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  • on reading:
  • アク   オ
  • kun reading:
  • わるい   わる-   し   にくい   ああ   いずくに   いずくんぞ   にく
  • meaning(s):
  • bad, vice, rascal, false, evil, wrong
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あく evil; wickedness
わる bad thing; bad person
わるいたずら mischief
あがき わるあがき wicked mischief; wicked play
にくい hateful; abominable; poor-looking
わるい bad; inferior
わるいおこない bad (evil) deed
らせ わるいしらせ bad news
わるいひょうばん unsavory rumor
わるいかぜ bad cold
わるくいう to deprecate; to traduce
わるさ badness; mean mischief
あし evil
しからず あしからず don't take me wrong, but...; I'm sorry
しゃれ わるじゃれ offensive joke
あしざま unfavourable
あしざまに unfavorably; slanderously
ずれ わるずれ over-sophistication
たれ あくたれ rowdiness; a rowdy
たれる あくたれる to do mischief; to use abusive language
たれ あくたれぐち abuse; insult; slander; evil speaking
あくにかたむく to be inclined to evil
まる あくにそまる to steeped in vice
の巷 あくのちまた skid row; underworld
あくのみちへいざなう to lead astray; to lure a person to evil ways
びれる わるびれる to do without fear (calm composure)
ふざけ わるふざけ prank; practical joke; horseplay; mischievous trick
らつ あくらつ craftiness
らす あくをこらす to punish the wicked
わるいたずら mischief
あくい ill will; malice; spite; evil intention; bad faith
あくい shabby clothes
あくいん root of evil
あくいんあっか sowing and reaping evil
あくいんねん evil destiny
あくうん bad luck
あくえいきょう bad (negative) influence
あくえき epidemic
あくえん evil destiny or connection; unfortunate love
あっか deterioration; growing worse; aggravation; degeneration; corruption
あっか bad results
あっか bad money
する あくかはりょうかをくちくする Bad money drives out good money
わるがき brat
おかん chill; shakes; ague
あっかん ill or unhappy feeling; feeling feverish and chilly
おかん ill or unhappy feeling; feeling feverish and chilly
あっかんか evil influence
あくかんじょう ill feeling; ill will; animosity; bad impression
あっかんじょう ill feeling; ill will; animosity; bad impression
あっかん rascal; villain; scoundrel; ruffian; crook
あっかんしょうせつ picaresque novel
わるぎ ill-will; malice; evil intent; ill feeling; distrust
あっき evil spirit; demon; devil
あくぎ tease; prank; trick; practical joke; mischief
いたずら tease; prank; trick; practical joke; mischief
いたずらっこ mischievous kid
いたずらっこ mischievous boy
いたずらもの loose woman; useless fellow; mischief maker
いたずらがき scribbling; doodling; graffiti
いたずらがき scribbling; doodling; graffiti
いたずらこぞう mischievous boy
いたずらざかり mischievous age
いたずらぎ rompers; play suit
いたずらぼうず mischievous boy
あくぎゃくむどう treacherous; heinous
あくぎゃく treason; treachery; atrocity
あくぎゃくむどう treason; treachery; atrocity
あっきゅう hard ball to hit; bad pitch
怯れる わるびれる to be timid
あくぎょう evil or sinful deed; bad karma
あくごう evil or sinful deed; bad karma
あくたま bad character; bad person; villain; baddie
あくだま bad character; bad person; villain; baddie
あくだまか scapegoating
あくがた villain's part
あくけい plot; trick; evil scheme
あっけい plot; trick; evil scheme
あくち impure blood
おけつ impure blood
わるがしこい cunning; crafty; wily; sly
あくげん uncomplimentary remarks; slander
あっこう abuse; insult; slander; evil speaking
わるくち abuse; insult; slander; evil speaking
わるぐち abuse; insult; slander; evil speaking
あっこうぞうごん all kinds of malicious gossip
わるだくみ wiles; sinister design; trick; conspiracy; intrigue
あくぎょう misdeed; wrongdoing; wickedness
あっこう misdeed; wrongdoing; wickedness
あくさい bad wife
あくさい genius for evil
あくざいりょう adverse stock-market factors
あくさく poor policy; poor plan
わるずれ over-sophistication
わるずれる to get worse and worse
わるずれ over-sophistication
あくじ evil deed; crime; wickedness
あくじをはたらく to commit a crime; to do evil
あくしつ malignant or virulent disease
あくしつ bad quality; malignancy; vicious; malignant
あくしつか worsening
わるもの bad fellow; rascal; ruffian; scoundrel
あくしゅ poor move
あくしゅみ bad taste
あくしゅ cheap liquor
あくしゅう bad habit; vice
あくしゅうかん bad habit; evil practices
あくしゅう stink; bad odor; stench
あくじゅんかん vicious circle
あくしょ dangerous place; house of ill-repute; bad place
あくしょ harmful book
あくじょ wicked or ugly woman
あくしょう malignant or virulent disease
わるのり overdoing
わるば dangerous spot
あくじょうけん unfavorable conditions
あくしょく eating poor food; eating meat; eating repulsive things
あくじき eating poor food; eating meat; eating repulsive things
あくしん 1. evil thought; malicious motive; 2. nausea; urge to vomit
