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  • on reading:
  • ケイ   キョウ
  • kun reading:
  • あに
  • meaning(s):
  • elder brother, big brother
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あけい my dear brother
かけい (my) elder brother
がけい polite word in letter to friend
がっけい my learned friend
きけい you (elder brother)
ぎけい brother-in-law
ぐけい one's (foolish) elder brother
あに older brother
さん にいさん older brother
たりたり けいたりがたくていたりがたし There is little to choose between the two
あによめ elder brother's wife
あにき one's senior; elder brother
あにご elder brother
きょうだい brother and sister
けいし brother and sister
けいじ defer to another as if an older brother
きょうだい siblings
きょうだいのぎをむすぶ become sworn brothers
きょうだいあい brotherly love
喧嘩 きょうだいげんか quarrel between brothers (sisters)
あにでし senior schoolmate; senior apprentice
きょうだいぶん buddy; pal; sworn brother
きょうだい older brother and younger sister
けいまい older brother and younger sister
喧嘩 きょうだいげんか sibling argument
けんけい wise elder brother; polite reference to another's older brother, or to one's senior
さいじゅうけい elder second cousin
じけい affectionate elder brother
じけい second elder brother
じっけい one's own elder brother
しゃけい my elder brother
いとこ cousin (older than the writer)
じゅうけい cousin (older than the writer)
しょけい dear friends; (all of) you or those men
じんけい term of address for a friend
そんけい an elder brother; elderly person
たいけい honorific title for someone a little older; older brother
なかのあに middle brother
ちゅうけい the younger of two elder brothers
ちょうけい eldest brother
はっけい the eldest son
ふけい guardians; parents and older brothers
ぼうけい one's deceased elder brother
またいとこ elder second cousin
れいけい your elder brother