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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • ゆび   
  • meaning(s):
  • finger, point to, indicate, put into, play (chess), measure (ruler)
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いっし a finger
うんし fingering (of a musical instrument)
かんし ring finger
くっし leading; foremost; preeminent; outstanding; one of the best
ごし the five fingers
うしろゆび being talked about or backbitten
べにさしゆび ring finger
たかたかゆび middle finger
みつゆび bowing while pressing three fingers of each hand on floor
ゆび finger
がドアにまる ゆびがドアにはさまる one's fingers are caught in a door
さしかけ unfinished game of shogi
さししめす to indicate; to show; to point to
さして (in shogi, chess etc.) a move
さしず directions; instructions
さしね price limit
さしもの cabinetwork
さしものし cabinetmaker
さす to point; to put up umbrella; to play
ゆびでひをくる to count the days on one's fingers
ゆびのふし knuckle
める ゆびをつめる to cut off a person's finger
しあつ finger pressure massage or therapy
しあつりょうほう acupressure therapy
ゆびわ (finger) ring
さしぬき type of hakama worn in ancient times
ゆびぬき thimble
ゆびぬき thimble
しき command; direction
しきかん commander
しきけん (exercising) the right to command
しきしゃ (musical) conductor
しきじょ command post
しきじょえんしゅう command post exercise
しきぼう conductor's stick; conductor's baton
ゆびむすび possum; phalanger
しこ beckonning
しこのかん hailing distance
しこう OO (object oriented); directional (microphone)
しこうせい directivity
しこうせいばくやく shaped charge
ゆびさす to point at
使 ゆびづかい fingering
しじ indication; instruction; directions
しじし demonstrative
しじさき target
しじそうち pointing device
しじだいめいし demonstrative pronoun
しじばん signboard; notice board
しじやく indicator
ししょうもん hand print
ししん compass needle (cursor); guideline; pointer
ゆびにんぎょう hand puppet
さしず instruction; mandate
しすう index; index number; exponent
しすうかんすう exponentiation function
しすうぶ exponent portion
ゆびきり linking little fingers to confirm a promise
ゆびおり leading; prominent; eminent
える ゆびおりかぞえる to count on one's fingers
ゆびさき fingertip
ゆびずもう thumb wrestling
しだん attack; criticism; blame; rejection; disdain
さしね limit (price)
してい designation; specification; assignment; pointing at
していけん ticket (reserved seat)
していせき reserved seat
していめいがら specified stock
してき pointing out; identification
しとう fingertip
しどう leadership; guidance; coaching
しどういん instructor; advisor
しどうげんり guiding principle
しどうしゃ leader
として しどうしゃとしていただく to have (a person) as one's leader
しどうしゅじ (governmental) supervisor of teachers
しどうぶ leadership
しどうようりょう government-approved curriculums; (educational) guidelines
しどうりょく one's leadership (over the group); (lack) leadership qualities
しなん instruction; teaching; pointing south
しなんしゃ ancient Chinese vehicle with a compass whose needle always pointed south
しなんばん instructor
しなんやく instructor
しひょう index; indices
しめい name; nominate; designate
しめいじあい title match (sports)
しめいてはい search for a named suspect
しめいてはいじん wanted criminal
しめいだしゃ designated hitter (baseball); DH
しめいつうわ person-to-person call; personal call
しめいとうひょう roll call vote
しもん fingerprint
しりょうず end game position
ゆびわ (finger) ring
しれい orders; instructions; directive
しわほう finger language; signing; sign language
てのゆび finger
しゅし finger
じっし the ten fingers
じゅっし the ten fingers
こゆび little finger
しょくし forefinger; index finger
おやゆび thumb
ひとさしゆび index finger
ひとさしゆび index finger
ひとさしゆび index finger
せんし woman's slender fingers
あしのゆび toe
ちゅうし middle finger
なかゆび middle finger
つきゆび jamming a finger (i.e. with a ball)
ものさし ruler; measure
むめいし the ring finger
もくし aim at; spot; sight
くすりゆび ring finger
ぼし thumb