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  • on reading:
  • コウ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • lecture, club, association
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かいこう beginning a series of one's lectures; starting a new course
きゅうこう lecture cancelled
えびすこう fete in honor of Ebisu
けっこう cancellation of lecture or class
じる こうじる to lecture
ずる こうずる to lecture; to read aloud; to take measures
こうえん lecture; address
こうえんかい lecture
こうえんしゃ lecturer
こうえんりょう lecture's fee
こうぎ lecture
こうぎろく lecture transcript
こうきゅう research
こうざ lectureship; chair; course
こうし lecturer
こうしゃ religious association
こうしゃく lecture; exposition
こうしゃくし professional storyteller
こうしゅう short course; training
こうしゅうかい class; short course
こうしゅうかいじょう training center
こうしょ interpretation of a book
こうせつ explanation (by lecture)
こうだん lecture platform
こうだん story-telling
こうだんし professional storyteller
こうだんしゃ Koudansha (publisher)
こうじゅう religious association
こうどう auditorium
こうどく reading; translation
こうひょう criticize; criticism; review
こうぶ military training
こうわ peace; conclude peace
こうわかいぎ peace conference
こうわじょうやく peace treaty
こうわ lecture; discourse
じこう imperial tutor
じゅこう taking (attending) lectures
しゅっこう giving lectures
しんこう giving a lecture in the Emperor's presence; lecturing to the emperor
ねずみこう pyramid scheme
だいこう substitute; lecturing
ちょうこう lecture attendance; auditing
ちょうこう lengthy lecture
ひこう introduction of poems at a poetry party
ほこう supplementary classes or lectures
むじんのこう mutual financing association
ぶれいこう putting aside rank; free and easy (party)
たのもしこう mutual financing association
りんこう people taking turns reading and explaining a book