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  • on reading:
  • コウ
  • kun reading:
  • ひろい   ひろまる   ひろめる   ひろがる   ひろげる
  • meaning(s):
  • wide, broad, spacious
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ひろびろ extensive; spacious
ひろい spacious; vast; wide
ひろいひたい high brow; broad forehead
ひろいしじ broad support; wide-ranging support
がった ひろがったえだ spreading branches
がり ひろがり spread
がる ひろがる to spread (out); to extend; to stretch; to reach to; to get around
いる ひろくもちいる to be in wide use
げた ひろげたうで outstretched arms
げる ひろげる to spread; to extend; to expand; to enlarge; to widen; to broaden; to unfold; to open; to unroll
ひろさ extent
まり ひろまり spread
まる ひろまる to spread; to be propagated
める ひろめる to broaden; to propagate
こういき wide area
ひろえん broad or spacious veranda; eaves
こうかく wide-angle
ひろま hall; saloon; spacious room; guest room
こうき broad gauge
こうぎ wide sense; broader application
こうきょう width; width and narrowness
こうげん a wide plain or field
こうげん boasting; bragging; talking big
ひろくち a wide mouth; wide-mouthed (bottle)
ひろくちびん jar; widemouthed bottle
ひろびろ extensive; spacious
とした ひろびろとした open; spacious; extensive
こうこく advertisement
こうこくぎょう the advertising industry
こうこくこうか effect or effectiveness of advertising
こうこくしゃ advertising agency
こうこくぬし advertising sponsor
こうこくしゅうにゅう advertising revenue
こうこくだいりてん advertising firm; advertising company
こうこくとう billboard; advertising sign
こうこくばいたい advertising media
こうこくばん billboard
こうこくひ advertising expenses
こうこくらん advertising section; classified ads; advertisement column
こうこくりょう advertising rates
こうじえん Koujien (famous Japanese Dictionary)
こうしゅう Guangzhou (China); Canton
ひろこうじ a (wide) main street
ひろば plaza
こうそう grand; magnificent; imposing
ひろそで a wide sleeve; wide-sleeved
こうだい huge; very large
こうだいむへん boundless; infinite; vast
ひろしまけん prefecture in the Chuugoku area
かんとん Canton (China)
かんとんご Cantonese
こうばく vast
たる こうばくたる vast; wide; boundless
こうはん extensive; wide-ranging; comprehensive
こうはん wide; extensive; widespread
こうはんい extensive; vast range; wide scope
ひろはば double width cloth or fabric
こうほう PR; public relations; publicity; information
こうほうか public relations department (section, office)
こうほうかつどう publicity (information) activities; public relations
こうほうかん public relations office
こうほうし PR brochure; public relations magazine
こうほうじょうほう public relations information
こうほうぶ public relations section or department
こうや a plain
こうようじゅ broadleaf tree
こうりょう generosity; broad-hearted
こうかつ spacious
こんのせびろ blue business suit
せびろ business suit
はばひろ wide width (e.g. cloth)
すえひろ folding fan