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  • on reading:
  • サン   セン
  • kun reading:
  • やま
  • meaning(s):
  • mountain
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あそさん mountain in Kumamoto Prefecture
いっさん a mountain; a pile (of something)
ひとやま a mountain; a pile (of something)
うばすてやま mountain where old women were abandoned
えんざん distant mountain
とおやま distant mountain
おくやま remote mountain; mountain recesses
げさん descending (mountain)
げざん descending (mountain)
なつやま summer mountaineering
かざん volcano
うみやま sea and mountains
かいていかざん submarine volcano
かいさん founding a temple (on a hill-top)
がいりんざん outer rim of a crater
かっかざん active volcano
せきのやま most one can do
いわやま rocky mountain
きせいかざん parasite volcano
きゅうかざん dormant volcano
ぎょうさん large quantity; plenty; abundance; great many
かなやま (gold) mine
きんざん (gold) mine
ぎんざん silver mine
けんざん a tool, used in Ikebana (flower arranging), with a heavy base from which needles project upwards, onto which flowers or branches are pushed
しい けわしいやま steep (craggy) mountain
こざん one's native place
こうざん rivers and mountains; landscape
こうざん mine (ore)
こうざん high mountain; alpine
こうやさん mountain in Wakayama Prefecture
くろやま large crowd
さやま sand hill; dune
すなやま sand hill; dune
やま mountain
やまやま very much; great deal; many mountains
やまっけ speculative spirit
やまのき mountain air
やまのさち mountain vegetables
やまのて hilly (residential) section of a city; uptown
やまのは edge (brow) of mountain
やまのいただき mountain top
やまのせ ridge (of a mountain)
やまをこす to surmount a difficulty; to go across a mountain
わさび Japanese horseradish
わさびづけ pickled Japanese horseradish
やまいも yam
さんいん shelter of the mountains; mountain recess
やまかげ shelter of the mountains; mountain recess
やまうば mountain witch
やまごえ crossing a mountain
やまごし wind blowing down, coming over a mountain
しをする やまごしをする to cross a mountain
沿 やまぞい along a mountain
沿いの やまぞいのちほう mountainous region
やまざる monkey; bumpkin; boor
やまおく mountain recesses
やましたこうえん park in Yokohama
さんか mountain villa
やまが mountain villa
さんが mountains and rivers; natural surroundings
やまかじ bushfire
やまかせぎ making a living in the mountains
さんかい mountain mass
やまふところ heart of a mountain
さんかい mountains and seas
やまびらき start of the mountain-climbing season
さんがく mountains
さんがくちたい mountain district
さんがくびょう altitude sickness
さんがくぶ mountaineering club
やまかけ foods topped with grated yam
やまかん guesswork; speculation
さんかん among the mountains
やまあい ravine; gorge
さんかんぶ mountainous region
さんき mountain air
やまき speculative spirit
やまぎ speculative spirit
やまけ speculative spirit
さんきょう gorge; ravine; gap
やまかい gorge; ravine; gap
やまがた mountain-shaped
やまがたけん prefecture in the Touhoku area
さんけい mountain path
さんけい mountain range; mountain system
やまくじら wild boar
やまいぬ wild dog; Japanese wolf
やまもと owner of a mountain; a mine
やまぐちけん prefecture in the Chuugoku area
やまあらし porcupine
きを やまたかきをもって because the mountain is high
やまたかぼうし derby; bowler (hat)
やまぐに mountainous country
さんざし hawthorn
さんさい mountain stronghold
さんさい mountain stronghold
さんさい edible wild plants
さんさいをとる to gather edible wild plants
やまぎわ mountain ridge; near a mountain
やまざくら wild cherry tree or blossoms
やまやま very much; great deal; many mountains
やまし speculator; adventurer; imposter
さんしすいめい scenic beauty
やまでら mountain temple
だし festival car (float)
やまもり guardian of a mountain
やまて hilly (residential) section of a city; uptown
やまがり a mountain hunt
やまだし bumpkin
やまめ a kind of trout
やまごや mountain hut
やまやき burning a mountain (by design)
やまやけ mountain fire; bush fire
さんじょう mountain top
さんじょうのすいくん the Sermon on the Mount
やましろ mountain castle
やまじろ mountain castle
やまば climax; turning point
やまびと mountain folk; hermit
やまぶき variety of yellow rose; gold coin
やまぶきいろ bright golden yellow
さんすい landscape; hills and rivers
した さんすいをうつしたえ picture representing a landscape
さんすいが landscape picture
さんすいかく Sansuikaku (restaurant name)
さんすいそう The Sansui Inn
さんすいろう Sansuiro (name of an exclusive restaurant)
やますそ foot or base of a mountain
やまなす a mountain of; mountainlike
やまもり a heap
さんせき lying in piles; form into piles; forming a (huge) pile
やまづみ huge mound; heap
さんせん mountains and rivers
やまかわ mountains and rivers
やまがわ mountain rivers
さんそう mountain villa; mountain retreat; mountain cottage
やまがわ mountain-side
さんぞく bandit; brigand
さんそん mountain village
やまおとこ giant; woodsman; alpinist
