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  • on reading:
  • ジ   シ
  • kun reading:
  • みずから   おのずから   おのずと
  • meaning(s):
  • oneself
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かくじ individual; each
ずから おのずから naturally; as a matter of course
ずから おのずからあきらか self-evident
みずから for one's self; personally
らの みずからのてで with one's own hands
じあい taking care of oneself
じいしき self-consciousness
じい self consolation; masturbation
じえい independent; self-employed; self-supporting; operating own business
じえいぎょう independent business
じえい self-defense
じえいかん (Japanese) Self Defense Force official
じえいけん right of self defense
じえいしゅだん measures to defend oneself (for self-defense)
じえいたい self-defence force
じか own; personal
じかじゅせい self-fertilization
じかじゅふん self-pollination
じかせい home-made
じかちゅうどく autotoxemia
じかどうちゃく self-contradiction
じかはつでん 1. private power generation; 2. (col) masturbation
じかやくろうちゅうのもの complete mastery of or over; at one's beck and call
じかよう for private or home use
じかようしゃ private automobile
じか a fire raging in one's own home
じが self; the ego
じがじつげん self-realization
じが picture painted by oneself; self-portrait
じがじさん singing one's own praises; praising one's own wares
じがじさん self-praise; painting with the eulogy written by the artist
じがぞう self portrait
じかい disintegration
じかいさよう (the act of) disintegration
じかい self-admonition
じがい suicide
じかく self-conscious
じかくしょうじょう subjective symptoms
じがくじしゅう teaching oneself
じかつ self-support
じかつのみち independent living
じき despair; desperation; abandonment
やけ despair; desperation; abandonment
やけのみ drowning one's cares in drink
やけざけ drowning one's cares in drink
やけくそ desperation
じき writing oneself; self-recording
じきおんどけい self-registering thermometer
湿 じきしつどけい self-registering hygrometer
じぎゃく masochism; inflicting damage to oneself
じぎゃくてき self-torturing
じきゅう self-support
じきゅうじそく self-sufficiency
じきゅうりつ (the degree of) self-sufficiency (e.g. in oil)
じきょう confession
じごうじとく paying for one's mistakes; getting one's just deserts; suffering the consequences (of one's own actions); reap what you sow
じぎょく one's own king
じけい giving warning oneself
じけいだん vigilance committee; vigilante corps
じけいだんいん a vigilante
じけつ self-determination; suicide; resignation (from a post)
じこ self; oneself
じこあんじ self suggestion; autosuggestion
じこきせい self regulation
じこぎまん self-deception
じこぎせい self-sacrifice; self-renunciation
じこきょうやく self adjoint (math)
じこけんお self-hatred; self-abhorrence
じこけんさ self-checking; self-diagnosis
じこけんじ making oneself conspicuous; pressing one's own cause
じこけんじよく person who craves the limelight
じこしほん net worth; owned capital
じこしゅぎ egoism
じこしゅちょう self-assertion
じこしょうかい self-introduction
システム じこしんだんシステム self-checking system; self-diagnosis system
じこせんでん self publicity; advertising oneself
じこそがい self-alienation
じこそうつい self dual (math)
じこちゅうしん selfish; egotistic
じこひはん self-criticism
じこふたん paying one's own expenses
じこふくせい self-duplicating
じこべんご self-justification; excuse
じこほぞん self-preservation
じこほんい self-centeredness; selfishness; egoism
じこまんぞく self-satisfaction; (self-)complacency
じこむじゅん self-contradiction
じこりゅう one's own style; self-taught manner
じこうみん Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito and Democratic Socialist Party
じこう automobile industry
じこく one's own country
じこくご one's native language
惚れ うぬぼれ pretension; conceit; hubris
惚れる うぬぼれる to be conceited
じこん from now on; hereafter
じざい freely; at will
じざいが a freehand drawing
じざいかぎ a pot-hook
じさく one's own work
じさくのう landed farmer; owner farmer
じさつ suicide
じさつをはかる to attempt suicide
じさつしゃ person who commits suicide
じさつてき suicidal
じさつみすい attempted suicide
じさつほうじょ (the crime of) aiding and abetting a suicide
じさん self-praise; praising oneself
じさん self-praise; praising oneself
じち self-government; autonomy
じちかい neighborhood council; student council
じちけん autonomy; right of self-government
じちしょう Ministry of Home Affairs
じちたい self-governing body; municipality
じちだいじん Minister of Home Affairs
じちりょう self-governing dominion
じじこうさんとう 3-party coalition: Jimintou, Jiyuutou and Koumeitou
