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  • on reading:
  • エイ
  • kun reading:
  • うつる   うつす   える
  • meaning(s):
  • reflect, reflection, projection
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Stroke Order Diagram
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はえ glory; prosperity
えない はえないいろ dull color
える はえる to shine; to look attractive; to look pretty
うつしえ film picture; silhouette
うつしだす to project; to reflect
うつす to project; to reflect; to cast (shadow)
うつり reflection; quality of a picture (film); match; harmony
うつる to be reflected; to harmonize with; to come out (photo)
えいが movie; film
しむ えいがをたのしむ to enjoy a movie
なう えいがをみそこなう to fail to see a film
えいがおんがく film music
えいがか making (book) into film; making screen version
えいががいしゃ movie company
えいがかい the film world
えいがかんとく movie (film) director
えいがかん movie theatre
えいがきょう movie fan; cinema enthusiast
えいがさい film festival
えいがしゃ movie company
えいがはいゆう movie (film, screen) actor or actress
えいがひょう film critique
えいがひょうろんか film (movie) critic
えいしゃ projection
えいしゃき projector
えいしゃまく a screen
えいしゃ (rare) reflecting; shining
えいぞう reflection; image
えいぞうしんごう (computer) video signal
えいはい film distributing company
えいりん Motion Picture Code of Ethics Committee
きょうえい competitive showing of films
ぎんえい The Ginei Movie Theater
みばえ show; display; appearance; vanity; charm; attraction
さいえい rerun; reshow; revive (a movie)
さいじょうえい rerun (of a file)
しゅうえい the ending time of a movie
しょうえい portrait
じょうえい screen projection
ぞくえい continued showing of a movie
だいえい Daiei Motion Picture Company
はんえい reflection; influence
ほうえい televising