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  • on reading:
  • ゲイ   ウン
  • kun reading:
  • える   のり   わざ
  • meaning(s):
  • technique, art, craft, performance, acting, trick, stunt
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あき former name of Hiroshima prefecture
いちげい an art; one talent
かくしげい hidden talent
えんげい horticulture; gardening
えんげい entertainment; performance
かきえんげい horticulture
がくげい arts and sciences; liberal arts
ぎげい arts; crafts; handicrafts
ぎげい arts; crafts; handicrafts
きょくげい acrobatics
げいのむし devotee of the arts
をする げいをするいぬ dog that knows (does) tricks
げいいき range of skills
げいえん artistic and literary circles
げいぎ geisha
げいこ young geisha
げいごと accomplishments
げいしゃ geisha; Japanese singing and dancing girl
げる げいしゃをあげる to call in a geisha
げいじゅつ (fine) art; the arts
げいじゅつあいこうか art lover; lover of the arts
げいじゅついん (the Japan) Academy of Arts
げいじゅつか artist
げいじゅつかつどう artistic activities
げいじゅつさい art festival
げいじゅつさくひん work of art; artwork; object d'art
げいじゅつしじょうしゅぎ art for art's sake
げいじゅつてき artistic
げいじゅつひん work (object) of art
げいじゅつろん essay on art
げいにん player; performer; actor
げいだい Tokyo University of Arts and Music
げいだん talk about art
げいとう feat; risky attempt; trick; stunt
げいどう accomplishments; arts
げいのう public entertainment; accomplishments; attainments
げいのうかい world of show business
げいのうじん performer
げいびせん Geibi Line (Hiroshima-North Okayama Railway)
げいふう style of acting
げいぶん art and literature
げいなし unaccomplished
げいめい stage name
げいりん artistic and literary circles
おいえげい one's specialty
こうげい industrial arts
さいげい talent and accomplishments; wisdom and works
しげい art of consumate skill
しゅげい handicrafts
しゅこうげい handicrafts
しょげい (artistic) accomplishments
みずげい tricks with water
しろうとげい amateur's skill or performance
あしげい tricks performed with the feet
たげい versatility
だいどうげい street performing
だんなげい dilettantism; amateurism
ちんげい an unusual trick
殿 とのさまげい dilettantism; amateurism (in art)
たり あたりげい successful performance
とうげい ceramic art; ceramics
のうげい agriculture and horticulture
鹿 ばかもいちげい even a fool has one talent
ひゃくげい Jack-of-all-trades
おもてげい main accomplishments
ぶげい martial arts
はらげい expressing oneself without words or gestures; force of personality
ぶんげい literature; art and literature; belles-lettres
ばんげい versatility
みんげい folk craft; folk art
むげい lacking talent or accomplishments
めいじんげい masterful performance
ゆうげい artistic accomplishments
うらげい act or trick which a performer reserves for selected occasions
わげい (the art of) storytelling