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  • on reading:
  • ギョ   ゴ
  • kun reading:
  • おん-   お-   み-
  • meaning(s):
  • honorable, manipulate, govern
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フロー フローせいぎょ flow control
プロセス プロセスせいぎょ process control
あねご elder sister
げぎょ dismounting
よめご bride
くご emperor's meal
ぐご emperor's meal
go-; honourable
おんのじ most satisfactory
おにぎり hand rolled sushi
おえらがた dignitaries; VIPs
ぎょい your will; your pleasure
ごいけんをうかがう to ask the opinion of (a superior)
ごかし おためごかし self-aggrandizement under pretense of aiding another
ぎょい imperial garments
さん おいしゃさん doctor (polite)
ごいっしん the (Meiji) restoration
おかげ (your) backing; assistance
蔭で おかげで thanks to you; owing to you; because of you
おかげさま (your) backing; assistance
おかげさまで Thanks to god; thanks to you
おかげ thanks or owing to
ぎょう Imperial reign
ごえい sacred picture; (respectful term for) another's image
みかげいし granite
ぎょえい poem written by the Emperor or a member of the imperial family
ごえいか song in praise of the Buddha
ぎょえん a court banquet
ぎょえん imperial garden
がり おさがり food offering to the gods; leftovers; hand-me-downs
ごかもん a question from the emperor
おばけ goblin; apparition; monster; ghost
おとぎ attending (upon); keeping another company
伽の おとぎのくに a fairyland or never-never land
おとぎぞうし fairy-tale book
おとぎばなし fairy tale
おいえげい one's specialty
ごけにん a lower-ranking vassal in the Kamakura and Edo periods
おいえそうどう family troubles
おかっぱ bobbed hair
おかし confections; sweets; candy
おひらき breakup of a wedding
おかぶ one's forte
おかま gay person; male transvestite
おかんむり extreme anger
おかお your (honorable) face
いします おねがいします please
きは ごきぼうのむきは those who want it
ごきげん pleasant; in a good mood; in high spirits
めだ ごきげんななめだ be in a bad temper
しい ごきげぬるわしい be in good humor
おかえり return; welcome
りなさい おかえりなさい Welcome home
おきにいり favorite; pet
さん おきゃくさん guest; visitor; customer
おきゃくさま guest
おやすみ holiday; absence; rest; Good night
みなさい おやすみなさい Good night
おみやまいり shrine visit
おとも attendant; companion
おそなえ an offering
ごきょうりょく cooperation; collaboration
おたま egg; ladle
おたまじゃくし tadpole; ladle; musical note
おちかづき making someone's acquaintance
おかね money
ごくろう trouble (I have put you through)
さん ごくろうさん I appreciate your efforts
ごくろうさま Thank you very much for your....
さん おにいさん older brother; (vocative) "Mister?"
ちゃん おにいちゃん cute form of "older brother"
ごきょうだい siblings
ぎょけい (New Year's) greetings
えになる おみえになる to arrive
おみまい calling on someone who is ill; enquiry
おみまい calling on someone who is ill; enquiry
みこと the spoken words of the emperor or a noble
ばれ およばれ being invited
おたがいさま we are of equal status in this regard
ぎょうき imperial outing or visit
ごうき imperial outing or visit
ごこう imperial outing or visit
みゆき imperial outing or visit
おひろめ debut
おかまい entertainment; hospitality
いなく おかまいなく please don't fuss over me
いなし おかまいなし being unmindful
おしぼり a hot, moistened hand towel
ごこうたん birth (regal); nativity
おたかい haughty
おこそずきん kerchief worn by women in former times in Japan in cold weather, covering the whole head (except eyes)
おつげ oracle; divine message
おくにじまん boasting of one's hometown
ごさた (imperial) words
います ございます to be (polite); to exist
ござる to be
ございる to be (very pol.)
ござしょ a throne
おざなり perfunctory; commonplace
おせいぼ end of the year; year-end present
おまつりさわぎ festival merrymaking
おかず side dish; accompaniment for rice dishes
おふだ a charm
おぞうに New Year dish
ごさんけ 1. three branch Tokugawa families; 2. big (top) three
おまいり worship; shrine visit
おしきせ uniforms supplied to employees; an allotment
おしまい the end; closing; being done for
さん おねえさん older sister; (vocative) "Miss?"