さんち mountainous district
やまち mountainous district
さざんか sasanqua (camellia)
さんちゅう among the mountains
さんちょう summit (e.g. mountain)
める さんちょうをきわめる to reach the summit
やまどり mountain bird
やまつなみ landslide
やまほど a heap; great amount of
さんてん top of a mountain
やまづたい (passing along) from mountain to mountain
やまのぼり mountain climbing; mountaineering
やまがたな woodman's hatchet
やまかがし variety of poisonous snake
さんどう mountain road; mountain trail
やまみち mountain road; mountain trail
かる やまみちにかかる to come to a mountain path
やまねこ wildcat; lynx
やまねこざ (the constellation) Lynx
やまねこそうぎ wildcat strike
やませ cold wind descending from the mountains; (in the Tohoku region in summer) a cold Pacific wind
やまはだ mountain's surface; bare surface of a mountain
やまばと turtledove
やまばん mountain guardian
やまびこ echo (as in mountain echo)
やまひめ mountain goddess
やまはだ mountain's surface; bare surface of a mountain
葡萄 やまぶどう wild grapes
さんぷう mountain wind
やまかぜ mountain wind
やまぶし mountain priest; itinerant Buddhist monk
さんぷく hillside; mountainside
やまわけ equal split
やまなみ range of mountains
やまべ mountain; vicinity of a mountain
やまくずれ landslide
やまぼこ festival float mounted with a decorative halberd
さんみゃく mountain range
やまなみ mountain range
やまぎり mountain fog
やまなり rumbling of a mountain
さんもん temple gate
さんや hills and fields; countryside
さんよう in the shape or form of a mountain
やぎ goat
やぎざ Capricorn
やぎひげ goatee
さんよう south side of a mountain; Sanyo district
やまあらし mountain storm
やまなしけん prefecture in the Chuubu area
やまざと mountain hamlet (village)
さんりょう mountain ridge
さんりょう mountains and hills; imperial tomb
さんりん mountain forest; mountains and forest
さんりんがく forestry
さんれい mountaintop
さんれい a mountain's guardian deity
やまじ mountain path
さんろく foot or base of a mountain
さんがく mountains
さんてん mountaintop; summit
くちなし gardenia
さんしょう Japanese pepper (tree) (Xanthoxylum piperitum); prickly ash
さんしょううお salamander
さんか mountain nomads
やまごもり secluding oneself in the mountains; undertaking ascetic practices at a mountain temple
やまひだ folds of a mountain
躑躅 やまつつじ variety of mountain plant belonging to the azalea family
やまおろし wind blowing down from a mountain
やまうずら partridge
こだくさん many children; large family
しかざん extinct volcano
ちさん afforestation
こやま hill; knoll
とこやま (actors' or sumo wrestlers') hairdresser
やけやま burnt mountain; dormant volcano
しんざん taking up a new position as chief priest of a Buddhist temple
しんざん mountain recesses; deep in the mountains
みやま mountain recesses; deep in the mountains
はりやま pincushion
ひとやま crowd of people
しゅみせん Mt Sumeru (in Buddhism - said to be the highest mountain rising in the center of the world)
せいそうかざん stratovolcano; composite volcano
もりだくさん many, varied
せいざん blue or green mountain; grave
いしやま a stony mountain
いた ゆきをいただいたやま snow-crowned mountain
ゆきやま snowy mountains; piles of snow
さきやま skilled miner
ぜんざん foothills; first range of mountains
ぜんざん the whole mountain
痩せ やせやま barren mountain
そうほんざん (Buddh.) head temple of a sect; (organizational) headquarters
そっかざん parasite volcano
たざん another mountain; another temple
たいざん large mountain; Mt Taishan (China)
たいざん great mountain
おおあざかたやま name of a town section
だいほんざん head temple of a Buddhist sect
たくさん many; a lot; much
たんしきかざん simple volcano
はやま a foothill; end section of a mountain range
つきやま artificial hill
でいかざん mud volcano
てつざん iron mine
てんのうざん Tennozan Hill; strategic point
てんもくざん line between victory and defeat
とざん mountain-climbing
ふゆやま winter mountaineering
しまやま island mountain
どうざん copper mine
禿げ はげやま bald or denuded mountain
禿 はげやま bare hill; treeless hill
なんざん southern mountain
はいざん abandoned mine
はくさん mountain in Gifu Prefecture
ひえいざん Mt. Hiei (in Kyoto)
ひょうざん iceberg
ふじさん Mt Fuji
ふくしきかざん composite volcano
ものみゆさん going on a pleasure jaunt
ふんかざん volcano
へいざん end the climbing season; closing a mine
へきざん green mountains
きたやま northern hill
ほんざん head temple; this temple
まんざん the whole mountain; all the mountains
めいざん famous mountain
ゆさん excursion; outing; picnic
ねじやま screw thread; ridge
うらやま the hill back of one's home; hill back from the seashore
りざん isolated mountain; departure from a temple
たてやま mountain in Toyama Prefecture
とめやま mountain where logging is prohibited
いおうやま sulfur mine
われた みどりにおおわれたやま mountain robed in verdure
われた みどりのころもでおおわれたやま mountain covered with a garment of green
れいざん sacred mountain
れんざん mountain range