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  • on reading:
  • ウン
  • kun reading:
  • はこ
  • meaning(s):
  • carry, luck, destiny, fate, lot, transport, progress, advance
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あくうん bad luck
うん fortune; luck
がいい うんがいい is lucky
うんがわるい is unlucky
ける うんがひらける to be in luck's way; to have one's fortune changes to the better
うんがむく to be in lucks way
せる うんにまかせる to trust to luck
はこび progress; pace; carriage; step; stage
はこびさる to carry away
はこびこむ to carry in; to bring in
はこびだす to carry out
げる はこびあげる to carry or bring (up)
れる はこびいれる to carry or bring in(to)
はこぶ to transport
よく うんよく luckily
せる うんをてんにまかせる to leave to chance; to resign oneself to one's fate
うんわるく unluckily
うんえい management; administration; operation
うんえいいいんかい steering committee
うんえいけいひ operating expenses; budget
うんえいしきん operating funds
うんえいしゃ manager; administrator
うんえいひ operating expenses; budget
うんが canal; waterway
うんき fate; fortune
うんきゅう service suspended (e.g. trains)
うんきゅう bowing (of a stringed instrument)
うんこう operating (e.g. ships, aircraft)
うんこう motion; revolution
うんこんどん luck, steadfastness and patience (the three keys to achieving success)
うんざ poetic meeting
うんざん mathematical operation; calculation
うんし fingering (of a musical instrument)
うんだめし try or test one's luck
うんじょう carrying up; bringing up
うんしん handling the needle
うんせい luck
うんそう shipping; marine transportation
うんそう shipping; marine transportation
うんそうや forwarding agency; express company
うんそうがいしゃ shipping company
うんそうぎょう forwarding or transportation industry
うんそうぎょうしゃ forwarding agent; carrier
うんそうけいやく freight or carriage contract
うんそうにん carrier
うんそうせん freighter; cargo vessel
うんそうてん shipping or forwarding agency
うんそうひ transportation rates or expenses
うんそうほけん transit or transport(ation) insurance
うんそうりょう cartage; transportation or shipping charges
うんち slow in one's movements
うんちん freight rates; shipping expenses; fare
みで うんちんこみで freight included (prepaid)
うんてん operation; motion; driving
うんてんぎじゅつ driving skill; one's skill as a driver
うんてんけいとう (bus) route
うんてんし mate; (ship's) officer
うんてんしきん working capital
うんてんしゃ driver (of a vehicle)
うんてんしゅ driver; chauffeur
うんてんせき driver's seat (in a car)
うんてんだい driver's seat
うんてんていし suspension of operations
うんてんひ running expenses; operational costs
うんてんめんきょ driver's license
うんてんめんきょしょう driver's license
うんどう motion; exercise
うんどういん campaigner
うんどうか activist (in a political movement); crusader (e.g. for women's rights
うんどうしゃ activist (in a political movement); crusader (e.g. for women's rights
うんどうかい athletic meet
うんどうかい the world of sports
うんどうぐ sporting goods
うんどうぐつ sports shoes; sneakers
うんどうじょう sports ground
うんどうば vehicle training ground
げる うんどうじょうをひろげる to enlarge the playground
うんどうしんけい motor nerves; reflexes
うんどうせんしゅ athlete
うんどうひ campaign fund
うんどうぶそく insufficient exercise
うんどうらん sports column; sports section
うんどうりょう momentum
うんどうりょう motor area
うんどうりょく impetus
うんまかせ trusting or resignation to fate
うんぱん transport; carriage
うんぱんかんり materials management or handling
うんぱんにん carrier; conveyor
うんぱんひ transportation charge
うんぷてんぷ trusting to chance; having a go at something
うんぴつ brush strokes
うんめい fate
うんめいてき (pre)destined
うんめいろん fatalism
うんめいろんしゃ fatalist
うんゆ transportation
うんゆぎょうしゃ carrier
うんゆしょう Ministry of Transport
うんゆしょう Transport Minister
うんゆだいじん Minister of Transport
うんゆりょう (amount of) traffic
うんよう making use of; application; investment; practical use
うんよく luckily
かうん family fortunes
かいうん maritime; marine transportation
かいうん better fortune
きうん opportunity
きうん luck; tendency; opportunity; trend
ぎゃくうん a twist of fate
こううん prosperity
いた かたむいたかうん fortunes on the wane (decline)
こううん good luck; fortune
こううん good luck; fortune
こくうん national fortunes or destiny
じうん tide of the times
しゃうん company fortunes
しゅううん transportation by water (i.e. by ship)
宿 しゅくうん fate; destiny
しょううん fortunes of business
すいうん water transportation
すいうん declining fortunes; decadence
せいうん trend; tendency
せいうん prosperity; fortune
つううん transportation
てんうん destiny; will of Heaven; luck
てんきうん weather conditions
ひうん bad fortune; misfortune
ひうん fate
ひうん bad fortune; misfortune
ふうん unlucky; misfortune; bad luck; fate
ぶうん the fortunes of war
ふくうん happiness and good fortune
ぶんうん cultural progress; advance of the arts
めいうん fate; doom
りくうん land transportation
りゅううん prosperity; good fortune
くじうん luck in a lottery