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  • on reading:
  • コウ   ゴ
  • kun reading:
  • りる   ろす   る   り   くだる   くだ
  • meaning(s):
  • descend, precipitate, fall, surrender
Stroke Order Diagram Animation
Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いこう on and after; hereafter; thereafter
かこう downward; descent; fall; drop; subsidence
かっこう descent (in skiing)
かんこう call to surrender
ってもっても ふってもてっても rain or shine
って湧く ふってわく to happen suddenly; to take place unexpectedly
らす ふらす to send (rain); to shed
ふり rainfall; snowfall
りしきる ふりしきる to rain incessantly; to downpour
りる おりる to alight (e.g. from bus); to get off; to descend (e.g. a mountain)
かる ふりかかる to fall onto; to befall
かる ふりかかる to happen; to befall
おりくち (an) exit
おりぐち (an) exit
ふりこむ to rain upon
める ふりこめる to rain (or snow), keeping people indoors
める ふりはじめる to begin to fall
ふりやむ to stop raining or snowing
ふりだす to begin to rain
もる ふりつもる to lie thick
ふりつづく to continue to rain or snow
ふりそそぐ to rain incessantly; to downpour
ふりしく to be covered with
ふりつのる to rain harder
める ふりこめる to rain (or snow), keeping people indoors
ふる to precipitate; to fall (e.g. rain)
ろす おろす to take down; to launch; to drop; to lower; to let (a person) off; to unload; to discharge
こうあつざい drug to lower blood pressure
こうあつへんあつき step-down transformer
こうう rainfall; rain
こううりょう amount of rainfall
こううりん rainforest
こうか fall; descent; (plane) landing; (atmos.) depression
こうか marriage of an Imperial princess to a subject
こうかく demotion
こうかくじんじ demotion
こうきゅう reduction in pay
ごうざんぜみょうおう Trailokyavijaya Vidya-raja (Budd.)
こうさん giving in to
こうしゃ alighting; getting off; getting down
こうしゃぐち exit
こうじゅん descending-order
こうしょく degradation
こうしん spiritualism; spiritism
こうしんじゅつ spiritualism
こうすい rainfall; precipitation
こうすいりょう precipitation
こうせつ snowfall; snow
こうせつりょう amount of snowfall
こうそう (fall of) frost
こうたん birth (regal); nativity
こうだん leaving the platform
こうとう demotion
こうにん demotion
こうばん leave the mound (baseball); knocked out
こうふく capitulation; surrender; submission
こうふく capitulation; surrender; submission
ごうま conquering the devil
こうまじゅつ demon invocation; summoning demons
こうりん advent; descent
こうひょう hailstorm
しゃかっこう traversing (in skiing)
しょうこう ascending and descending; going up and down
じょうこう getting on and off
ちょっかっこう schuss; straight descent
ちんこう precipitate; settle
とうこう surrender