; muffler; neckerchief
しゅきゅう decapitated head of an enemy
くびすじ nape of the neck; back of the neck; scruff of the neck
える くびすじをちがえる to wrench one's neck
しゅこう assent; consent
っこ くびねっこ the scruff or nape of the neck
しゅざ seat of honor; head of the table; head
斬り くびきり firing; dismissal; decapitation; execution
くびじっけん identifying a severed head; checking a person's identity
くびかり headhunting
くびがり headhunting
しゅしょう advocacy; promotion
しゅしょうしゃ an advocate
しゅしょう commander-in-chief
しゅしょう beginning of a book
くびかざり necklace
しゅせき top seat; first desk (in orch.)
くびきり firing; dismissal; decapitation; execution
しゅしょう Prime Minister
しゅしょうかんてい prime minister's official residence
しゅしょうけんがいしょう Prime Minister and Foreign Minister
しゅそく head and legs; the body
しゅだい the opening phrase of a letter or notice
しゅちょう head (of organization)
吊り くびつり hanging (by the neck)
しゅと capital city
しゅとけん the Tokyo area (within 50 KM of Tokyo's center)
しゅのう head; brains
しゅのうかいぎ summit meeting; top-level conference
しゅのうかいだん leadership conference
しゅのうぶ executives; top management
しゅはん head; leader; Prime Minister
しゅび issue; course of events; beginning and end
よく しゅびよく successfully; with success
しゅびいっかん consistent; unchanging from beginning to end
した しゅびいっかんした consistent
しゅびよく successfully
しゅふ capital; metropolis
しゅぼう planning; plotting; ringleader
しゅぼうしゃ ringleader
しゅりょう head; chief; boss; leader
くびわ necklace; choker
くびかせ a pillory; a burden
縊り くびくくり hanging oneself
こくび head
ねくび head of a sleeping person
なまくび freshly severed head
せんしゅ bow
そっくび head
そくび head
あしくび ankle
うちくび decapitation
いくび bull neck
かくしゅ looking forward to
ていしゅ bow (of a boat)
とうしゅ party leader
なげくび being at a loss
ちくび nipple; teat
ちちくび nipple; teat
ばしゅ neck of a horse
曝し さらしくび exposure of a severed head
しばりくび (death by) hanging
きゅうしゅ going into a huddle
ひゃくにんいっしゅ 100 poems by 100 famous poets; (playing) cards of one hundred famous poems
ぶしゅ radical (of a kanji character)
らくしゅ lampoon; satirical poem
うでくび wrist
あいくち dagger; dirk
ひしゅ dagger; dirk
きょうしゅ exposure of a severed head
かくしゅ beheading; dismissal