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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • あね   はは
  • meaning(s):
  • elder sister
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きし term of respect in addressing ladies or anothers older sister
ぎし sister-in-law
きょうだい brother and sister
けいし brother and sister
あね older sister
さん あねさん wife who is older than her husband
さん ねえさん elder sister; waitress; girl
あねき elder sister
あねご elder sister
あねうえ older sister
きょうだい older sister and younger brother
しまい older sister and younger brother
きょうだい sisters
しまい sisters
しまいがいしゃ affiliated companies
喧嘩 きょうだいげんか quarrel between brothers (sisters)
しまいこう sister school (to)
しまいとし sister cities
しまいへん companion (sister) volume (to); sequel (to)
婿 あねむこ the husband of one's elder sister
あねさまにんぎょう paper doll modeled after a kimono-clad woman
じっし one's elder sister
いとこ cousin (female) (older than the writer)
じゅうし cousin (female) (older than the writer)
しょし you (feminine plural); you ladies
あまつみこ emperor
どうぼし sisters of the same mother; uterine sisters
ぼうし one's late elder sister
れいし your elder sister