みこ child of the emperor; a maiden consecrated to the gods
ぎょじ imperial seal; privy seal
ごじしん himself; yourself; herself
おじぎ bow
おんしゃ your company (polite)
ぎょしゃ coachman; driver; cabman; postilion
します おじゃまします Excuse me for disturbing (interrupting) you
おしゃく (apprentice) geisha; dancing girl
おしゃか poorly made or ruined articles
おぬし you
ごしゅじん your husband; her husband
おまもり charm
おてあげ giving up
おてもり making arbitrary decisions which benefit oneself
みたらし font of purifying water placed at the entrance of a shrine
おてあらい toilet; restroom; lavatory; bathroom (US)
おてつだい maid; help
おてつき touching a wrong card; making a mistress of a servant
ごしゅいん letter bearing the shogun's scarlet seal
ごしゅいんせん shogun-authorized trading vessel
みき sacred wine or sake; sake offered to the gods
でございます ごしゅうしょうさまでございます condolences
おいわい congratulation; celebration
おいで to come here (from old Japanese); to come out; being in (somewhere)
でになる おいでになる to be
りさん おまわりさん policeman (friendly term)
ごしょ old imperial palace
ごしょぐるま an ox-drawn coach
おめし a summons
おすすめ recommendation; recommendable
おかみ government; authorities; Emperor; wife; madam; landlady
さん おじょうさん daughter
おじょうさま (term of respect for) another's daughter; daughter of a high-class family
おかざり decorations; offerings; mere window dressing
おくいぞめ weaning ceremony
おしょくじどころ (Japanese) restaurant
なく ごしんぱいなく don't worry; never mind
おしんこ pickled vegetables
ごしんぞ wife (esp. of a prominent, recently married man)
ごしんぞう wife (esp. of a prominent, recently married man)
ごしんえい an imperial portrait
ごじんか deified volcano or volcanic eruption
おみき sacred wine or sake
おみわたり cracks that form in the ice on Lake Suwa
輿 おみこし portable shrine
おみくじ written oracle
おんみ the body; you (him)
ごじん personage
おかず side dish; accompaniment for rice dishes
おすそわけ sharing
まし おすまし a prim and proper girl
みよ imperial reign
おせじ flattery; compliment
になる おせわになる to be indebted
ごせいこう your success
おあいにくさま that's too bad (ironical)
かり おこえがかり a recommendation; an order
ぎょせい poem or song written by the emperor
おせっかい meddling; nosy
おせちりょうり food served during the New Year's Holidays
おさき going before; the future
おさきぼう a person whose services are at the disposal of another
おまえ you (sing); presence (of a high personage)
ごぜん Your Excellency; the (Imperial) presence
さん おまえさん you; my dear; hey
退 ごぜんをのく to withdraw from the presence (of the Emperor)
ごぜんかいぎ Imperial Council
おぜんだて setting the table; preparation
さん おじいさん grandfather; male senior-citizen
さん おばあさん grandmother; female senior-citizen
おはよう Good morning
おんぞうし son of a distinguished family; son of a noble
おんぞうし son of a distinguished family; son of a noble
ごそくろう inviting another to one's home
ごぞんじ knowing; acquaintance
じの ごぞんじのかた your acquaintance
ごぞんじ knowing; acquaintance
さん おまごさん grandchild
ごたぶん common; in the usual course
ごたぼうちゅう in the midst of your work
おだぶつ dying; ruining oneself
おまちどおさま I'm sorry to have kept you waiting
おまちかね long-waited-for
おふくろ (one's own) mom or mother
みよ imperial reign
おかわり second helping; another cup
わり おかわり second helping; another cup
みだい wife of a shogun or a highest-ranking nobleman
おんたい boss; governor
ごたいそう exaggerated story
ぎょだい theme chosen for an imperial poetry contest
おだいもく a Nichiren prayer; (an empty) slogan
おたく your house; your home; you
ごたく tedious talk; impertinent talk; repetitious talk; saucy speech; pretentious statement
おたっし notice or order handed down from above
おめでとうございます おたんじょうびおめでとうございます Happy Birthday
おはじき marbles
わり おことわり declining; nonacceptance; declination; refusal; rejection; turndown
らせ おしらせ Notice; Notification
ごちそう feast; treating (someone)
ごちそうさま feast
でした ごちそうさまでした said after meals
おちゃ tea (green)
おちゃのこ a cinch
おちゃうけ tea-cake
おんちゅう and Company; Messrs.