じしつ stupefaction
じしつ one's own room
じしゃ private company
じしゃせいひん in-house manufactured goods
じじゃく self-possessed; composed
じしゅ independence; autonomy
じしゅきせい voluntary restraints
じしゅけん autonomy
じしゅししん independent guideline
じしゅせい independence
じしゅてき independent; autonomous
じしゅりゅうつうまい rice not subject to government controls
じしゅ surrender; give oneself up
じしゅう self study; teaching oneself
じしゅう self-study
じしゅうじかん study time
じしゅうしつ (private) study room
じじゅう weight of an (unloaded) vehicle
じちょう prudence
じちょうをのぞむ to ask for prudence
じしゅく self-control; self-discipline
じしょ autograph; signature
じしょ one's own writing
じじょ self-help
じじょ autobiography
じじょでん autobiography
じじょ authors preface
じせい self-examination; reflection
じしょう self-styled; would-be; calling oneself
じじょう squaring; multiplying (a number) by itself; second power
じじょうこん square root
じじょう self-purification; self-cleansing
じじょうさよう autopurificatory activity (in the natural world)
じしん self-confidence
なし じしんなし (I am) uncertain; unsure
じしんか person who has great confidence (faith) in himself
じしんかじょう overconfindent; presumptuous
じしんまんまん full of confidence
じしん by oneself; personally
じしんばん (Edo-period) guardhouses within the city
じじん suicide by the sword
じじん suicide
じすい cooking for oneself
じせい self control; self restraint
じせいしん self-control; self-restraint
じせい growing wild (naturally); native
じせい homemade
じせき one's seat; one's desk
じせき self-condemnation
じせきてん (in baseball) an earned run
じせつ one's personal opinion
じせん self-recommendation
じせん (author) selection
じまえ at one's own expense
しぜん nature; spontaneous
しぜんなせい natural gender
しぜんに naturally; smoothly; spontaneously
わる しぜんにそなわるじんかく one's natural dignity
しぜんのふところ bosom of Nature
しぜんのいきおい force of circumstances
しぜんかがく natural science
しぜんかい nature; the natural world; realm of nature
しぜんかんきょう natural (physical) environment
しぜんかんきょうほぜんほう (Japan's) Natural Conservation Law (1972)
しぜんかん perspective on nature
しぜんきゅうかい (in the Diet) a spontaneous recess
しぜんげんしょう natural phenomena
しぜんげんご natural language
しぜんさいがい natural disaster
しぜんし (dying of) natural causes
しぜんちゆ self-healing; spontaneous recovery
しぜんしゅぎ naturalism
しぜんしゅぎしゃ a naturalist
じねんじょ type of Japanese yam
しぜんしょくひん natural foods
しぜんじん natural person (e.g., one unspoilt by civilization)
しぜんすうはい nature worship
しぜんすう natural number; nonnegative integer
しぜんせんたく natural selection
しぜんぞう natural increase
しぜんぞうしゅう natural or automatic increase in revenue
しぜんたいすう logarithm (natural)
しぜんちりがく physical geography
しぜんてつがく natural philosophy
淘汰 しぜんとうた natural selection
しぜんはかい destruction of nature
しぜんはっか spontaneous combustion
しぜんはっせい spontaneous generation
しぜんび natural beauty
しぜんびょうしゃ description of nature
しぜんほご nature conservation
しぜんほう natural law
しぜんりつ natural law
しぜんりょく force(s) of nature
しぜんりん virgin forest
しぜんるい natural class
じそうほう self-propelled artillery
じそく self-sufficiency; self-satisfaction
じそん existing of or by itself; self-existence
じそん self-respect; esteem
じそんしん self-respect; conceit
じた oneself and others; transitive and intransitive
じたともにゆるす to be generally accepted; to be acknowledged by oneself and others
じだらく depravity
じたい itself
じたく one's home
じちゅう self-annotation of one's writings
じちゅう self-annotation of one's writings
じちょ one's own literary work
じちん scuttling one's own boat
じてい one's residence
じてき living free from worldly care; easy and comfortable living
じてん rotation; spin
じてんじく rotating shaft; axle
じてんしゃ bicycle
を漕ぐ じてんしゃをこぐ to pedal a bike
じてんしゃや bicycle shop; bicycle dealer
じてんしゃそうぎょう barely keeping a business going (analogy that a bicycle falls over when its wheels cease rotating)
じてんしゃおきば place for storing bicycles
じてんしゃおきば place for storing bicycles
じてんしゃりょこう bicycle trip; cycling tour
じてんしゅうき rotation period
じてん rotation; turning
じでん autobiography
じとう the political party to which one belongs
じどう automatic; self-motion
データ じどうデータしょり automatic data processing; ADP
ロード じどうロード auto-load
じどうか automation
じどうかいさつき automatic turnstile (ticket gate)
じどうまき self-winding watch
じどうきんせんしゅつにゅうき automatic teller machine; ATM