おしん 1. evil thought; malicious motive; 2. nausea; urge to vomit
あくじん evil god
あくにん bad man; villain
わるずいりょう distrust; unjust suspicion
あくすい undrinkable water
わるよい drunken frenzy; drunken sickness
摺れ わるずれ over-sophistication
あくしょう evil nature; licentiousness; lewdness
あくせい malignancy; virulence; malignant (cancer); pernicious (anemia)
リンパ腫 あくせいリンパしゅ malignant lymphoma
腫瘍 あくせいしゅよう malignant tumor
あくせいすいしゅ malignant edema
あくせいど malignancy
あくせいひんけつ pernicious anemia
あくせい misgovernment
あくせい bad voice; evil speaking
あくぜい irrational tax
あくした evil tongue; gossip
あくぜつ evil tongue; gossip
あくせんでん false propaganda
あくせん hard fighting; close contest
あくせんくとう hard fighting
あくせん ill-gotten money; bad coin
おそ morning sickness
つわり morning sickness
あくそう dissolute priest
あくそう evil countenance
わるさわぎ making an excessive fuss; disorderly merrymaking
掻き わるあがき wicked mischief; wicked play
あくたろう bad boy
あくたい abusive language
をつく あくたいをつく to call a person names; to curse
わるだっしゃ fast slipshod work
わるじえ craft; cunning; guile; serpentine wisdom
わるぢえ craft; cunning; guile; serpentine wisdom
あくてん bad weather
あくてんこう bad weather
使 あくてんし evil angels
あくと rascal; scoundrel; villain
あくとう scoundrel; rascal; villain
あくとう wild pitch
あくどう bad boy
あくどう wrong course; evil course
あくとく vice; immorality; corruption
あくとくしんぶん irresponsible newspaper
あくとくせいじか corrupt politician
あくにち unlucky day
あくび unlucky day
あねつ fever following a chill
あくねん evil thought; malicious motive; spite
あくば mean old woman
あくば curse; vilification
あくうま wild horse; unmanageable horse
あくば wild horse; unmanageable horse
あくめ wild horse; unmanageable horse
あくひつ poor handwriting
あくひょう bad reputation; infamy; ill repute; unfavorable criticism
あくびょう bad health
あくふ wicked woman
あくふう vice; bad manners; evil customs
あくぶん bad style; poor writing
あくびょうどう leaning over backwards to be impartial
あくへい vice; abuse; evil
あくへき bad habit; vice
わるぐせ bad habit; vice
あくへきがなおる to get over a bad habit
あくほう karmic retribution
あくがた villain's part
あくほう bad law
あくま devil; demon; fiend; Satan; evil spirit
あくましゅぎ satanism; devil worship
あくまばらい exorcism
あくむ nightmare; bad dream
あくみょう bad reputation; ill repute; bad name
あくめい bad reputation; ill repute; bad name
あくみょうたかい infamous; notorious
あくみょうだかい infamous; notorious
あくやく villain; baddie; the villain's part
あくやく bad translation
あくゆう bad companion
わるあそび prank; evil pleasures; gambling
あくよう abuse; misuse; perversion
あくれい bad decree
あくれい bad example; bad precedent
あくりょう evil spirit
あくれい evil spirit
あくろ bad road
おろ lochia; post-natal vaginal discharge
わるふざけ prank; practical joke; horseplay; mischievous trick
わるじゃれ offensive joke
あくらつ craftiness
いじわる malicious; ill-tempered; unkind
えんお dislike; detestation
かいあく deterioration; changing for the worse
がいあく harm; injury; evil (influence)
かんぜんちょうあく rewarding good and punishing evil; a novel or drama with a rewarding-good-and-punishing-evil theme; moral purpose; morality play
かんあく wickedness; wicked person
ぎあく pretense of evil
きゅうあく past misdeeds; old crimes
きょあく great evil; consummate villain
きょうあく atrocious; fiendish; brutal; villainous
きょうあく atrocious; fiendish; brutal; villainous
きょくあく wickedness
ごくあく heinous
けんお disgust; hate; repugnance
けんあく dangerous; serious; gloomy; perilous; threatening; stormy
げんあく head gangster
ごあく the five sins in Buddhism (murder, theft, adultery, falsehood and drink)
こうお likes and dislikes
さいあく the worst
ざいあく crime; sin; vice
じこけんお self-hatred; self-abhorrence
しゃかいあく social ills
じゃあく wicked; evil
しゅうあく ugliness; meanness; offensiveness
宿 しゅくあく old evils; (Buddhism) evils committed in a previous existence
しょあく every (kind of) evil or crime
いろあく handsome villain
じんせいさいあく worst ... of one's life
しょうわる ill-natured; inconstancy
せきあく many sins; long-standing evils
せつあく poor (tasting); low quality; bad situation
ぜんとあく good and evil
ぜんあく good and evil
そあく coarse; crude; inferior
ぞうお hatred
ぞくあく worldliness; vulgarity; coarseness
ちょうあく chastisement for evildoing; punishment
びてきけんお aesthetic aversion
ひつようあく necessary evil
ぼうあく violence
もうあく savage; ferocious; atrocious
れつあく inferiority; coarseness
ろあく boasting of one's faults
ねいあく perverseness; perverse person
きょうあく great treachery; very atrocious person