おちゅうげん Bon festival gifts
おひる lunch; noon
ごちゅうい be careful
おちょこ small cup; sake cup
調 おちょうしもの a timeserver; frivolous person
おとおし an appetizer
おつり change (money); balance
まり おさだまり usual; normal; stereotyped
まみ おつまみ snacks to go with alcohol
おつまみ snacks to go with alcohol
おてんば tomboy (from nl: ontembaar)
殿 ごてん palace; court
殿 ごてんじょちゅう waiting woman in a shogun or daimyo's palace
ごつごうしゅぎ opportunism
おでこ brow; forehead
ごなん misfortune; calamity
おひさま the sun
おとしだま New Year's present
ごねん worry; care; consideration
捻り おひねり wrapped offering (of money)
ごはさん starting afresh
さん おばあさん grandmother; female senior-citizen
おやつ 1. (uk) between meal snack; afternoon refreshment; afternoon tea; 2. mid-day snack
ごはん rice (cooked); meal
ごはんどき mealtime
ごはんむし a rice steamer
おひろめ debut
おつかれさま Thank you; many thanks
ごふじょう a toilet
おつき a retainer or attendant
ごふない within the town limits of Edo
さん おとうさん father
おまけ 1. a discount; a prize; 2. something additional; bonus; an extra; 3. an exaggeration
けに おまけに to make matters worse; besides
おなか stomach
いた おなかがすいた hungry
おはらいばこ discarding; firing (an employee)
おはらいもの goods to offer the junk dealer
ぎょぶつ Imperial treasures
ごへい staff with plaited paper streamers used in Shinto
ごへいかつぎ superstition; superstitious person
おたいらに making oneself comfortable
おかえし return gift; revenge; change
鞭撻 ごべんたつ encouragement; enthusiasm; urging
さん おかあさん mother
おかあさま mother
ごはっと contraband; taboo; strictly forbidden
ごぼう Reverend (used to priest, monk, etc.)
さん おぼうさん Buddhist priest; monk
っちゃん おぼっちゃん son
おすみつき a certified document
ごほんぞん the principal object of worship (at a shrine)
おぼん Lantern Festival
ごぶさた not writing or contacting for a while
尤も ごむりごもっとも you are unquestionably right
ぎょめい name of the emperor
みな name of the Lord (esp. in Christian contexts)
ぎょめいぎょじ the imperial or privy seal
ごめいわく trouble; annoyance
ごめん your pardon; declining (something); dismissal; permission
ください ごめんください May I come in?
なさい ごめんなさい I beg your pardon; excuse me
さい ごめんください May I come in?
ごめんこうむる to be excused from
ごめんそう frightful face
おめだま a scolding
おめみえ an appearance; an audience
おめでとう (ateji) (int) (uk) Congratulations!; an auspicious occasion!
尤も ごもっとも You are quite right
みかど (the gates of an) imperial residence; the emperor
おかどちがい barking up the wrong tree
爺さん おじいさん grandfather; male senior-citizen
ぎょゆう music playing in imperial court
輿 みこし portable shrine
ごよう your order; your business; official business
ごようのかた customer; guest
ごようがくしゃ a scholar beholden to the government
ごようはじめ re-opening of offices in new year
ごようしょうにん a purveyor to the government
ごようしんぶん a government newspaper or organ
ごようくみあい a company union
ごようたし purveyor to the government; purveyor to the Imperial Household
ごようたつ purveyor to the government; purveyor to the Imperial Household
ごようだち purveyor to the government; purveyor to the Imperial Household
ごようだつ purveyor to the government; purveyor to the Imperial Household
ごようてい imperial villa
ごようおさめ year-end office closing
ごようきき order-taking
ごらいこう the rising sun
ごらん look; inspection; try
なさい ごらんなさい (please) look; (please) try to do
さい ごらんください please look at it
ごりやく grace of God
ごりょうしょう acknowledgement; understanding (e.g. "please be understanding of the mess during our renovation")
ごりょうしん your (honorable) parents
ごりょうにん mistress; madam
ごりょう imperial property
ごりょうち imperial estate
ごりょう imperial tomb
ごれいじょう daughter; young lady
おれい thanking; expression of gratitude
おれいまいり visiting a shrine or temple to give thanks; settling scores
おれいぼうこう free service after apprenticeship
みたま spirit of a deceased person
みたまや mausoleum
ごれいぜん "before the spirit of the deceased" (written on the condolence-money envelope)
みたましろ something worshiped as a symbol for the spirit of the dead
おれきれき dignitaries; VIPs
みす a bamboo blind
ごれんらく getting in touch
おわん bowl in which miso-shiru is served
おしゃれ smartly dressed; someone smartly dressed; fashion-conscious
浚い おさらい review; rehearsal
祓い おはらい purification
襁褓 おむつ diaper; nappy
襁褓 おむつかぶれ diaper rash; nappy rash
こうせいそこうぞうとうぎょ constituent command
あねご elder sister
じどうせいぎょ automatic control
しゃかくせいとうぎょ obliqueness command
しゅつぎょ emperor's arrival (at his office, etc.)
にょうご court lady
にょご court lady
おやご another's parent(s)
すうちせいぎょ numerical control; NC
せいぎょ control; governing; checking; suppression; repression; restraint; mastery; management
そうちせいぎょ device control character (e.g. DC1)
おとうとご your younger brother
殿 とのご gentlemen
とぎょ transferral of a sacred object from its place of enshrinement; imperial procession
とうぎょ control
にゅうご emperor's return to the inner palace
ちちご (another's respected) father
ててご (another's respected) father
へんいせいぎょ displacement controlled
ははご (polite term for another's)mother
ほうぎょ death of the Emperor; demise
ぼうぎょ defense; safeguard; protection
りんぎょ emperor's visit

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