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  • on reading:
  • ウ   ユウ
  • kun reading:
  • みぎ
  • meaning(s):
  • right
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


みぎ right hand side
から みぎからひだりへ from right to left; in one ear and out the other
えば みぎといえばひだり widely spoken
みぎにでる to be superior to
みぎのとおり as above mentioned
うえん right margin
うおうさおう move about in confusion; go every which way; going right and left; this way and that
みぎした right-lower
みぎまわり clockwise rotation; CW; right-handed rotation
みぎまき clockwise
うがん right bank (shore)
みぎより tending to the Right
みぎづめ right justified
うけい rightist; leaning to the right
うげん starboard
うこさべん looking to the right and left; hesitation
みぎひだり right and left
みぎよつ sumo hold in which both wrestlers obtain an underarm grip with the right hand and an overarm grip with the left
みぎて right hand
みぎがき writing from right to left
みぎしょうかっこ closing parenthesis
みぎうえ right-upper
うしんしつ right ventricle
うしんぼう right atrium
うせつ turning to the right; right turn
うせつきんし No Right Turn!
うそく right side; right hand
みぎがわ right side; right hand
みぎあし right foot
うだいじん Minister of the Right
うたん right end; right edge
みぎはし right end; right edge
みぎちゅうかっこ closing brace
うちゅうかん between right and center fielders (baseball)
うとう (the) right wing
うのう right brain
うは right wing
ゆうひつ private secretary; amanuensis
ゆうぶん respect for literary culture
うへん right side
うほう right side
うほうこまがく old Japanese court music from the Nara period
うめん right side
みぎめ right eye
うよう right lobe
うよく right-wing
うよくだんたい right-wing organization (clique)
みぎきき right-handedness; right-hander
うわん right arm
みぎうで right arm
まわれみぎ about-face
きょくう extreme right
さゆう influence; control; domination; left and right
ざゆう at one's right; at one's side
ぜんごさゆう in all directions