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  • on reading:
  • イン
  • kun reading:
  • る   ちな
  • meaning(s):
  • cause, factor, be associated with, depend on, be limited to
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あくいん root of evil
いちいん a cause
いん cause; factor
って よって therefore; consequently; accordingly; because of
となりとなる いんとなりかとなる to constitute the cause and effect
みに ちなみに by the way; in this connection; incidentally; in passing
よる to come from
をなす いんをなす to give rise to; to cause
いんねん fate; connection; origin; pretext
いんが cause and effect; karma; fate
いんがおうほう retribution; karma
いんがかんけい consequence; causal relationship; nexus
いんがもの unlucky person
いんがりつ law of cause and effect; principle of causality
いんごう heartless; cruel; causes and actions; results of actions in previous life
いんし factor; element (math.)
いんしぶんせき factor analysis
いんしゅう convention; tradition; long-established custom
いんしゅう convention; tradition; long-established custom
いんじゅん indecision; vacillation
いんじゅんこそく dilly-dallying and temporizing
いんすう factor (in math)
いんすうぶんかい factorization
いんびせん Inbi Line (East Okayama Railway)
いんゆ cause
えんいん underlying cause
かいん cause of trouble
がいん art motif
がいいん the surface reason
きいん cause; origin
きいん cause
ごういん karma
きんいん immediate or proximate cause
ぐういん contingent cause
げんいん cause; origin; source
しいん cause of death
じこげんいん source, cause of an accident
しゅいん primary cause; main factor
じゅういん secondary cause
しょういん cause of victory
しんいん psychogenesis
しんいん true reason; true motive
せいいん origin; cause
そいん basic factor
そいん charge; count
どういん agent
どういん incentive; inducement
ないいん the actual reason
はいいん cause of defeat
びょういん the cause of a disease
ふくいん secondary cause
ゆういん exciting cause; incitement; incentive
よういん primary factor; main cause