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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • えだ
  • meaning(s):
  • bough, branch, twig, limb
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隙いた すいたえだ thinned branches
かれえだ dead branch
がった ひろがったえだ spreading branches
えだ branch; bow; twig; limb
める えだをためる to straighten a branch
わして えだをかわして with branches crossing each other
を剪る えだをきる to prune a tree
を鋏む えだをはさむ to trim (prune) a tree
えだぶり shape of a tree; ramifications
しだれざくら weeping cherry
しだれやなぎ weeping willow
しだれざくら variety of cherry tree with drooping branches
しだれやなぎ weeping willow
えだきり pruning
えだつぎ cleft grafting
しおりど garden gate formed of branches and twigs
しぞく tribe; branch family
したい detached force
えだまめ green soybeans
えだみち branch road; digression
かれ えだわかれ ramification; branch
えだげ split end of hair
えだは leaves and branches; side issues; foliage
しよう leaves and branches; side issues; foliage
しようまっせつ unimportant details; unessentials; (lit) branches and leaves
わかえだ young branch; sprig
こえだ twig; spray
きりえだ slips (to plant)
おおえだ large branch
ちょうとういっし one long sword
爪楊 つまようじ toothpick
いた すいたえだ thinned branches
ようじ toothpick
れんし off-shoot; noble (family) sibling
せんし pruning
れいし lychee (litchi) nut