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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • こころみる   ため
  • meaning(s):
  • test, try, attempt, experiment, ordeal
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こうし national examinations
ためし trial; test
ためしざん checking
し斬り ためしぎり trying out a new sword or blade
ためしぎり trying out a new sword (on someone)
ためす to attempt; to test
こころみ trial; experiment
みる こころみる to try; to test
しあん tentative
しいん sampling drink; a taste
しうんてん trial run; test run
しえん trial performance; rehearsal
しきょうひん specimen; sample
ためすじ patron; effective means
しきんせき touchstone; test case
しくつ prospecting; trial digging
しくつけん prospecting rights; mining claim
しくつしゃ prospector
しけん examination; test; study
がる しけんであがる to get nervous at an examination
で撥ねられる しけんではねられる to get flunked in an examination
ける しけんをうける to sit for an examination
しけんかもく subjects for (of) examination; exam subject
しけんかん examiner
しけんかんとく proctoring of an exam; invigilation
しけんかん test tube
しけんきかん test (testing) period
しけんき testing apparatus
しけんし litmus paper
しけんじょう examination hall (room); laboratory
しけんだんかい testing stage
しけんじごく (entrance) examination hell
しけんてき experimental; provisional
しけんひこう test (trial) flight
しけんべんきょう cramming for exams
しけんほう assay
しけんもんだい examination (exam) questions; questions for an examination
しこう making an attempt
しこうさくご trial and error
しあい match; game; bout; contest
れる しあいにやぶれる to lose a game
しさく trial manufacture; experiment
しさくき prototype (e.g. plane)
しさくしゃ experimental car
しさくひん trial product
しさん trial calculation
しさんひょう trial balance sheet
ししゃ preview; private showing
ししゃ test firing
しじょう test drive or ride; trial ride
しじょうしゃ demonstration model (car)
ししょく sampling food
しちゃく wearing clothes to try
しちゃくしつ dressing room
しちょう trial listening (e.g. to a record before buying); an audition
しちょうしつ audition room
しひつ first writing (of the New Year)
しほ probationer
しもん interview; examination; question
しやく reagent
しよう trial
しようきかん trial period
しりょう sample; test piece
しれん ordeals; trials
しれん test; trial; probation; ordeal
しろん essay; tentative assumption
ついし supplementary examination
にゅうし entrance examination
もし sham examination