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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • くるしい   くるしむ   くるしめる   にがい   にが
  • meaning(s):
  • suffering, trial, worry, hardship, feel bitter, scowl
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あいべつりく (Buddhism) the pain of separation from loved ones
かんく sweetness and bitterness; joys and sorrows
ごうく karmic suffering
きんく tail and hardship
々しい にがにがしい unpleasant; disgusting; loathsome; shameful; scandalous
にがい bitter
にがいけいけん bitter experience
にがいくすり bitter medicine
にがさ bitterness; bitter taste
しい くるしい painful; difficult
しい くるしいふところ tight budget
しい くるしいいいわけ lame (poor) excuse
しい くるしいときのかみだのみ Danger past, God forgotten
しがる くるしがる to suffer; to complain of a pain
しみ くるしみ pain; anguish; distress; suffering; hardship
しむ くるしむ to suffer; to groan; to be worried
しめる くるしめる to torment; to harass; to inflict pain
くるしまぎれ in desperation
にする くにする to worry
になる くになる to be bothered (by something); to suffer
くもなく easily; without effort
にがりがお sour (wry) face
にがりきる to look sour (disgusted)
にがる to feel bitter; to scowl
にがり bittern; brine
くかいせき dolomite
くがい 1. world of suffering (Buddhism); 2. life of prostitution
める くがいにみをしずめる to become a prostitute (sink into a brothel)
くがく paying one's own school expenses by working
くがくせい a working (self-supporting) student
くらく pleasure and pain; joys and sorrows
くかん coldest time of the year; bitter suffering
くきょう trouble; crisis; predicament
くぎん laborious composition; struggling to compose a poem
しい にがにがしい unpleasant; disgusting; loathsome; shameful; scandalous
くげん candid (frank) advice; exhortation
くぎょう penance; austerities; mortification
くぎょうしゃ an ascetic
にがて poor (at); weak (in); dislike (of)
である にがてである to be weak in; to be poor at; to be bad at
くじゅう bitter experience
にがり bittern; brine
くじゅう bitterness; mortification; difficulty in understanding; distress; affliction
くしょう bitter smile
にがわらい bitter smile
くじょう complaint; troubles; objection
くじょうしょりきかん grievance machinery; complaints department
くしん pain; trouble; anxiety; diligence; hard work
われる くしんをかわれる to have one's labor appreciated
くしんさんたん taking great pains
くしんだん account of the hardships one has encountered
くせつ unswerving determination
くせん hard fight; close game
にがむし making a sour face (as if having consumed a bitter bug)
くちゅう distress
くつう pain; agony
らげる くつうをやわらげる to relieve a person's pain
くど this painful world; magnesia
くとう agonizing
くなん trial
くにく desperation measure
くにくのさく last resort; desperate measure taken under pressure of necessity
くねつ intense heat
くのう suffering; distress; affliction; anguish; agony; trouble
くはい bitter experience (ordeal)
くみ bitterness; bitter taste
にがみ bitterness; bitter taste
くみそ bitter principle
った にがみばしった sternly handsome
くもん anguish
くえき hard toil
くりょ rack one's brains
くうりい coolie
くろう troubles; hardships
くろうにん worldly-wise man
くろうしょう nervous temperament; worry habit; pessimistic nature
にがよもぎ wormwood
こっく hard work
こんく privation; hardship
さんじゅうく triple handicap
しくはっく be in dire distress; hard put to it
しちなんはっく (Buddhism) the Seven Misfortunes and Eight Pains; a series of disasters
しっく affliction; suffering
しんく hardship; toil; trouble
にんげんく human suffering
せいかつく life's struggles
せめく torture
せんしんばんく many hardships
つうく anguish; (great) pain
にんく endurance; stoicism
はっく the eight pains (of Buddhism)
びょうく pain of sickness
ひんく hardship; serious poverty
ゆうく trouble; distress; sorrow
りく agony of separation
りゅうりゅうしんく toil and moil; working assiduously for; tireless hard work; assiduously; painstakingly
りゅうりゅうしんく toil and moil; working assiduously for; tireless hard work; assiduously; painstakingly
ろうく labor; toil; hardship
かんく privation suffering
かんなんしんく trial and tribulation; hardships; privations; difficulties