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  • on reading:
  • ケン
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • polish, study of, sharpen
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がんけん Cancer Research Institute
ぎけん technical research institute
とぎ polish; grinding; sharpening
とぎし sharpener (of swords) and polisher (of mirrors)
ます とぎすます to sharpen; to grind; to whet; to hone; to make keen
とぎいし knife sharpener; whetstone
とぎもの sharpening
とぎものし sharpener (of swords) and polisher (of mirrors)
とぎたて just sharpened
とぐ to sharpen; to grind; to scour; to hone; to polish; to wash (rice)
けんがく study
けんきゅう study; research; investigation
けんきゅうのりょう research materials
チーム けんきゅうチーム research team
けんきゅういん researcher
けんきゅうか researcher; student (of)
けんきゅうか (post)graduate course
けんきゅうかだい research task
けんきゅうかい research society
けんきゅうかいはつ R and D; research and development
けんきゅうかつどう research activities
けんきゅうかん research officer
けんきゅうしりょう material (data) for one's research; research material
けんきゅうしつ seminar room; laboratory; prof's office
けんきゅうしつとう laboratory block; research laboratory building
けんきゅうしゃ Kenkyusha (publisher)
けんきゅうしゃ researcher
けんきゅうしょ research establishment (institute, laboratory, etc.)
けんきゅうじょ research establishment (institute, laboratory, etc.)
けんきゅうしょほう research institute bulletin
けんきゅうしん spirit of study (inquiry); (having) an inquiring mind
けんきゅうせい research student
けんきゅうだいもく subject for study (inquiry); laboratory subject
けんきゅうはっぴょう research publication; scholarly publication
けんきゅうはっぴょうかい meeting for reading research papers
けんきゅうひ research funds (expenses)
けんきゅうぶんや research area; field of research
けんきゅうほうこく report of (one's) research; research paper
けんきゅうほうほう research methods; method of study (research)
けんきゅうりょういき area of study (investigation); research area
けんきゅうろんぶん research thesis; treatise
けんさく grinding
けんさくしろ grinding allowance
けんさくばん grinder; grinding machine
けんしゅう training
けんしゅういん trainee
けんしゅうか training section
けんしゅうじょ training institute
けんしゅうせい trainee
けんまいき rice polisher
けんま grinding; polishing; studying
けんま grinding; polishing; studying
けんまき grinder; grinding machine; polisher
けんまざい abrasives
けんまし sandpaper
けんさん study
つうけん laboratory
でんそうけん ETL; Electro-technical Laboratories
やげん druggist's mortar