じどうし intransitive verb (no direct obj)
じどうしゃ automobile
じどうしゃか motorized
じどうしゃがっこう driving school
じどうしゃじこ motor(ing) (an auto) accident; car crash (smash)
じどうしゃぜい an automobile tax
じどうしゃそんがいばいしょうせきにんほけん mandatory vehicle liability insurance
じどうしゃどろ car thief
じどうしゃでんわ car telephone
じどうしゃほけん automobile insurance
じどうしゃほけんりょう car insurance premium
じどうしょうじゅう automatic rifle; weapon
じどうにんぎょう automaton; automata
じどうせいぎょ automatic control
じどうそうじゅうそうち autopilot
じどうちゃくしん auto answer (modem)
じどうてき automatic
じどうはんばいき vending machine
じどうはんばいき vending machine
じどうとびら automatic door
じどうほうこうたんちき automatic direction finder (ADF)
じどうほんやくき automatic translation machine
じどうれっしゃせいぎょそうち automatic train control (ATC)
じどうれっしゃていしそうち automatic train stop (ATS)
じどうれんけつき automatic coupler
じとく self-acquisition; self-satisfaction; being paid back for one's deeds
じとく masturbation
じじょうじばく be caught in one's own trap
じじょうじばくにおちいる to be caught in one's own trap
じにん self-appointment; pretension
じにん admission; (self-)acknowledgment
じばいせきほけん mandatory vehicle liability insurance
じばいほう Automobile Accident Compensation Act
じはく confession; acknowledgement
じばく suicide bombing
じばく being circumscribed by one's own words and actions
じはつ spontaneous
じはつせい self-motivation; spontaneity; spontaneousness
じはつてき spontaneous; voluntary
じはん automobile sales
じはんき vending machine
じひ one's own expense
じひしゅっぱん self-publishing; publishing at one's own expense
じひつ one's own handwriting
じふ conceit; bragging about one's own ability
じふしん pride; self-confidence
じばら paying one's own way
じぶん myself; oneself
める じぶんできめる to decide by oneself
じぶんのために for oneself; for one's own sake
いをみる じぶんのおこないをかえりみる to reflect upon one's deeds
もる じぶんのしろにとじこもる to keep in one's own castle
じぶんのみちをひらく to hew one's way out
じぶんのぶん one's share (own)
じぶんじしん oneSELF!
じぶんかって (very) selfish; self-centered
じぶんたちで by themselves
じへいしょう autism
じべん paying ones own expenses
じぼう despair; desperation; abandonment
じぼうじき desperation; despair; self-abandonment
じまん pride; boast
じまんばなし boastful speech; bragging
じみん Liberal Democratic Party; LDP
じみんとう LDP; Liberal Democratic Party
じみんとうそく rules of the Liberal Democratic Party
じめい obvious; self-evident; axiomatic; self-explanatory
じめいのり self-evident truth; truism; axiom
じめつ ruining oneself; destroying oneself
じもん asking oneself
じもんじとう answering one's own question; wondering to oneself; soliloquizing
じゆう freedom; liberty; as it pleases you
なるきゃく じゆうなるろんきゃく freelance journalist
じゆうに freely
くまれた じゆうのはぐくまれたところ cradle of liberty
じゆうのめがみのぞう Statue of Liberty
じゆういし free will
じゆうえいぎょう unrestricted operations
じゆうか liberalization; freeing
じゆうきょうそう free competition
じゆうぎょう self-employed profession (e.g. actor, artist); liberal profession
じゆうけい punishment by imprisonment or curtailment of liberties
じゆうがた freestyle (swimming event)
じゆうがた freestyle (swimming event)
じゆうけいざい free economy
じゆうけっこん freedom to choose one's marriage partner, parental wishes notwithstanding
じゆうけん civil liberties
じゆうこう a free port
じゆうさいりょうけん discretionary power
じゆうしじょう free market
じゆうし free verse
じゆうじかん free time; time at leisure
じゆうじざい freely
じゆうしゅぎ liberalism
じゆうしゅぎけいざい free economy
じゆうしゅぎこっか a free nation
じゆうしゅぎしゃ liberal
じゆうせき unreserved seat
じゆうど degree of freedom
じゆうとう Liberal Party
じゆうほうにん laissez-faire; non-intervention
貿 じゆうぼうえき free trade
貿 じゆうぼうえきたいいき free trade zone; free trade area
貿 じゆうぼうえきちいき free trade zone; free trade area
じゆうみんけんろん (early Meiji era) democratic rights ideology
じゆうみんしゅとう LDP; Liberal Democratic Party
じゆうもんだい (in competitive sports) a free exercise
じゆうろうどうしゃ day laborer
じよ the others; the remainder
じよう for personal or private use; opinionated
じり benefitting oneself
じりつ autonomy
じりつしんけい autonomic nerves
調 じりつしんけいしっちょうしょう autonomic ataxia
じりつ independence; self-reliance
じりつご independent (freestanding) words
じりつしん feeling of independence
じりき by oneself; self-made
じまま selfish(ness)
じちょう self derision
とうじ lady; matron; mistress; housekeeper
とじ lady; matron; mistress; housekeeper
どくじ original; peculiar; characteristic