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  • on reading:
  • ジャ
  • kun reading:
  • よこし
  • meaning(s):
  • wicked, injustice, wrong
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おたふくかぜ mumps
わるいかぜ bad cold
なつかぜ a summer cold
よこしま wicked; evil
まな よこしまなこころ evil heart
じゃあく wicked; evil
じゃいん lewdness
じゃき noxious gas; maliciousness
じゃき devil; imp; evil spirit
じゃきょう heresy; heathenism; paganism
じゃきょく wickedness
じゃけん evil point of view
じゃけん hard hearted; cruel; unkind
じゃしゅう heresy; foreign religion
じゃしん wicked heart; evil design
じゃしん an evil god
じゃすい distrust; unjust suspicion
じゃせつ heretical doctrine
じゃち knowledge applied to evil purposes
じゃどう evil course; heresy
じゃねん wicked thought; wicked mind
じゃひ foul fly
じゃほう heretical teachings; the black arts
じゃま hindrance; intrusion
じゃまっけ obstructive; troublesome; a nuisance
じゃまもの someone who is a nuisance or a burden
じゃまくさい troublesome; pain in the butt
じゃまもの obstacle; hindrance
じゃまだて a hindrance
じゃよく evil desire
じゃれん illicit love
じゃけん cruelty; hard-heartedness
せいじゃ right and wrong
はじゃ (Buddhist sense of) crushing evil
はなかぜ head cold
かぜ cold (illness); common cold
ふうじゃ cold (illness); common cold