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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • つかさど
  • meaning(s):
  • director, official, govt office, rule, administer
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寿 にぎりずし hand rolled sushi; sushi ball
寿 いなりずし sushi in fried tofu (aburage)
寿 おしずし sushi rice and other ingredients pressed in box or mould
げす menial; churl; petty official
かいどうづかさ ruler of a synagogue
寿 まきずし sushi made rolled in nori seaweed with a core of filling
ぐうじ (Shinto) chief priest
おんぞうし son of a distinguished family; son of a noble
こうし company; firm (in China)
寿 えどまえずし type of nigirizushi
ぎょうじ sumo referee
こくし provincial governor
さいし priest
らし寿 ちらしずし sushi rice in a bowl with scattered topping
つかさどる to rule; to govern; to administer
しかい chairmanship
しかいしゃ chairman; moderator; toastmaster; master of ceremonies; chairperson
しきょう bishop
しきょうく diocese
しきょうけんざ the episcopal seat
しさい (Catholic) priest; rabbi
ししょ librarian
しちょく judge; judiciary; administration of justice; judicial authorities
しほう administration of justice
しほうかいぼう legally-ordered autopsy
しほうかん officer of the court
しほうけん jurisdiction
しほうけんしゅうじょ Judicial Research and Training Institute
しほうさいばん judicial trial
しほうしけん bar examination
しほうしょし judicial clerk
しほうせいど justice system
しほうだいじん Minister of Justice
しれい command; control; commander
しれいかん commandant; commanding officer; general
しれいしつ control room
しれいちょうかん Commander-in-Chief; C-in-C)
しれいとう control tower; conning tower
しれいぶ headquarters
寿 てまきずし sushi wrapped in nori
寿 すし sushi; anything made with vinegared (su) rice
じょうし superior authorities; boss
そうし cadet
しょうじ administrator of a manor
だいぐうじ high priest of a great shrine
だいさいし high priest
とうし island governor
ほごし probation officer
ゆうし an official
たてぎょうじ head referee in sumo