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  • on reading:
  • サイ
  • kun reading:
  • きわ
  • meaning(s):
  • occasion, side, edge, verge, dangerous, adventurous, indecent, time, when
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ひときわ conspicuously; noticeably; remarkably; still more; especially
ひけぎわ closing time
えんじょこうさい dating with compensation (payments, financial support, etc.) (sometimes euph. for teen prostitution)
おうじょうぎわ at the point of death; the time to give up
さめぎわ on the verge of waking
がくさい interdisciplinary
ひたいぎわ the hairline
まぎわ on the verge of; just before; on the point of
こんりんざい the deepest bottom of the earth; never; not...at all; on no account; for all the world; till doomsday
くうさい horizon; point where the sky meets the earth
こうさい company; friendship; association; society; acquaintance
こくさい international
此の このさい on this occasion; now
いまわ one's dying moment or hour
きわ edge; brink; verge; side
さい on the occasion of; circumstances
して さいして (phrase) when
する さいする to arrive; to come to pass
どい きわどい dangerous; risky; hazardous; close; delicate; suggestive
さいに in case of; at this time
さいかい meeting; facing; confronting
さいがい limits; boundary; end
さいげん limits; end; bounds
きわもの seasonal articles; temporary
きわだつ to be prominent; to be conspicuous
やまぎわ mountain ridge; near a mountain
しにぎわ verge of death
じっさい practical; actual condition; status quo
てぎわ performance; skill; tact
でぎわ the time of setting out
ねぎわ on the verge of sleep; just after falling asleep
まぎわ just on the point of; on the verge of
みずぎわ beach; water's edge
せとぎわ brink; critical moment
はえぎわ (receding) hairline; borders of the hair
まどぎわ (at the) window
てんさい horizon
どひょうぎわ the edge of a sumo ring; the edge or verge
なみうちぎわ beach
ふてぎわ clumsiness; awkwardness; ineptitude
ぶんざい social standing
むへんさい infinite; boundless
むへんざい infinite; boundless