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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • すわ
  • meaning(s):
  • squat, seat, cushion, gathering, sit
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くじら くじらざ Cetus; Whale
あんざ sitting quietly; sitting cross-legged
いっかくじゅうざ Monoceros (the constellation)
いちざ the party; those present; a troupe; the first seat
うんざ poetic meeting
えんざ sitting in circle; round straw mat
えんざ (system of) extending complicity for a crime to the criminal's family members
おうざ throne
おうしざ ox guild; Taurus
おひつじざ Aries; ram guild
おとめざ Virgo; maiden guild
げざ squatting; musicians' box on the left side of the stage
しもざ lower seat; sitting at the foot of the table
がかざ (the constellation) Pictor
うみへびざ (the constellation) Hydra
いるかざ (the constellation) Delphinus
かにざ Cancer
かじきざ (the constellation) Dorado
きかんざ seat of an engine
きざ sitting up in bed
うおざ Pisces
むなぐら collar; lapels; chest
ぎょくざ throne
ぎんこうこうざ bank account
ぎんざ (Edo period) silver mint
こまざ Equuleus (constellation)
くじらざ Cetus; Whale
跏趺 けっかふざ (sitting in) the lotus position
けんりょくのざ position of power
またぐら crotch
あぐら sit cross-legged (i.e., Indian style)
こうかいこうざ extension lectures
こうざ account (e.g. bank)
こうざ lectureship; chair; course
こうざ platform; stage; upper seat; pulpit
こうほうはちざ eight lofty peaks
seat; one's place; position
すわり sitting; stability
すわりこみ sit-in (i.e. in protest)
すわりこむ to sit down (and bask); to sit-in (in protest)
すわる to sit
ざいす small chair used while sitting on tatami
ざいん member of a theatrical troupe
ざゆう at one's right; at one's side
ざゆうのしょ one's desk-side book
ざゆうのめい desk motto; favourite motto
ざゆうめい desk motto
ざが daily life; sitting and lying down
ざぶとん floor cushion
すわりわざ Aikido seated defence
ざきょう entertainment; fun; amusement of the company
ざぎょう sedentary work
ざがね (metal) washer
ざもと theater proprietor; producer
ざこう one's sitting height
ざこつ hipbone
ざこつしんけい sciatic nerve
ざこつしんけいつう sciatica
ざし remaining an idle spectator; looking on unconcernedly (doing nothing)
ざす temple's head priest
ざす stranding; running aground
ざす stranding; running aground
ざしょ one's seat
ざしょう running aground; being stranded
ざじょう going on board (a ship)
ざしょく sedentary work
ざしょく living in idleness
ざせき seat
ざせきしていけん reserved-seat ticket
ざせきばんごう seat number
ざせきひょう seating chart
ざぜん (Zen) meditation
ざぞう seated figure
ざたく low table
ざだん conversation; discussion
ざだんかい symposium; round-table discussion
ざちゅう gathering; theatrical troupe
ざちょう chairman
ざがしら leader of a troupe
ざとう blind man or masseur
ざとうくじら humpback whale
ざひょう coordinate(s)
ざひょうけい coordinate system
ざひょうじく coordinate axis
ざひょうへんかん coordinate transformation
ざつき working in the theater
ざぶとん cushion (Japanese); square cushion used when sitting on one's knees in a tatami-mat floor
てる ざぶとんをあてる to sit on a cushion
ざしき tatami room
ざしきろう (Edo-period) room for confining criminals or lunatics
ざやく suppository
ざよく sitz bath
ざれい bowing while sitting
つまのざ status of wifehood
さいだんざ (the constellation) Ara
さんかくざ the Triangle
やまねこざ (the constellation) Lynx
やぎざ Capricorn
さんざ silkworm basket
しきょうけんざ the episcopal seat
こうまざ the Colt (star)
ししざ Leo
とけいざ the Clock star
いてざ Sagittarius; bowman's seat; firing seat
くるまざ sitting in a circle
へびつかいざ the Serpent Bearer (constellation); Ophiuchus
へびざ Serpent (constellation)
しゅざ seat of honor; head of the table; head
じゅうざ emplacement
たてざ Scutum (constellation); the Shield
こぐまざ Ursa Minor
こいぬざ Canis Minor (constellation)
かみざ chief seat; seat of honor
じょうざ chief seat; seat of honor
こうざ crouching
みずへびざ (the constellation) Hydrus
みずがめざ Aquarius; Water Carrier
せいざ constellation
しょうざ seat of honor
せいざ sitting correctly (Japanese style); sitting (or squatting) straight
せいざ sitting quietly; meditation
せんざ relocation of a shrine; transfer of an object of worship
ぜんざ opening performance; minor performer
ふたござ Gemini
そうごうこうざ savings account; deposit account
そくざ immediate; right there on the spot; impromptu
たいざ sitting opposite each other
退 たいざ leaving one's seat
だいざ pedestal
おおぐまざ Ursa Major
おおいぬざ Canis Major (constellation)
たんざ single seat; single-seated
たんきしゅうちゅうこうざ short, intensive course
たんざ sitting upright (properly)
ちゃくざ taking a seat
ちゅうざ leaving before an affair is over
ちょうこくぐざ Caelum (the constellation)
ちょうこくしつざ The Sculptor (the constellation)
ちょうざ long stay
ちんざ enshrined
つうしんこうざ correspondence course
じょうぎざ the Rule (star)
ていざ imperial throne
ていざ sitting in a triangle
てっぽうざ gunmakers guild
てんしのざ throne
てんびんざ Libra
どげざ kneeling down on the ground; prostrate oneself
とうざ for some time; present; current; immediate
どうざ sitting together; the same theater; involvement; entanglement; implication
どくざ sitting alone
はくちょうざ Cygnus
はとざ (the constellation) Columba
ふうちょうざ (constellation) Apus
ふくざ two-seater
ほとけのざ henbit (plant)
ぶつざ Buddhist image seat; temple pulpit
ぶつぞうにざ two images of Buddha
ぶんがくざ the Bungaku Company
便 べんざ toilet seat
べんざ valve seat
鳳凰 ほうおうざ (constellation) Phoenix
まつざ lowest seat
まんざ the whole assembly; the full house; whole group; everyone
めいじざ the Meijiza Theater
もくざ sit silently
よきんこうざ bank account
らしんばんざ (the constellation) Pyxis
りゅうこつざ the Keel star
りゅうざ Draco (dragon) constellation
りょうけんざ the Hunting dogs (constellation); Canes Venatici
れつざ attendance; presence
れんげざ lotus seat (under Buddha's statue)
れんざ implicated (involved) in (a crime)
ろざ sitting in the open air
おおかみざ Lupus (star)
ろくぶんぎざ The Sextant (star)
わしざ (the constellation) Aquilia
かくざ running aground; stalled; stranded
蜥蜴 とかげざ (the constellation) Lacerta
さそりざ Scorpio
かにざ (the constellation) Cancer
さそりざ the Scorpion constellation; Scorpio

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