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  • on reading:
  • グン
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • army, force, troops, war, battle
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いちぐん an army; the whole army; first string players (sports)
いっぱくこうぐん an overnight march
えんぐん reinforcement
かいぐん navy
がいせんぐん returning victorious army
がいせんしょうぐん triumphant general
かくめいぐん revolutionary army
かんぐん government army
ぎぐん righteous army
ぎゆうぐん volunteer army
きゅうえんぐん reinforcements; relief column
きゅうせいぐん Salvation Army
きょじんぐん Giants (Japanese baseball team)
きょうさんぐん communist army
きょうこうぐん forced march
ごうぐん veteran; reservist; ex-soldier
くうぐん Air Force
いくさ war; battle; campaign; fight
ぐん army; force; troops
める ぐんをすすめる to move troops forward
させる ぐんをちゅうとんさせる to post military forces in
ぐんい military clothes
ぐんい military physician or surgeon
ぐんいがっこう military medical college
ぐんいかん surgeon major general
ぐんいそうかん surgeon general
ぐんえい military camp
ぐんか war song
ぐんかく expansion of armaments
ぐんかくきょうそう armaments race
ぐんがく military science; strategy; tactics
ぐんがく military music
ぐんがくしゅ military bandsman
ぐんがくたい military or naval band
ぐんがくちょう military band master
ぐんかんけん military authorities
ぐんかんく military district
ぐんかん warship; battleship
ぐんかんまき battleship roll sushi
ぐんかんき naval ensign
ぐんかんちょう frigate bird
ぐんかんどり frigate bird
ぐんき implements of war
ぐんき battle flag; colours; ensign
ぐんき military secret
ぐんき military discipline
ぐんき military regulations
ぐんき war chronicle
ぐんきものがたり war chronicle
ぐんぎ war council
ぐんか military shoes
しゃも game fowl; gamecock
げんけん war dog
ぐんこ war drum
ぐんこう meritorious war service
ぐんこう naval port; naval station
ぐんこく nation at war; militant nation
ぐんこくしゅぎ militarism
ぐんこくしゅぎしゃ militarist
ぐんこくしょく military character
調 ぐんこくちょう wartime atmosphere
ぐんさんふくごうたい military-industrial complex
使 ぐんし truce bearer
ぐんしれいかん army commander
ぐんしれいぶ military headquarters
ぐんし soldiers
ぐんし strategist; tactician; schemer
ぐんし war materiel; military expenses; war fund; campaign funds
ぐんしきん war funds; campaign funds
ぐんじ military affairs
ぐんじえいせい military satellite
ぐんじえんじょ military assistance
ぐんじえんしゅう military exercise
ぐんじかいにゅう armed intervention; military intervention
ぐんじかいぎ council of war
ぐんじきち military base
ぐんじきょうてい military pact
ぐんじきょうりょく military cooperation
ぐんじきょうかいせん military demarcation line
ぐんじきょうれん military training
ぐんじくんれん military exercise; drill
ぐんじけいさつ military police
ぐんじこもん military adviser
ぐんじこもんだん military assistance advisory group
ぐんじこうさい war bond; war loan
ぐんじこうじょう war plant
ぐんじこうどう military movements
ぐんじさいばん court martial
ぐんじさいばんしょ military court
ぐんじさんぎょう defense contractor; defense industry
ぐんじしせつ military installations
ぐんじじょう military; strategic
ぐんじせいけん military regime
ぐんじせんりゃく military strategy
ぐんじつう man versed in military affairs
ぐんじつうしんいん war correspondent
ぐんじてき military
ぐんじてきしんりゃく military aggression
ぐんじとうきょくしゃ military authority
ぐんじどうめい military alliance
ぐんじはん military offense
ぐんじひみつ military secret
ぐんじひ war funds; war expenditures
ぐんじふうさ military blockade
ぐんじめん military aspect
ぐんじゆそう military transport
ぐんじりょく military force; military strength
ぐんしゃ tank (military vehicle)
ぐんて army cotton gloves
ぐんじゅ munitions; military stores
ぐんじゅけいき war prosperity
ぐんじゅこうぎょう munitions industry
ぐんじゅこうじょう war plant
ぐんじゅさんぎょう defense contractor; defense industry
ぐんじゅひん munitions; military stores
ぐんしゅく disarmament; limitation of arms
ぐんしゅくきょうてい disarmament agreement
ぐんしょ military book; war history
ぐんしょう army commander
ぐんじょう military situation
ぐんしょく military profession; military post
ぐんしん god of war; war hero
ぐんじん military personnel; soldier
ぐんじんおんきゅう military pension
ぐんじんせいかつ military life
ぐんじんふう of military bearing
ぐんじん camp; battlefield
ぐんじんいがく military medicine
ぐんせい military system; military organization
ぐんぜい military forces; hosts; troops
ぐんせい military government
ぐんせいふ military government
ぐんせいぶ military government
ぐんせき military or naval register; muster roll
ぐんせん ancient commander's fan
