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  • on reading:
  • ゲン
  • kun reading:
  • かぎる   かぎ
  • meaning(s):
  • limit, restrict, to best of ability
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


かげん lower limit
にわかぶんげん mushroom millionaire
かんじせいげん restrictions on the number of kanji recognized for usage
きげん term; period
きゅうすいせいげん water supply restrictions
きょくげん limit; localize
きょくげん utmost limits; limit
きんむねんげん term of service
ぐんびせいげん limitation of armaments
けんげん power; authority; jurisdiction
かぎり limit(s); as far as possible; as much as possible; to the best of one's ability
りない かぎりない eternal; unlimited; endless
かぎりない eternal; unlimited; endless
かぎりなく without end; exceedingly
かぎりある finite; limited
かぎる to restrict; to limit; to confine
げんかい limit; bound
げんかいけんびきょう high magnification microscope
げんかいこうよう marginal utility
げんかいじょうきょう critical situation
げんかいてん coordinating point
げんがい excess; extra
げんてい limit; restriction
げんていし determiner
げんていせんそう limited war
げんていてき limiting; restrictive
げんていばん limited edition
げんど limit; bounds
える げんどをこえる to go beyond the limit; to pass the limit
げんどがく credit limit (on a credit card)
こくげん time; appointed time
さいしょうげん minimum; lowest
さいだいげん maximum
さいていげん minimum
さいげん limits; end; bounds
さんじせいげん birth control
じげん period or division of time
しゅうぎょうねんげん length of the course of study
しょうげん quadrant
しょうみきげん best if eaten by this date
じょうげん upper limit; maximum (in math)
せいげん restriction; restraint; limitation
そくどせいげん set) a speed limit
なかぎり next-month delivery
ていしゅつきげん deadline
とうぎり current month delivery
なんげん southern limit
にちげん fixed or appointed date
ひぎり fixed or appointed date
ねんげん length of time; term
ねんれいせいげん age limit(s)
のうふきげん deadline for payment
ひんしつほじきげん freshness assured through this date
ぶげん social standing; wealth
ぶんげん social standing; wealth
ほくげん northern limit
むきげん indefinite
むげん infinite
むせいげん limitless
もんげん closing time; lockup; curfew
ゆしゅつせいげん export restrictions
ゆにゅうせいげん import restrictions
ゆうげん finite; limited
ゆうこうきげん expiration date (on a credit card); effective date
よていきげん target date