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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • おろ
  • meaning(s):
  • foolish, folly, absurdity, stupid
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あんぐ 1. imbecility; feeblemindedness; 2. dark
あんぐ 1. imbecility; feeblemindedness; 2. dark
うぐ stupid; ignorant
がんぐ obstinate and foolish
foolish; silly; stupid
おろか foolish; stupid
かしい おろかしい foolish; stupid
おろかもの fool
ぐあん foolish plan; one's plan
ぐい one's humble opinion
ぐきょ foolish undertaking
ぐけい one's (foolish) elder brother
ぐけい foolish plan; one's plan
ぐけん one's humble opinion
ぐこう foolish idea; one's humble opinion
ぐこう folly; foolish move
ぐさい my (foolish) wife
ぐさく poor work; rubbish
ぐさく inane plan
ぐしゃ fool
ぐじん fool
ぐず dullard; indecisive person
ぐずる to grumble; to be unsettled; to pick a quarrel
ぐずぐず hesitating; lingering; complaining
ぐずつく to dawdle; to fret
ぐせい I
ぐせつ foolish opinion; one's opinion
ぐそう priest's humble reference to himself
ぐそく my (foolish) son
ぐち idle complaint; grumble
ぐちる to complain; to grumble
ぐちょく simple honesty; tactless frankness
ぐてい one's (foolish) younger brother
ぐどん stupidity; silliness
ぐぶつ fool
ぐまい stupid
ぐみん ignorant people
ぐみんせいさく policy of keeping the people ignorant and easily subjugated
ぐもん foolish question
ぐれつ foolishness; stupidity; silliness
ぐれんたい gang of young toughs
ぐろう mockery; derision; ridicule
ぐろん foolish argument or view
けんぐ the wise and the foolish
しゅうぐ the vulgar masses
たいぐ great folly or fool
ちぐ imbecility; idiocy
ぼんぐ common person; foolish commoner
ようぐ mediocrity; imbecility