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  • on reading:
  • コウ
  • kun reading:
  • あつい   あか
  • meaning(s):
  • thick, heavy, rich, kind, cordial, brazen, shameless
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おんこう gentle
かんこう kindness; largeheartedness
あつい cordial; kind; warm(hearted); thick; deep
てなし あついもてなし cordial reception
かましい あつかましい impudent; shameless; brazen
べる あつくれいをのべる to thank (a person) heartily
あつさ thickness
ぼったい あつぼったい very thick; heavy
あつみ thickness; profound
こうい kindness; favor
あつうす stone hand mill
こうおん great favor; obligation
あつげしょう thick or heavy make-up
こうがん impudence; audacity
こうがんむち shameless; brazen and unscrupulous
こうぎ your kindness
こうぐう cordial welcome; kind treatment
こうし kind intention; kind thought
あつがみ cardboard; thick paper
あつで thick (paper, etc.)
あつやき thickly sliced food
こうじょう kindness; favour; hospitality
こうせい public welfare; Welfare Ministry
こうせいしせつ welfare facilities
こうせいしょう Ministry of Health and Welfare
こうせいだいじん Minister of Health and Welfare
こうせいねんきん welfare pension
こうせいねんきんほけん welfare annuity insurance
あつぎり thick slice
こうしょう Welfare Minister
あつじ thick cloth
あつぎ wearing thick clothes
あつぞこ thick-soled footwear, popular in the late 1990s
こうはく thickness; partiality
あついた plank; thick board; plate glass; heavy metal sheet (esp. welding); heavy brocaded obi
あつかわ thick hide; shamelessness
あつみ thickness; profound
あつあげ thick fried tofu
こうり large profits
こうれい heartfelt thanks
じゅうこう thickness; composure and dignity
ちょうこう thickness; composure and dignity
しんこう benevolence; sincere
とんこう sincere and kindhearted; honest and simple
とんこう sincere and kindhearted; honest and simple
のうこう density; richness; concentration; tension
ひこう thickening of the skin