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  • on reading:
  • ザイ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • lumber, log, timber, wood, talent
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いざい extraordinary talent; genius
いつざい outstanding talent
いんざい seal stock
かそざい plastic material
がざい matter for painting
がいざい foreign or imported timber
かくざい squared timber
わりざい split log; split timber
かんざい dry lumber
かんそうざい seasoned lumber
まるざい log
まるたざい round timber
きざい tools and materials; equipment and materials
きざい machine parts; machinery; equipment
きゅうおんざい acoustic material
きょざい big timber; big caliber (man)
きょうざい teaching materials
きりざい paulownia wood
けんざい hard wood
けんざい building material
けんまざい abrasives
げんざい civil engineering chord member
げんそくざい moderator
こうざい steel material
こつざい aggregate
ざいき ability; talent
ざいしつ material properties; lumber quality
ざいもく lumber; timber
ざいもくや lumber dealer
ざいもくしょう lumber dealer
ざいりょう ingredients; material
ざいりょうひ cost of materials
しちょうかくきょうざい audiovisual educational materials
しざい (raw) material
しゅざい choice of subject; collecting data
しんざい heartwood
しんけんざい synthetic building material
じんざい man of talent
すぎざい cedar wood
せいざい sawing
せきざい (building) stone
そざい foundation materials
そざい raw materials; subject matter
だいざい subject; theme
だんねつざい heat insulating material
ちくざい bamboo material
てきざい man fit for the post; right person
てつざい iron material
なんようざい tropical wood
はいざい scrap wood
しい うつくしいはだのざい wood of fine grain
しい はだのうつくしいざい wood of fine grain
べいざい American (and or or Canadian) wood
ぼざい welding base metal
もくざい lumber; timber; wood
ゆういのざい man of talent
ようざい solvent
ようざい materials
りょうざい good material; good timber; able persons