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  • on reading:
  • ゲン
  • kun reading:
  • みなもと
  • meaning(s):
  • source, origin
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かくしざいげん secret resources
えいようげん source of nutrients
おせんげん source of pollution
おんげん sound source
かわのみなもと fountainhead
かげん source of misfortune
かんこうしげん tourist attractions
きげん origin
きげん origin; beginning; rise
きゅうげん supply source
きょうきゅうげん source of supply
けいえいしげん management resource(s)
みなもと source; origin
げんじ Genji (the family in the Genji Monogatari); the Minamotos
げんじのあと descendant of the Genji family
げんじものがたり the Tale of the Genji
げんせん source
げんせんかぜい tax withholding at the source
げんせんしょとくぜい income tax withheld at the source
げんせんちょうしゅう tax withholding at the source
げんぺい Genji and Heike clans; two opposing sides
げんりゅう current-limiting
ごげん word root; word derivation; etymology
こうげん light source
こうぶつしげん mineral resources
こんげん root; source; origin
そくげん blockage of a source
ざいげん source of funds; resources; finances
しきんげん source of funds (money)
しげん resources
じげん construction of character
しゅうにゅうげん source of income
しょうしげん saving resources
じょうほうげん source of information
しんげん epicentre; epicenter; earthquake centre
じんてきしげん man-power resources
すいげん source of river; fountainhead
みずしげん water resources
ぜいげん a tax source
さくげん return to the origin; go back to the beginning; retrace
たんぱくげん source of protein(s); protein source
ちかしげん underground resources
じらいげん minefield
てんねんしげん natural resources
てんこうげん positional light source
でんげん source of electricity; power (button on TV, etc.)
とうげん Shangri-La; paradise on earth
どうりょくげん source of power
どうりょくしげん sources of power
どうげん the same origin
ねつげん heat source
ぶりょうとうげん Utopia
えんげん origin
ぶつてきしげん material resources
ほんげん origin; root; cause; principle
さくげん return to the origin; go back to the beginning; retrace