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  • on reading:
  • サク   サ
  • kun reading:
  • つくる   つく
  • meaning(s):
  • make, production, prepare, build
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あんていそうさ stabilizing (stock) transaction
いさく posthumous works
いちもうさく a single crop
いなさく rice crop
えいこさく perpetual land lease; perpetual tenant farmer
えいこさく perpetual land lease; perpetual tenant farmer
えんかくそうさ remote control; remote operation
げさく poor manufacture; poor quality; inferior goods
したさく poor manufacture; poor quality; inferior goods
かさく a fiction
かかくそうさ price manipulation
かさく good piece of work
なつさく crops planted in summer
かさく making house; house for rent
かさく low production
かいしんのさく work after one's heart
かいさく splendid work; masterpiece
かいさく adaptation (of story)
かんさく a catch crop; intercropping
がんさく fake; sham; counterfeit
にせさく fake; sham; counterfeit
ぎさく apocryphal work; forgery; spurious article
ぎさく cheap literature; fiction; writing for amusement
げさく cheap literature; fiction; writing for amusement
きゅうさく one's old publication
きょうさく competition for better work
きょうさく bad harvest; poor crop
きょうどうどうさ concerted action
きんさく recent work
くさく composing haiku poems
ぐさく poor work; rubbish
ぐうさく something accidentally accomplished; two working together
げきさく play writing
けっさく masterpiece; best work; boner; blunder
げんさく original work
げんさく poor crop; diminished yield
あとさく second crop
ごどうさ malfunction
こうかいしじょうそうさ open market operation
こうさく work; construction; handicraft; maneuvering
こうさく cultivation; farming
がっさく collaboration; joint work
こんさく mixed cultivation
さく a work; a harvest
さくがわるい have a poor crop
つくり make-up; sliced raw fish
える つくりかえる to reconstruct; to remake
つくりがお affected look; made-up face
つくりきげん feigning good feeling
つくりなき make-believe crying
つくりごと fabrication; lie; fiction
つくりごと fabrication; lie; fiction
つくりて maker; builder; creator; tenant farmer
つくりざかや sake brewer; sake brewery
つくりだす to manufacture; to produce; to raise (crops); to invent; to dream up
つくりわらい forced laugh
げる つくりあげる to make up; to fabricate; to build up; to complete; to construct
つくりみ sliced raw fish
つくりごえ feigned voice; unnatural voice
じる つくりそんじる to fail in making
なう つくりそこなう to fail in making
なう つくりぞこなう to fail in making
える つくりかえる to remake; to remold; to convert; to reconstruct; to adapt; to parody
つくりなおす to remake; to rebuild
り眉 つくりまゆ painted eyebrows
つくりやまい feigned illness
つくりつけ fixed
つくりもの artificial product; decoration; fake; crop
つくりかえす to remake
つくりかた way of making; recipe; how to grow (something); style of building; construction; workmanship
つくりな alias; pseudonym; pen name; nom de plume
つくりめくら feigned blindness
つくりぎ well-trimmed tree
てる つくりたてる to adorn; to decorate; to dress up; to build up
つくりばなし fiction; made-up story; fable; fabrication; myth
つくる to make; to create; to manufacture; to draw up; to write; to compose; to build; to coin; to cultivate; to organize; to establish; to make up (a face); to trim (a tree); to fabricate; to prepare (food); to commit (sin); to construct
さくい idea; design; motif; conception; intention
さくい artificiality; act; commission (of a crime)
さくいてき intentional; contrived
さくいはん crime of commission
さっか author; writer; novelist; artist
としてらす さっかとしてならす to be very popular as a writer
さっか writing songs or poems; poem
さくが drawing pictures; taking photographs
さっきょう crops; quality
さっきょうしすう rice-crop index
さっこう promoting; arousing
さぎょう work; operation; manufacturing; fatigue duty
グループ さぎょうグループ working group
さぎょうい work clothes
さぎょういん worker
さぎょうかせつ working hypothesis
さぎょうじかん working hours
さぎょうば works; workshop
さぎょうはん work party
さぎょうひ operational expense
さぎょうぶかい working group
