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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • ぬ   に-
  • meaning(s):
  • death, die
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あっし crushing to death
あんらくし euthanasia
いっし dying; one out (baseball)
えんし death by smoke suffocation
おうし violent (tragic or accidental) death; dog's death
かし asphyxiation; apparent death
かしつちし involuntary manslaughter; accidental homicide
かろうし death from overwork
うえじに (death from) starvation
がし (death from) starvation
えし necrosis
かいし mysterious death
かっし dying of thirst
きし exposing a corpse in the city
きし saving from the brink of death
ぎし feigning death
かくし dying abroad; dying in a foreign land
きゃくし dying abroad; dying in a foreign land
きゅうし sudden death
きゅうし dying in miserable circumstances
きょうし dying insane
きゅうし narrowly averting death
けいし execution
けっし preparedness for death; do-or-die spirit
けんし autopsy; inquest; investigation of death
こし withering; dying
ごういじょうし double suicide
ごくし death in jail
さんし three outs
ざんし tragic death; violent death
death; decease
して已む ししてのちやむ to be determined to do or die
しにばな a blooming cut flower; glorious death
かる しにかかる to be dying
ける しにかける to be dying
しにがお face of a dead person
しにいそぐ to hasten one's death
しにがね wasted money; unused money
れる しにおくれる to outlive
しにぎわ verge of death
しにどき time to die
しにどころ place of death; place to die
しにばしょ place to die; place of death
しにがみ god of death; Death
しにみず give water to a dying person; water given to a dying person
える しにたえる to die out; to become extinct
しにしょうぞく burial clothes; clothes worn to commit suicide
ない しにぞこない a person who has escaped death; dotard
なう しにそこなう to fail to die; to survive; to outlive
しにたい losing posture (sumo); hopeless situation
しにはじ shameful death
しにものぐるい desperate; frantic
れる しにわかれる to be separated by death
しにめ moment of death
しにざま manner of death
しぬ to die
しぬまでたたかう to fight to the last (death)
しのはい lethal radioactive fallout; atomic dust
しのしょうにん merchant of death
しをいたむ to mourn over the death of
しいん cause of death
しかざん extinct volcano
しかい Dead Sea
しかい as lifeless as cold ashes
しがい body; corpse; remains
しかく blind spot; dead space
しかつ life and-or death
しかつもんだい matter of life or death; life-and-death problem
しき time of death
しきゅう hit a batter by pitching a ball (baseball)
しきょ death
しけい death penalty; capital punishment
しけいしっこう execution
しけいしゅう criminals condemned to death
しけいじょう place of execution
しご after death
しごにくらいをおくる to confer a posthumous rank
しごこうちょく rigor mortis
しご dead language; obsolete word
しざい capital punishment; the death penalty
しざん stillbirth
しざんじ stillborn baby
しし corpse
しじ dead or stillborn child
しじく dead axle
ししゃ casualty; deceased
かす ししゃをいかす to revive the dead
ししゅ defending to the last; defending desperately
ししゅう putrid smell of a corpse
ししょ place of death; place to die
ししょ place of death; place to die
ししょう casualties; injuries and deaths
ししょうしゃ casualties; killed and wounded
しにがみ (god of) death
しにん corpse; dead person
しびと corpse; dead person
しせい life and death
しせいかん one's opinion on (life and) death
しせん point between life and death; verge of death
しそう look of death; shadow of death
しぞう hoarding; storing away
したい corpse
したいいき abandon a corpse
したいかいぼう autopsy
したいおきば morgue
しち proper place to die; the point of death
しちゅう fatal situation
してん dead point
しとう struggle "to the death"
しどく ptomaine poisoning
しにく dead flesh
しはん postmortem lividity
しひょう useless vote
しびょう fatal disease
しぶつ dead thing; useless item
しぶん dead letter; meaningless writing
しべつ bereavement
しぼう death; mortality
しぼうきじ obituary notice
しぼうしゃ the deceased; deaths; persons killed
しぼうしんだんしょ death certificate
しぼうすう number of death
しぼうとどけ report of death
しぼうりつ death rate; mortality
しぼつ death
しみゃく weakening pulse; exhausted (mining) vein
しめい fate; life or death
しめつ extinction; annihilation; destruction
しりょく desperate effort
くす しりょくをつくす to make frantic efforts
しりょう spirit of a dead person; ghost; departed soul
しれい spirit of a dead person; ghost; departed soul
歿 しぼつ death
しはく waning moon
しぜんし (dying of) natural causes
しゅっけつし bleeding to death
じゅんし dying a martyr; following someone in suicide
しょうし death by fire
じょうし double love suicide
すいし on the verge of dying
すいし drowning
すいし becoming emaciated and die; wither away
すいせいむし idling one's life away
せいし life and death
せんし death in action
せんびょうし death from disease contracted at the front
あいたいじに double suicide
そくし instant death
そんげんし death with dignity
ちし lethal; fatal
ちっし (rare) death from suffocation
ちっそくし death by suffocation
ちゅうどくし death from poisoning
ついし falling to one's death
できし death by drowning
とし dying in vain
とうし dying by the wayside
とうし death from cold; freezing to death
うちじに die in battle; die in action
とつぜんし sudden death
とんし sudden death
にし two out
のうし brain death
ばくし bomb victim; atomic bomb victim
はんし half dead
ひごうのし unnatural death
ひっし inevitable death; desperation; frantic; inevitable result
びょうし (dying a) natural death
ひんし dying; verge of death
ひんし on the verge of death
ふし immortality; eternal life
ふろうふし perpetual youth and longevity
ふくじょうし death during sexual intercourse
ふんし dying in a fit of anger or indignation
へんし unnatural death; accidental death; violent death
ばんし certain death
むし baseball with no outs
もんし die in agony
こいじに dying of love
ろうし dying in prison
ろうし die of old age
ふんし decapitating oneself
ようし premature death
へいし falling dead; perishing; dying
らんし burning to death
いし death by hanging
かんし prepared to die in an effort to dissuade one's lord
れきし death by being run over