いくさぶね (wind or human-powered) warship
ぐんせん (wind or human-powered) warship
ぐんそう chaplain
ぐんそう sergeant
ぐんそう military funeral
ぐんそう soldier's equipment
ぐんそく soldier's socks
ぐんぞく civilian in military employ
ぐんそつ soldier
ぐんたい army; troops
ぐんたいか militarization
ぐんたいきょういく military training
ぐんたいこうしんきょく military march
ぐんたいしき military style; army style
ぐんたいせいかつ army life
ぐんたいそう military funeral
ぐんだん army corps
ぐんだんちょう corps commander
ぐんだん war story
ぐんちょう combat commander
ぐんとう saber; side arms; service sword
ぐんとうきょく military authorities
ぐんどう military road
ぐんば army horse
ぐんばい stratagem; tactics; (ancient) military leader's fan; wrestling umpire's fan
ぐんばつ military clique or party
ぐんぴ war funds; war expenditures
ぐんび armaments; military preparations
ぐんびかくちょう expansion of armaments
ぐんびかんり arms control
ぐんびきょうそう arms race
ぐんびさくげん arms reduction
ぐんびしゅくしょう reduction of armaments
ぐんびせいげん limitation of armaments
ぐんびてっぱい complete disarmament
ぐんぴょう military scrip
ぐんぷ military porter
ぐんぶ military authorities; army circles
ぐんぶどくさい military dictatorship
ぐんぷく military or naval uniform
ぐんびょう armed forces; battle troops
ぐんぴょう armed forces; battle troops
ぐんぺい armed forces; battle troops
ぐんほうそう military broadcast
ぐんぽう military law; martial law; tactics; strategy
ぐんぽうかいぎ court-martial
ぐんぼう military cap
ぐんみん the military and civilians
ぐんむ military and naval affairs; military service
ぐんもん camp gate; general
ぐんもんにくだる to capitulate; to surrender
ぐんえき military service
ぐんやく military service
ぐんよう military accouterments; troop formation
ぐんよう for military use
ぐんようかん military ship
ぐんようき warplane
ぐんようきん war funds; war chest; campaign fund
ぐんようけん war dog
ぐんようちず army (topographic) map
ぐんようばと carrier pigeon
ぐんようひん military stores; munitions of war
ぐんようゆそうき military transport
ぐんりつ martial law; articles of war; military disciple; military law
ぐんりゃく strategy; tactics
ぐんりゃくか strategist
ぐんりょ army; soldiers; war
ぐんれい military command
ぐんれいぶ Naval General Staff
ぐんれい military honors
ぐんろ military road
ぐんだり Kundali (tantric Buddhist deity)
けんぐん expeditionary army
げんぐん the Mongol forces
こぐん lone (isolated) force; forlorn force
こうぐん rear guard
こうげきぐん attacking force
こうぐん (Japan's) Imperial Army
こうぐん march(ing)
ごうどうぐん combined armies
こくぐん national armed forces
こくみんぐん national army
こくれんぐん UN troops or peacekeeping force
ざいかんべいぐん U.S. troops stationed in (South) Korean
ざいにちべいぐん US Forces, Japan
ざいにちべいりくぐん US Army, Japan
さんぐん great army; mighty host; whole army
さんぎょうよびぐん the ranks of the unemployed
じゅうじぐん Crusades; Crusaders
じゅうぐん campaign
しゅくぐん army purge
しゅつぐん expedition
しゅっせいぐん army in the field
じょせいぐん womens team
しょうぐん general; shogun
じょうびぐん standing army
しんにゅうぐん invading army
しんりゃくぐん invading army
しんぐん march; advance
しんちゅうぐん occupying forces
じんみんかいほうぐん People's Liberation Army
じんみんぐん People's Army
せいいたいしょうぐん commander in chief of the expeditionary force against the barbarians; great, unifying leader
せいきぐん regular army
せきぐん Red Army
せんりょうぐん army of occupation
せんりゃくくうぐん strategic air force
ぜんぐん front-line troops
ぜんぐん the whole army; the whole team
ぜんしょうぐん ever-victorious army
ぞくぐん rebel army
たこくせきぐん multinational force
だいしょうぐん commander-in-chief
ちゅうきょうぐん Chinese Communist Army
ちゅうりゅうぐん stationed troops
てきぐん enemy army
てんぐん heavenly hosts
殿 でんぐん rear guard
ふゆしょうぐん General Winter; ard winter; Jack Frost
とうぐん the eastern army
とうばつぐん a punitive force
どうめいぐん allied armies
にぐん second string players (sports)
にほんぐん Japanese Army
はけんぐん expeditionary force
はいぐん defeat; lost battle
はんぐん antimilitary
はんらんぐん rebel army
はんぐん rebel army; mutinous troops
ふせいきぐん irregular forces; guerrillas
へいわいじぐん peace-keeping force
べいかいぐん US Navy
べいくうぐん US Air Force
べいぐん the US armed forces
べいりくぐん US Army
ばくぐん the shogunate army
ばんぐん hosts; all the armies
じょうしぐん Amazonian troops; Amazons
ゆうぐん friendly troops
ゆうぐん reserve corps; flying squadron
よびぐん reserve army; reserve troops
らんぐん melee
りくかいくうぐん land, sea and air forces
りくぐん army
りょうぐん both armies; both teams
れんごうぐん (WWII) the Allies; allied forces