さぎょうぶかいあん working draft
さぎょうふく work clothes
さぎょうよう for work; for manufacturing
さぎょうりょうほう occupational therapy
さぎょうりょういき workspace
さっきょく composition; setting (of music)
さっきょくか composer
さっきょくしゃ composer
さくげき playwriting
さくげきじゅつ dramaturgy
さくし song making
さくしか lyric writer; lyricist; songwriter
さくししゃ lyric writer; lyricist; songwriter
さくし versification; verse making
さくしほう versification
さくしゃ author; authoress
さくしゃしらず anonymous
さくしゃみしょう anonymous; author unknown
さくば farm; workshop
さくず drawing (figures); construction (in geometry)
さくせい frame; draw up; make; producing; creating; preparing; writing
さくせいぎじゅつ implementation technique
さくせいしゃ implementor; author
さくせい manufacture
さくせん military or naval operations; tactics; strategy
オーバーレー さくせんオーバーレー operation overlay
さくせんけいかく campaign plan
さくせんじょう operational; strategic
さくせんちいき area of operation
さくせんめいれい operation order
さくおとこ farm hand; tenant
さくど surface soil
たり さくあたり good crop
さどう movement
さくびょう feigned illness
さくひん work; opus; performance; production
さくひんをくさす to speak ill of a person's work
さくつけ planting
さくづけ planting
さくつけ planting
さくづけ planting
さくづけめんせき planted area
さくふ log (i.e. work-file)
さくふう literary style
さくぶつ literary work
さくもつ produce (e.g. agricultural); crops
さくぶん composition; writing
さくぶんのだい subject of a composition
さくがら crop conditions; quality (of art)
さほう manners; etiquette; propriety
さむえ monk's working (non-spiritual) clothes
さよう action; operation; effect; function
さようせきぶん action integral (physics)
さようてん point of action (e.g. of a lever)
さくれい model of writing
ぞうさ trouble
さんぶさく trilogy
さんもうさく three crops a year
しさく composition of a poem
しさく trial manufacture; experiment
じさく one's own work
しゅうさく splendid (excellent) work
あきさく autumn crops
しゅうさく study (e.g. music)
しゅっせさく work of art or literature that brings fame
じゅっさく writing a book; literary work
しょじょさく one's maiden work
しょさ conduct; gesture
しょさく various works
こさく tenant farming
じょうさく good crop; masterpiece
しんぞうほっさ (have) a heart attack
しんさく prosperity
しんさく new work; new production
せいさく work (film, book)
せいさく manufacture; production
せっさく poor work; humble reference to one's own work
せんがいかさく honorable mention
そうさく production; literary creation; work
そうさ operation; management; processing
ぞうさ trouble; difficulty
ぞうさく making; house fixture; facial features
たさく prolificness
たもうさく multiple cropping
ださく poor work; rubbish
だいさく ghost-writing
だいひょうさく masterpiece; representative work
たいさく epic
たんさく single crop
ちょさく writing; book
てきさく suitable crop
ごまめ dried young anchovies (or sardines)
でんさく rice-field tilling
とうきゅうどうさ windup
とうさく plagiarism
どうさ action; movements; motions; bearing; behaviour; manners
にきさく a semiannual crop; two crops per year
にばんさく second crop
にぶさく two-part work
にもうさく two crops a year
のうさく farming
むぎさく wheat raising
はたさく dry field farming; dry field crop
ほっさ fit; spasm
ぬけさく fool; blockhead
はんさく half crop
ふきゅうのめいさく immortal work
ふさく poor crop; crop failure
ほとけづくる becoming haggard
へいさく normal crop
へいねんさく normal crop
べいさく rice crop
ほうさく abundant harvest; bumper crop
ぼうがいこうさく sabotage
ぼんさく poor piece of writing
またこさく subtenancy; sublease
まんさく witch hazel; Hamamelis mollis; Hamamelis japonica
まんさく bumper crop; witch hazel
むぞうさ easiness; simplicity
めいさく masterpiece
もさく imitation (work)
よびこうさく spade work; preliminaries
らんさく overproduction
らんさく overproduction
うらさく second crop; interim crop
りめんこうさく string-pulling
りきさく literary masterpiece
りんさく rotation of crops
れんさく planting a field with the same crop each year; repeated cultivation; collaborative literary work; story made up by several writers working on it in turn
ろうさく toil; labor; laborious task
わへいこうさく a peace initiative